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Ad block presentation

Final Presentation for COM 600 NHsmtp class

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Ad block presentation

  1. 1. M I C H A E L S U M M E R G R A D C O M 6 0 0 1 2 / 1 6 / 1 5 Ad Blocking
  2. 2. Overview  No matter where we go on the Internet, we cannot escape advertisements  YouTube, Facebook, News Outlets, etc.  In the past few years, there has been an exponential rise in Ad Blocking software with 40 million users in 2013 to 200 million today (Crichton, 2015)  Consumers are becoming more aware of the tactics used by these agencies to gather data, and want to cutoff the gathering of personal information (Ha, 2015)
  3. 3. Out With the Old   Ad blocking prevents banner ads, flash ads, text ads, and many other forms of advertisements from being shown (AdBlock, 2015)  Consumers are fed up with the amount of ads especially on desktop and mobile devices (Johnson, 2015)  This is forcing marketers to figure out new ways for their content to be seen by their target audience
  4. 4. Question  “If we block every ad there is, there will be no content” –Lisa Valentino, Conde Nast  Do you agree with this statement. If so, then do we actually need Ad-Block as a natural filter?
  5. 5. In With the New  There have been multiple new marketing tools introduced to help continue monetization in an AdBlock world (Baker, 2015)  Sponsored Ads  Native Ads  “Freemium Model”
  6. 6. Sponsored Ads  This is without a doubt one of the more frequent ways advertisers have begun to reach consumers  Twitter and Facebook have built in systems to allow content creators to buy ad space, thus cutting out the middleman  Another big trend is for brands to pay personalities with big followings to endorse a product
  7. 7. Native Ads  Another example of how companies are finding ways to attract users to their content without overtly stating it is advertising dollars at play (Baker)  Orange is the New Black NY Times (Deizel, 2014(  The show sponsored an article regarding incarcerated women, the same topic that the show is about  By sponsoring content in the general field of the show, Netflix attempted to drive readers of the article to watch the show  This piece was in the top 2% of all pieces read on NY Times during that year (Vinderslev, 2015)
  8. 8. “Freemium”  The two-tiered system of free with ads and a premium service with no ads has become very popular  Two of the biggest services providing this are Spotify and Hulu, with YouTube beginning to dip their toes in the water
  9. 9. The Future  Recently, Apple allowed AdBlock on its iOS9 platform, thus causing a bit of stir in the industry  It will be necessary to watch the development of AdBlocking in the mobile territory as it becomes the main screen for accessing content  Food for thought: M (Natividad, 2015)
  10. 10. References  Baker, L. (2015, October 29). 5 Ways to Monetize Your Website When Ad Blockers are Present [Editorial]. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from Small Business Trends website: blockers-monetize-website.html  Crichton, D. (2015, June 7). Adblocking And The End Of Big Advertising. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from TechCrunch website:  Deziel, M. (2014, June). Women Inmates: Why the Male Model Doesn't Work. Retrieved from The New York Times website:  Johnson, L., & Heine, C. (2015, October 25). We Brought Together the Major Players in the Ad Blocker War, and Here's What They Told Each Other A candid discussion of digital's hottest topic. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from Adweek website: heres-what-happens-when-ad-blockers-publishers- and-agencies-get-together-talk-about-you-know-what-1677  Ha, A. (2015, September 12). What We Talk About When We Talk About Ad Blocking. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from TechCrunch website:  Natividad, A. (2015, December 7). How This Agency Used Ad Blockers to Recruit the Kind of Creatives It Wanted to Hire Embracing the problem instead of denying it. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from Adweek website:
  11. 11. References  AdBlock. (2015, November 23). This is AdBlock [Video file]. Retrieved from  Vinderslev, A. (2015, May 8). New numbers: Native advertising created massive traffic for New York Times. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from Native Advertising Institute website: numbers-native-advertising-created-massive-traffic-for-new-york-times/

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Final Presentation for COM 600 NHsmtp class


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