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Three things wp


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Sample White Paper on Forklift Safety Training. White papers provide information that lead to sales and service development. Industry specific and geared toward a target market, white papers are a small segment of copywriting that improve marketing. Other services, such as SEO content, web page analysis and copy updating , along with social media management boost sales attract prospects and boost sales.

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Three things wp

  1. 1. Three Things This Essential Training Will Provide Your Business Everyone needs training Your warehouse is essential to your bottom line, just as essential as the office, in a different way. Your office staff trains for improved skills and efficiency. However, chances are your warehouse team members probably do not get much additional training after being hired and receiving instruction on performing their jobs. This can be a critical mistake for your business. Without training, costly errors occur Visualize the following scenarios: A forklift operator on a seated, battery powered lift stops his forklift and dismounts without setting the parking brake. It is an older model lift without some modern features. As he reaches across the seat for his clipboard, the operator bumps the directional shifter, which is mounted on the steering column, placing the lift into forward gear. As he straightens back up, the lift rolls over his right foot, crushing it from the instep to the toes. While driving a stand up electric forklift backwards down a main aisle, as proper procedure, the operator has his free foot, (the one not holding down the power switch) dangling off the back of the lift. Another driver, coming forward out of a side aisle into the main, on a seated battery powered lift with a load on front, does not sound his horn to alert team members of his approach and enters the aisle blind as the first driver is passing that same aisle. The collision results in a severely broken ankle, extended workers' compensation, and eventually a lawsuit. The first thing this essential training can do is provide safety to your employees.
  2. 2. Imagine these situations: As a driver of a seated forklift, with the directional controls on the same pedal, approaches the end of the main aisle in the warehouse, he realizes that he has passed the aisle he was looking for and has reached the back wall. After stopping to assess the scene, he presses the wrong side of the directional pedal, launching the forklift backward into the back wall of the warehouse building, piercing the wall all the way up to the roof. The driver of a stand up electric lift finishes loading a truck and leaves the lift sitting on top of the self-leveling dock plate with the plate still open on the tail of the truck in the dock. He closes the truck door and alerts the driver in the truck that he is ready to go. The driver pulls out of the dock, the self leveling plate drops below level due to the weight of the forklift and the lift slides out the dock door onto the concrete. The second thing training can provide is safety to your property and equipment.
  3. 3. Forklift training and certification is essential A Forklift training and certification program following guidelines of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) can provide the operators of powered industrial trucks (forklifts) and other personnel in the warehouse with the knowledge necessary to prevent the types of incidents mentioned earlier and many others as well. Requiring all warehouse team members and anyone (including office personnel) who may be on the warehouse floor at any time is one way to avoid accidents leading to injuries and collateral damage. In addition, lowered insurance premiums may result from implementing a forklift certification training program. The third thing a forklift training and certification program can provide is safety from high insurance premiums, workers' compensation claims, litigation, lost production time and interruption of operations. In essence, the bottom line for your company is safety. Safety prevents injuries. Safety prevents property damage. Safety prevents higher operating costs.
  4. 4. Training for everyone Forklift training packages are available with DVD instructional videos for group or individual training, charts, handbooks, and written test forms. Train the trainer options can provide a system of instruction by your company representative to enable training of individuals or groups. A Sponsored trainer can also come onsite for group training in new facilities and refresher courses to keep certifications current. OSHA endorsed, up to date, state of the art fork truck training and certification programs, with specialized segments for any type of lift truck is essential. Generic, low quality, outdated materials may not help, but hinder the process
  5. 5. of training, especially if the equipment your company uses is specialized. This type of discount training may not qualify under OSHA regulations and may not help lower insurance costs or other costs if it is not current, relevant, and adaptable to your business. The three things... Three things this essential training will bring your business: Safety, safety, and safety. Safety for employees, safety for your buildings and equipment, and safety from loss for your company. ABC Certification provides forklift training certification programs for any type of lift, even powered walk along and ride on pallet jacks. All of ABC Certification's programs are OSHA approved and updated yearly (or sooner if necessary) to keep you in touch with the most up to date training. ABC also offers refresher courses and Train the Trainer courses to teach your own staff members to be certified forklift trainers capable of issuing certifications and renewals. ABC Certification, 2222 Any Street, Yourtown, PA 10000 (601) 555-0000 for sales (cover page and graphics, logo, company information provided by client will be inserted appropriately) Sample white paper by Michael Simmons Copywriting (610) 507-0559