ABC Conference 2013 - Agile makes Organisations work, Leadership Makes Agile Work


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The presentation covers the Cultural Change and Leadership when seeking to develop organisation transformation and change using modern agile methods (Lean, Scrum, DSDM, Kanban etc). 'Why' do you do anything, you must have a vision, you must have the vertical slice and the horizontal stripe. Culture must evolve through the leadership that is given and people's desire to adopt the motivation factors of Mastery, Purpose and Autonomy

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ABC Conference 2013 - Agile makes Organisations work, Leadership Makes Agile Work

  1. 1. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: @Radtacltd Slideshare: Agile Makes Organisations Work, Leadership makes Agile Work – Because it is about Culture ABC Conference 2013 Slideshare: © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. Radtac:Culture 1 Michael Short Head of Radtac:Culture @tweetandshort @Radtacltd
  2. 2. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: @Radtacltd Slideshare:© 2013 RADTAC Ltd. Michael Short Head of Radtac:Culture and COO Run businesses from 10s to 100s of people Have raised £10s millions for vision based businesses Delivered significant change as President / CEO Have broad experience at Board level in EU and USA Have seen what I do that fails and what works Worked in complex & innovative companies for 30 yrs Have learnt when to lead and when to manage Successes have all been achieved as part of a team About me or Why Listen to Him 2
  3. 3. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Radtac - 15 Years of learning continues © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. 3
  4. 4. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Outline – Why Why I am doing this presentation To illustrate why leadership and the culture are the most important part of change and transformation and why a failure of leadership causes failure of transformations What is Vision and why is it important The Change Wave – what does good look like Vertical Slice and the Horizontal Strip - Effectiveness and Efficiency Agile Manifesto – Leadership over Management the missing principle Thank you to Simon Sinek, Peter Senge, ‘True North - Authentic Leadership’ by Bill George, ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’ – by Daniel Pink, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) – Dean Leffingwell amongst many others © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. 4
  5. 5. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Visioning Change – ‘why’ 5 “The fantasy that somehow organizations can change without personal change, and especially without change on the part of people in leadership positions, underlies why many change efforts are doomed from the start.” Peter Senge What How Why ‘Why’ is the Vision If you start from ‘Why’ you always look outwards © 2013 RADTAC Ltd.
  6. 6. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: @Radtacltd Slideshare: Unsustainable Change 6 The Shallow Wave • Individual teams adopt their own way of working • The way of working is compatible with existing method of programme and project management • Not a sustainable change outside of the team, when members depart the way of working is likely to collapse • Has little Enterprise benefit, in fact is unlikely to deliver any benefit as it sits in isolation surrounded by Constraints Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Verticalslicethrough organisation Layer model after SAFe Dean Leffingwell © 2013 RADTAC Ltd.
  7. 7. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: ‘Tsunami’ – powerful & destructive © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. The Breaking Wave • ‘All senior team on Board, ‘gung-ho’ , flavour’ of the month • It is a managed and ‘driven’ adoption. • Small project teams at layer 3 embrace ideas • Layer 2, ‘The Frozen Middle’ not engaged, wave crests, breaks and collapses, senior team ‘walk away’ • Layer 3 get beaten up by layer 2 for being so ‘stupid’ – don’t do it again Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Verticalslicethrough organisation 7
  8. 8. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: What good change looks like © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. The Sustainable Wave • Change comes from in all layers in a vertical slice through the organisation • The change is ‘Led’ through adoption and demonstrable behaviour • Company starts small and acts fast to expand • Scalable growth horizontally across the whole enterprise – horizontal stripe Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Verticalslicethrough organisation 8
  9. 9. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Horizontal Stripe Horizontal Stripe Good Change with Evolution © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. ‘T’ Shaped People – ‘T’ Shaped Organisation • Horizontal Stripes are where most people would recognise Agile implementations – IT Teams and departments • Vertical Slice is where true change is required to effect sustainable Transformation • Why Most Transformation is unsuccessful is because it doesn’t have this model (60-70% fail – McKinsey – “Inconvenient Truth About Change Mang’t “ Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Horizontal Stripe Verticalslice through organisation 9
  10. 10. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare:© 2013 RADTAC Ltd. Change Challenges Leadership Efficiency Effectiveness InnovationStatus Quo >80% of Organsation <20% of Organsation Managed Led Managed Led The status quo is safe, it is how I got here My status is based on the status quo, why should I change what isn’t broken If I really try and change this I am going to upset my executive colleagues Vision is hard People follow leaders who have vision 10
  11. 11. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Leadership is central to Change © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. “People don’t resist change; they resist being changed” Peter Senge You cannot manipulate people’s beliefs, therefore their intrinsic behaviours can only be adjusted through their own observation of results You create “pull” by leading actions that meet a vision that is supported by results You create enablement through toolboxes e.g. Agile, Lean, Kanban People will drive change themselves when given the tools and leadership Results Actions Intrinsic Behaviours Beliefs Good measurement reinforces actions as successes Clear short iterations provide fast wins and easy adjustment to shape success 11
  12. 12. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Agile Manifesto – The Missing Part Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan And the missing part Leadership over Management “…without change on the part of people in leadership positions .. (is) .. why many change efforts are doomed from the start” Edited from Peter Senge © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. 12
  13. 13. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Agile Culture – It’s about the people © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. 47% 41% 09% 03% “The Reengineering Alternative” - William Schneider 13
  14. 14. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare: Radtac’s experience © 2013 RADTAC Ltd. We are uniquely positioned after 15 years to offer true effective cultural change that embeds and makes agile leadership and transformation a reality The Radtac Culture team has experience with major companies, executive and senior management teams, to deliver leadership programmes e.g. Consumer and Pharmaceutical Cos Radtac is uniquely positioned to offer; Culture, Consulting, Delivery and Training in the Agile Transformation market as the specialist company that provides a ‘soup to nuts’ for understanding, planning and implementation for our clients 14
  15. 15. @tweetandshort @Radtacltd Slideshare:© 2013 RADTAC Ltd. Thank you for your time Where now? Radtac Booth / ABC Conf App Slideshare or We can talk in person on 07711 875 909 or 15