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After a dui how to deal with the legal repercussions


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After a dui how to deal with the legal repercussions

  1. 1. After a DUI: How to Deal with the Legal RepercussionsIn his career as an Attorney-at-Law for his own private firm located inCanton, Georgia, Michael Vereen maintains a focus on bankruptcyand DUI cases. His education at the Emory University School of Law,which culminated in his receipt of a Master of Laws degree, enabledMichael Vereen to pursue a career in criminal, DUI, and bankruptcylaw. Those who are charged with a DUI in several areas of Georgiashould immediately contact Michael Vereen, a highly experiencedattorney in the field, to describe the event and find out what optionsare available to them. Michael Vereen is available online( or by telephone (770-345-9449).First, after consulting with a seasoned DUI attorney, individualsshould understand that their best bet to fight a potential jail sentenceis to be honest and survey all possible pleas, as the prosecutingattorney’s office will be hard at work trying to sew together a caseagainst the defendant. Some people who are charged with a DUI maythink a guilty plea will end up in their favor; however, there areseveral issues that can actually win a case before the trial goes tocourt. Attorneys like Michael Vereen look at all available reportspertaining to the arrest. These lawyers’ knowledge of the criminalsystem can sometimes allow them to dispute specific points of thecase before it ever reaches the courtroom. Also, if any informationwas collected in an illegal manner, an attorney will be able to get thatdata thrown out of court so the prosecuting lawyer can’t use itagainst the defendant.While the first step in dealing with the legal repercussions of a DUI isconsulting a trustworthy lawyer, individuals who refused thebreathalyzer test, or those who took the test and were found to havea blood alcohol level over the legal limit (.08), should be aware of thepossibility of losing their license because of a suspension that can beenacted up to 10 days after the arrest. For more information aboutdealing with a DUI, contact Michael Vereen at 770-345-9449 or visithim online at Michael Vereen serves clients inCanton, Cumming, and Kennesaw, Georgia.