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Content Marketing for Millennials


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Targeting content for Millennials is becoming increasingly important and to do this we really have to understand them. This short introduction to the topic will be complemented in the near future by me.

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Content Marketing for Millennials

  1. 1. Content Marketing for Millennials How to target the next wave of customers.
  2. 2. Power Words  Be Omnichannel – tailor your approach to the channel.  Be Authentic, show your human side
  3. 3. Be Daring  Be Controversial and experiment, differentiate yourself as a memorable brand  Be Mobile, focus on video content for a mobile audience.
  4. 4. Be Interactive  Do user generated content contests and identify brand advocates  Promote, rewards and reuse brand advocate and influencer content
  5. 5. Be where They Are  Adopt Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr  Because they are, mirror them.
  6. 6. Content Tones  Be entertaining  While being educational  Don’t just self-promote, add value to their lives. A poignant picture, a useful quote.
  7. 7. Use Memes  Use trending hashtags, be aware of current memes  Speak their language, adopt their expressions.
  8. 8. Use Storytelling  Show pains and solutions in a unique way  Use captivating visuals and audio & charismatic relatable presenters
  9. 9. Go Local  Support your local community, be altruistic and contribute to good causes  Be involved in human rights, sustainable development and environmental reform
  10. 10. Listen & Respond  Survey them, ask them what they want  Respond to all of their comments, queries and use social media for customer service
  11. 11. Demographic Values  Millennials have a different mind-set:  YOLO: “you only live once”  Global citizens  Value travel & organic life experience
  12. 12. Demographic Values Stronger in:  Sharing  Discovery  Diversity  Passion  Search for Meaning & own evaluation of Happiness
  13. 13. Demographic Values  Less of an emphasis on:  Duty  Justice  Integrity  Family  Practicality
  14. 14. Lifestyle & Economic reality Millennials are:  The most educated society in history  The most in debt  Many want to be Entrepreneurs or work part- time  Have different workplace values
  15. 15. At Work  Prefer casual attire  Enjoy flexibility in work hours  Like to work remotely when life calls for it  More emphasis on team, than hierarchy  Does not always see authority as being right, but knowledge itself.
  16. 16. Work Life Balance  Seek a company with their values  Will likely be forced to change careers several times  May have already gone back to school  Will have kids later (if at all)  More likely to live alone
  17. 17. Work Life Balance  Greater importance of a good personal life, not just Career  Less priority to own their own home  Value leisure, art, travel and free-time more  Have more meaningful hobbies
  18. 18. Their Thing  Adoption of mobile devices & technology  A Work hard play hard attitude  30 is the new 20, living with their parents to save up  Social media adoption, “channel hopping”  Staying in school longer
  19. 19. Their Thing  Were the first intense “texters”  Adopt new technologies and gadgets  Into life-long learning  More obese, less likely to exercise  Create their own content online  More Resistant to traditional advertising