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Bupa real world hybrid integration


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This is the slide deck from the uk hybrid integration event

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Bupa real world hybrid integration

  1. 1. Bupa – Real-world Hybrid Integration Michael Stephenson, MVP Integration Steve Andrews, Head of Applications
  2. 2. Bupa Private and Confidential About Steve Andrews • Head of Applications Bupa • 25+ years experience in IT Michael Stephenson • Freelance Integration Specialist • MVP Integration • Creator BizTalk Maturity Assessment • Cloud & Integration Architect @ Bupa [DD Month YYYY] 2
  3. 3. Bupa Private and Confidential Agenda Change in the Business About Bupa Change in Technology Integration Yesterday Integration Today Real-world Projects Where are we now The Rest of Today
  4. 4. CHANGE IN THE BUSINESS Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 4
  5. 5. Then to now… Bupa 5 • Formed in 1947 – before the UK NHS! • UK market only • 38,000 initial members • “Preventing, relieving and curing sickness and ill health of every kind” • 2012 - £8.4b revenue • 190 countries, 13m customers • Significantly diversified product offering • All profits ploughed back into healthcare provision • “Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives”
  6. 6. If you thought we were just another insurer… 6Bupa
  7. 7. Future’s so bright, I gotta wear my integration shades… Bupa Intermediaries Hospital Networks Consultants Other Providers Other Partners & Resellers
  8. 8. Out with the old… 8 …In with the new Bupa becomes
  9. 9. CHANGE IN TECHNOLOGY Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 9
  10. 10. Yesterdays Application Landscape Logistics Customer Regulatory Financial Supplier Contoso CRM HR eComm ERP
  11. 11. Applications Enterprise Integration Integration Partners
  12. 12. Yesterdays Integration Toolkit On Premise BizTalk Server SQL Server Integration Services WCF Routing Service Custom WCF Services Frameworks .net WCF WF SOAP XML/XSD XSLT
  13. 13. Todays Application Landscape Corp Domain Logistics Customer Regulatory Financial Supplier AS2 Contoso CRM HR eComm ERP Integration
  14. 14. Applications Hybrid Integration Integration Integration Applications Bridge PartnersDevices
  15. 15. Todays Integration Toolkit Cloud On Premise Cloud & Bridging Technologies Service Bus Queue Service Bus Relay Virtual Networking BizTalk Adapter Services BizTalk Services BizTalk VM BizTalk Server 2013 Windows Server AppFabric Windows Server Service Bus Windows Server Workflow Manager SQL Server Integration Services Web Role Worker Role WCF Routing Service Custom WCF Services Frameworks & Foundation .net WCF WF SOAP REST AMQP Windows Azure XML/XSD XSLT JSON WCF LOB SDK And there’s probably more!!! • Open source • Notification Hubs • …….
  17. 17. Combination of Key Factors Business Change New IT Capability Cloud & Hybrid Integration
  18. 18. REAL PROJECTS Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 18
  19. 19. Introducing Service Bus Bupa UK purchased Dynamics CRM Online and delivered a successful implementation of a case management capability in record time In phase 2 we used Windows Azure Service Bus to implement a hybrid integration solution to connect Dynamics to on- premise applications Delivered multiple additional business projects on this architecture
  20. 20. Hybrid Integration in 1 Day Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 20
  21. 21. Simplifying the Branch Office Scenario Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 21 Head OfficeLocal Office BizTalk 2013 Data Collector Management Application Pulls data Save Data Publishes data Heart Beat Windows Azure Service Bus Finance System Business Intelligence Save Data
  22. 22. Bridging Businesses with a Global ESB Country 1 Websphere Windows Azure Service Bus Country 2 Country 3 Custom .net Queue Processor Backend Data BizTalk Backend DataBackend Data Partner 1 Partner 2 Service Bus Adapter AMQP Service Bus API Web Service (Azure Web Role) Web Service to present a single API to partners and encapsulate the service bus Queues and topics used to implement various message exchange patterns and publish/ subscript between countries Windows Azure Access Control Service ACS used to protect web service and Azure Service Bus endpoints
  23. 23. WHERE ARE WE NOW
  24. 24. Where are we now? • 18+ months since 1st Azure Integration Project • >18 projects have used Windows Azure • >13 projects have used Hybrid integration “In many cases we can potentially expose any existing service from almost any application in Bupa UK & BUPA International via Windows Azure Service Bus in 1 sprint”!
  25. 25. The Rest of Today • More about some of the technologies mentioned earlier • Thoughts on the future of integration • Networking • Q&A Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 25
  26. 26. Questions? Bupa Private and Confidential Date if required 26