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How to improve your sales

It's time for you to be the winner. Increase your sales focus on Sales & Marketing Strategy. Let's your team know about MARKETING MIX...what is marketing mix? Please opened this slide. Succes in your hands..goodluck.. Michael, expert in Sales and Marketing, Coaching Team experienced more than 24 years.

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How to improve your sales

  1. 1. Sales and Marketing Strategy “ How to Increase Sales“
  2. 2. Talking about Quality, Customer needs, Product advantages or benefits Talking about competitiveness price, it’s depends on cost of raw material, operational cost, etc. To avoid high price impact of the product quality. Better → Higher product quality with lower price. If products and services ready so it’s time to expose to the prospects : joint exhibitions, advertise on newspaper or magazine or advertise on online marketing. Etc. The goal is giving information about our product, who we are, how to get more attraction about our products from prospects buyer.
  3. 3. Talking about People who working together . Not only between Sales Team, There are also including Production Team, Quality Control, Delivery Team and Distributors. There are a direct relation between transportation and place. How product can be delivered on time to the right place. Talking about after sales service, how product can be delivered on time, handle complaint smoothly, giving update information, new idea, including greetings about customer birtday, etc. Physical evident about company existing, for example : name card, brochure company profile, sample product, etc.