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AppFx.ServiceBus - Simple Messaging with Windows Azure Service Bus


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Introduction to a simple framework we developed a while back for helping customers to work with Windows Azure Service Bus.

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AppFx.ServiceBus - Simple Messaging with Windows Azure Service Bus

  1. 1. Connected Systems Consulting Ltd Introducing AppFx.ServiceBus
  2. 2. Who am I? Michael Stephenson – UK-Based Freelance Consultant specializing in: • • • BizTalk Windows Azure Integration – Was BizTalk MVP now a Microsoft Integration MVP for 5+ years – One of organizers of UK Connected Systems User Group – Blog: – Twitter: @michael_Stephen – Linked In: Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  3. 3. Agenda • • • What have we been up to? Example Architectures So what’s so hard about Service Bus Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  4. 4. What is AppFx.ServiceBus AppFx.ServiceBus Server Framework AppFx.ServiceBus Client Framework Windows Azure Service Bus AppFx.ServiceBus Windows Service AppFx.ServiceBus Server Framework AppFx.ServiceBus Client Framework Application Custom Cloud Application Cloud Hosting On Premise Framework to simplify hybrid messaging implementation with Windows Azure Service Bus
  5. 5. Why do we need this? We love Windows Azure Service Bus but in real world projects there are still challenges: • • • • • • • • IIS hosted WCF didn’t work that great Handle different types of message Different message formats eg. XML or JSON There’s lots of plumbing code to write Where do you host receive code? What about Message Factory refreshing Need some standards to ensure interoperability Lots of different message exchange patterns – – – Scatter Gather RPC One way Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  6. 6. What did we want to do? Simplified development experience Message Exchange Patterns Standards & interoperability Framework Focus on functional code not plumbing Consistent approaches Receive side hosting Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  7. 7. Key use cases • You should look at AppFx.ServiceBus if: – – – – Trying your first hybrid integration project Want to get up and running really quickly (e.g. Proof of Concept) You don’t have BizTalk 2013 You want to connect old versions of BizTalk to Azure Service Bus (can act as a bridge) – You want to do light-weight queued messaging Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  8. 8. Features Hosting Message Patterns Architecture Patterns Client-side Framework Server-side Framework On-Premise • Windows Service • Console Application • Custom RPC Cloud to Cloud Integration Messaging Clients Message Handlers One Way Cloud to On-Premise Integration Error translation Error Handling One Way with Call back Dead Letter Processing Logging Retries Scatter Gather Standards around the approach for interop Cloud • Azure VM Windows Service • Azure Worker Role • AWS EC2 Windows Service JSON or XML Message Support Supports many listeners and namespaces Logging Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  9. 9. The Standards Message Context Property Use Label Indicates what type of message the body contains Content Type Used to indicate the format of the message (eg: JSON or XML) Is Error Used to indicate if the message is an error message Message Body Can be any JSON or XML
  10. 10. DEMO Hybrid Integration Solutions
  11. 11. Demo Scenario
  12. 12. Demo Contents • Existing on-premise WCF Service • Message Definition • Queue Bridge – Message Handler – Configuration • Client + REST call Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  13. 13. Summary • • • • Challenges behind AppFx.ServiceBus Features and overview Simple demo More Info – MSDN Guest Blog – Codeplex - Connected Systems Consulting Ltd
  14. 14. Questions?