Cheese descriptions&pairings


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Cheese descriptions&pairings

  1. 1. CHEESE COUNTRY TYPE DESCRIPTION WINE PAIRINGSReggianito Argentina Cow’s Milk Hard, grating cheese; piquant,slightly saltyMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Champagne, Sancerre,Sauvignon BlancRoaring Forties Blue Australia Cow’s Milk Semi hard, blue vein; full-flavored, smooth, creamy,sweet, nutty, tangyPort, Sauternes, Banyuls, Later-harvest ZinfandelsOud Brugge Belgium Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; mild, soft creamytexture; mild but complex,buttery flavorChardonnay, Riesling, PinotGrigio, Pinot Noir, MerlotCanadian Cheddar Canada Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, mild to sharp; rich& tangyZinfandel, Pinot Noir, MerlotChardonnay, RieslingBlack Diamond 4-year-old Canada Cow’s Milk Firm, extra sharp; rich &tangyShiraz, Merlot, Côtes duRhône, Port, Chardonnay,RieslingSuper Sharp Quebec Cheddar Canada Cow’s Milk Firm, extra sharp; rich &tangyPinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache,Port, Chardonnay, RieslingOKA Classique Canada Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; creamy, smooth &nutty with pungent aromadry Rosé, Beaujolais, PinotNoir, Valpolicella,Chardonnay, Sauvignon BlancBlue Castello Denmark Cow’s Milk Soft; moist, creamy, spicy,with rich, mushroom aromaPort, Cabernet Sauvignon,Shiraz, Bordeaux, Riesling,Chenin BlancCream Havarti Denmark Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; rich & creamy Pinot Noir, Beaujolais,Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot GrigioDanablu (Danish Blue) Denmark Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, sharp, salty,earthyChateauneuf-du-Pape, Syrah,Merlot, Banyuls, Port,SauternesEsrom Denmark Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; smooth, creamy,buttery, mildChardonnay, Riesling,Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir,ChinonSaga Blue Denmark &USACow’s Milk Soft; rich & creamy; mild fora blue-vein cheeseMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Shiraz, Port, Chardonnay,Riesling, Sauvignon BlancEnglish Cheddar England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; rich, tangy, sharp,butteryRed Bodeaux, CabernetSauvignon, Shiraz, Sancerre,ChablisCheshire England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; rich, mellow,slightly salty, tangyRed Bodeaux, CabernetSauvignon, Shiraz, Sancerre,Chablis
  2. 2. Caerphilly England Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; crumbly, tangy,creamy & savoryChablis, Sauvignon Blanc,Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir &ZinfandelCotswold England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; rich, buttery, sharpwith onion & chivesZinfandel, Chianti, RedBordeaux, Chardonnay,RieslingSage Derby England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; firm, herbal (withSage)Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc,Chardonnay, BeaujolaisDerby England Cow’s Milk Hard; buttery, savory, herbal Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio,Pinot Blanc, Viognier,Beaujolais, Pinot NoirDerby with Elderberry Wine England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; mild, piquant,sharp, fruityBrunello di Montalcino,Chianti, Pinot Noir, Malbec &St. ÉmilionDouble Gloucester England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; rich, buttery, sharp& nuttyZinfandel, Chianti, Bordeauxreds, Chardonnay, RieslingHereford Hop England Cow’s Milk Soft; mellow, sweet, buttery Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio,Sauvignon Blanc, Chianti,Pinot Noir & BeerWindsor Red England Cow’s Milk Hard; flavored withElderberry wine, sweet/tart,buttery, nutty, toffee, honeyBeaujolias, Syrah, Grenache,Port, Chardonnay, RieslingRed Dragon England Cow’s Milk Semi hard; rich, moist &buttery (flavored with brownale & mustard seeds); spicyPinot Noir, Merlot, CabernetSauvignon, PulignyMontrachet, Pouilly-Fuissé,Mersault, Pouilly FuméRoyal Windsor England Cow’s Milk Cheddar, Elderberry Wine &Blue Stilton combination,semi-hard; fruity, creamy,tangy, nuttyShiraz, Merlot, CabernetSauvignon, Port, Banyuls,Sauternes, Chardonnay,RieslingSage N Blue (mild SageDerby layered with BlueShropshire)England Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; firm, herbal (withSage) layered with a Cheddar& mild Stilton-like blueRiesling, Sauvignon Blanc,Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, redBurgundy, MerlotStilchester England Cow’s Milk Layered Stilton and Cheddar;tart, tangy, nutty, earthy,butteryPinot Noir, Beaujolais, ShirazPort, Banyuls, Sauternes,Chardonnay, RieslingShropshire Blue England Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, smooth, sharp,tangy, creamy, nuttyCabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz,Bordeaux, Port, Sauternes,BanyulsStilton England Cow’s Milk Blue vein, tangy, sharp,creamy, herbalred Bordeaux, Rioja, MerlotPort, Sauternes, BanyulsWhite Stilton England Cow’s Milk With fruit (mango, ginger,berries, etc.), semi-hard,fruity, creamy, fresh, tangyBeaujolais, Pinot Noir,Dolcetto, Rosé, PortStripey JackEngland Cow’s Milk Hard; combination of fivecheddars, rich, sharp &complexCabernet Sauvignon, PinotNoir, Merlot, Port,Chardonnay, RieslingTinternEngland Cow’s Milk Semi hard; rich, moist &buttery (flavored with shallots& chives)Syrah, Grenache, Merlot,Rioja, Sancerre, Chablis,Chenin Blanc
  3. 3. Wensleydale England Cow’s Milk Hard; creamy & tangy(flavored with cranberries &honey)Zinfandel, Merlot, Chianti,Port, Chardonnay, RieslingBeaufort France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, mild, fruity, sweet,creamyPinot Noir, Beaujolais,Zinfandel, Riesling, PinotBlancBlue D’Auvergne France Cow’s Milk Soft, tart, creamy, buttery,herbalPort, Banyuls, Zinfandel,NebbioloBoursin France Cow’s Milk Soft, rich, sweet, creamy,spicy, tartChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,Chenin Blanc, Chianti, MerlotBresse Bleu France Cow’s Milk Soft, rich, creamy, buttery,tangy, earthy with mushroomaromaPort, Banyuls, Late-harvestZinfandel, SauternesBrie France Cow’s Milk Soft; rich, creamy, buttery Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc,Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir,ChiantiBrie de Meaux France Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, straw, nutty,butteryPouilly-Fuissé, PulignyMontrachet, Sancerre, redBordeax, Pinot NoirBrillat-Savarin France Cow’s Milk Soft; very rich, creamy,butteryMersault, Puligny Montrachet,Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir,Grenache, RiojaBuche Chevre France Goat’s Milk Soft; tangy, sharp, rich,buttery, creamySauvignon Blanc, Viognier,Chenin Blanc, Bordeaux,Cabernet SauvignonBucheron France Goat’s Milk Semi-soft; ripe, creamy,buttery, spicy, nuttySauvignon Blanc, Gigondas,Côtes du Rhône, Syrah,Chardonnay, Pinot GrigioCamembert de Normandie France Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, lightly salty,nutty, earthyBordeaux, CabernetSauvignon, Merlot, Chablis,Sauvignon Blanc, RieslingCaprice des Dieux France Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, velvety, citrus,herbal, nutty, freshChampagne, Vouvray, CheninBlanc, Pinot Noir, Chianti, St.Émilion, PomerolCantal France Cow’s Milk Semi-Hard; earthy, herbal,tangy, buttery, richChateauneuf du Pape,Gigondas, Mersault, Puligny-MontrachetCapitoul France Sheeps Milk Rich texture and a nuttyfinish. The sheeps milk givesthe cheese a burnt-caramelflavorBlanc de Noir Champagne,oaky Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,Chianti, St. ÉmilionCaprifeuille France Goat’s Milk Hard; extremely mild, utterlyexquisite & subtly-flavored.Vouvray, Chenin Blanc,Beaujolais, Pinot NoirChaubier France Cow, Goat &Sheeps MilksSemi-soft; smooth and mildwith a supple texture and adistinct goats milk flavorVouvray, Chenin Blanc,Beaujolais, Pinot NoirChaumes France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; mild, nutty, meaty,tangyRed Bordeaux, Chianti, Côtesdu Rhône, Viognier,Gewurztraminer
  4. 4. Chèvres France Goat’s Milk Soft; tangy, lemon, herbal Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis,Chardonnay, Riesling,Beaujolais, Chenin BlancComte France Cow’s Milk Hard; piquant, sweet, creamy Sauternes, Vin Jaune, Reciotto,TokajiCremoulin France Cow’s Milk Soft & runny; a bit pungent,but tastes quite mild andcreamy.Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc,Pinot Grigio , Pinot Noir &ChiantiDoux de Montagne France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; mild, fruity,creamy, nuttyChampagne, Sancerre,Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio,Riesling, Pinot NoirEpoisse France Cow’s Milk Soft; rich, creamy, buttery,sweet & salty, with a pungent,spicy aroma matched by astrong and meaty tasteMersault, Puligny Montrachet,Macon-Villages, Pinot Noir,Côtes du RhôneExplorateur France Cow’s Milk Soft; delicate, mushroom,tangy, slightly saltyBordeaux, Burgundy, CabernetSauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir,Sauvignon BlancFol Epi France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; sweet, nutty Pinot Grigio, Riesling,GewurztraminerFourme D’Ambert France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; blue vein; nutty,creamy, tart, sharp, savorySauternes, Vouvray, Bordeaux,Port, Merlot, ShirazGaperon a L’ail France Cow’s Milk Hard; spicy, herbal, tart,garlic, strongSancerre, Sauvignon Blanc,Chablis, Pinot Noir, Meursault,ChardonnayGourmandise France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; creamy, buttery Champagne, Chardonnay,Pinot Grigio, BeaujolaisIstara France Sheeps Milk Semi-hard; complex,aromatic, herbaceaous andfruity qualities with a butteryrich finishSancerre, Chardonnay,Riesling, Beaujolais, Chianti,ShirazLEdel De Cleron; Faux (fake)VacherinFrance Cow’s Milk Creamy, almost runnyconsistency (when ripe); tangywith herbal fragrancePouilly-Fuissé, PulignyMontrachet, Riesling, PinotGris, Merlot, Pinot NoirLe Chevrot France Goat’s Milk Semi-soft; rich & nutty withcomplex flavors typicallyfound in well-aged goatcheesesMersault, Pouilly-Fuisse,Puligny Montrachet, PinotNoir, ChiantiLe Perail Brebis France Sheeps Milk Soft; the softest, most delicateof rinds with a nutty aromaand a sweet tasteVouvray, Chenin Blanc,Beaujolais, Pinot NoirLe Roule France Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy cheese rolledwith herbs and garlicSauvignon Blanc, Viognier,Vouvray, Syrah, Grenache,RiojaLingot Du Quercy France Goat’s Milk Soft; rich and creamy, sweetand grassyVouvray, Chenin Blanc,Beaujolais, Pinot NoirLivarot France Cow’s Milk Soft, full-flavored, strong,tangy, piquantPomerol, Pinot Gris, Riesling,Zinfandel, Merlot, Shiraz
  5. 5. Madrigal France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, nutty, creamy,butteryRiesling, Pinot Grigio,Vouvray, Pinot Noir, Chianti,Rosso di MontalcinoMimolette France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, fruity, nutty,mellowBanyuls, Port, Riesling, CheninBlanc, Pinot Blanc, PinotGrigioMorbier France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, nuts, fruit, fresh,creamyPouilly-Fumé, Sancerre,Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, PinotNoirMunster France Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, pungent, straw Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris,BurgundyOssau Iraty France Sheeps Milk Semi-hard; unpasteurized witha rich, nutty, robust flavorChampagne, Chardonnay,Chablis, Pouilly-Fuissé, Macon-Villages, Pomerol, Côte duRhône, ShirazPetit Basque France Sheeps Milk Semi-soft; firm, sweet, rich,butteryBurgundy, Chianti,Chateauneuf du Pape, Shiraz,Chardonnay, Sauvignon BlancPont LEveque France Cow’s Milk Soft; Very rich with a delicategrassy bouquet, creamytexture and full-bodied flavor.Sauvignon Blanc, Graves,Pinot Noir, Pomerol or Saint-Émilion redsPort-Salut France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, light, fruity, creamy Chinon, Bourgeuil, Zinfandel,Merlot, Chianti, ChardonnayPouligny-Saint-Pierre France Goat’s Milk Soft; creamy, nutty, herbal Sancerre, Graves, Chassagne-Montrachet, Pinot Grigio,Pinot NoirPyrenean Sheep France Sheeps Milk Soft; strong tang, blue vein,salty, herbal, creamyBordeaux, Chianti, Port,Zinfandel, Shiraz, AmaroneRaclette France Cow’s Milk Hard; nutty, sweet, fruity Burgundy, Chianti, Chassagne-MontrachetSmoked Rambol France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; rich and creamywith a toasted nutty flavorChampagne, Chardonnay,Chablis, Chassagne-Montrachet, red Bordeaux,Pomerol, Oregon Pinot Noir,ShirazReblochon France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, creamy, nutty, fresh-tastingPommard, Pinot Noir, Chablis,Chardonnay, BeaujolaisRoquefort France Sheeps Milk Semi-hard, creamy, sweet,caramel, sharp tangFull-bodied reds, Port,Monbazzillac, BanyulsSt. Andre France Cow’s Milk Soft, triple cream, rich,butteryRosé, Burgundy, Chablis,Champagne, Pinot NoirSt. Albray France Cow’s Milk Soft, creamy, mild, piquant Burgundy, Pinot Noir,Chardonnay, RieslingSt. Nectaire France Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, earthy, herbal, ripe,strawSt. Estèphe, Chianti, Super-Tuscan. Chassagne-Montrachet, Pinot Grigio
  6. 6. St. Paulin France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, mild, creamy,butteryBordeaux, Burgundy, CabernetSauvignon, Merlot,ChardonnaySt. Agur Blue France Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, strong, tangy,spicySauternes, Port, Zinfandel,Amarone, RieslingTomme d’Abondance France Cow’s Milk Hard, nutty, tangy Champagne, Chardonnay,Chablis, red Bordeaux, PinotNoir, Côte du Rhône, ShirazVignotte France Cow’s Milk Soft, fresh, creamy, lemony,saltySauvignon Blanc, Chablis,Chardonnay, Pinot NoirBeer Cheese Germany Cow’s Milk Soft, pungent, salty, creamy India Pale Ale, Beaujolais,Chianti, RieslingButterkuse Germany Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, creamy, buttery Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis,Chardonnay, Pinot NoirBavaria Blue Germany Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, aromatic, tangy,saltyBurgundy, Chianti, Port,AmaroneCambozola Germany Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, smooth, rich, tangy,spicy, sweet and sourSt. Émilion, St. Estèphe,Zinfandel, Chianti, RiojaChampignon Germany Cow’s Milk Soft, creamy, mushrooms,herb, butter flavorsSauvignon, Chardonnay, PinotGris, ChampagneMirabo Germany Cow’s Milk Soft, creamy, fresh, mild,nuttyChampagne, Chenin Blanc,RoséTilsit Germany Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, mild, pungent,spicy, fruity, butteryCabernet, Syrah, ZinfandelKaseri Greece Goat andSheeps MilkSemi-hard, mild, buttery,salty,pungent, earthy and sweetSauvignon Blanc, Chablis,Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz,ZinfandelMyzithra Greece Sheeps Milk Soft, pungent, herbal, creamy Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio,GewürztraminerBlue Castello Holland Cow’s Milk Soft, creamy, mild, buttery Port, Sauternes, Tokaji,Amarone, Vin SantoEdam Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, smooth, sweet,nuttyPinot Noir, Chianti, BeaujolaisGouda Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, mild, fruity, sweet,nuttyRiesling, Pinot Grigio,Beaujolais, ChiantiFarmer Gouda Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, creamy, nutty,fruityBurgundy, Chianti, Sangiovese,Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, PinotGrigioAged Gouda Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, firm, rich, robust,intense, sweetCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Port, Champagne, SauvignonBlanc, ChardonnayLeerdammer Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, smooth, buttery,nutty, fruityRiesling, Pinot Grigio, CheninBlanc, Viognier, BeaujolaisLeyden Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, aromatic, nutty,creamy, butteryCôtes du Rhône, Zinfandel,Shiraz, Beer
  7. 7. Parrano Holland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; combination ofcreamy Gouda with GranaPadano - slightly sharp with aParmesan/Gouda flavorCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Port, Champagne, SauvignonBlanc, ChardonnayPrima Donna Holland Cow’s Milk Hard; aged Gouda, sharp,texture like aged Parmesan,taste like aged Gouda andaged Gruyere.Bordeaux reds, Shiraz,Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Champagne, Chablis, Sancerre,Gavi, SoaveSmoked Gouda Holland Cow’s Milk Hard, nutty, herbal, buttery Burgundy, Chianti, BordeauxArina (Goat Gouda) Holland Goat’s Milk Semi-hard, light, fruity, nutty Cabernet Sauvignon,Bordeaux, Bock BeerArdrahan Ireland Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; washed rind, rich,complex and tangy, with apungent aromaChampagne, Chardonnay,Chablis, Pinot Noir, CabernetSauvignon, Côte du Rhône,ShirazIrish Cheddar Ireland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, rich, rounded,smoothBordeaux, Cabernet, Shiraz.MalbecBlarney Ireland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, nutty, buttery,creamySyrah, Merlot, CabernetSauvignonCashel Blue Ireland Cow’s Milk Soft, creamy, spicy, intense Sauternes, Port, Zinfandel,ShirazDubliner Ireland Cow’s Milk Hard; similar to cheddar, butwith a sweet, nutty taste of aSwiss and the piquant flavorof an aged AsiagoMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Chianti, Rioja, Chardonnay,Sauvignon BlancDurrus Ireland Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; Buttery, mild,acidic, smoky, nuttyChablis, Chardonnay, PinotGrigio, RieslingTipperary (Sharp Cheddar) Ireland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; rich, tangy, sharp,butteryMerlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir,Grenache, Chardonnay,ViognierAsiago Italy Cow’s Milk Hard; fruity, sharp Valpolicella, Chianti, AstiSpumante, Gavi, SoaveBel Paese Italy Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; light, milky, buttery Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay,Pinot Grigio, Pinot NoirBra Italy Cow’s Milk Hard; intense, herbal, nutty Champagne, Pinot Noir,Barbera dAlba, ChiantiCaciocavallo Italy Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, nutty, buttery,fruityChianti, Valpolicella, PinotGrigio, ViognierFontina Val d’Aosta Italy Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; nutty, honey,earthy, mushroomsBarolo, Barbaresco, Brunellodi MontalcinoGorgonzola Italy Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; sharp, tangy, spicy,aromaticBarbaresco, Vino Nobile deMontalcino, Super-TuscansGrana Padano Italy Cow’s Milk Hard; fruity, sweet pineapple Champagne, red Bordeaux,Chianti, Merlot, SyrahMascarpone Italy Cow’s Milk Soft; sweet, mellow Sauternes, Vin Santo, Riesling
  8. 8. Parmigiano-Reggiano Italy Cow’s Milk Hard, grating cheese; intense,crystalized, piquant, slightlysaltyShiraz, Merlot, CabernetSauvignon, Champagne,Chablis, Sancerre, Gavi, SoavePecorino-Romano Italy Sheeps Milk Hard, grating cheese; nuttywith a tangy finishChampagne, Sancerre, Chianti,St. Émilion, Pomerol, SyrahProvolone Italy Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, smooth, mild,creamy, buttery, nutty, fruityPinot Grigio, Sancerre,Dolcetto, BarberaRicotta Salata Italy Sheeps Milk Hard, pungent, herbal Champagne, Pinot Grigio,Vernaccia, Barolo, ChiantiTaleggio Italy Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, subtle, sweet Chardonnay, Barbaresco,Chianti, AmaroneJarlsberg Norway Cow’s Milk Hard, nutty, sweet Riesling, Vouvray, Mersault,Beaujolais, ChiantiNokkelost Norway Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, nutty, herbal,butteryChardonnay, Chianti, PinotNoir, Côtes du RhôneGjetost Norway Goat andCow’s MilkSemi-hard, sweet, aromatic Chardonnay, Viognier, CheninBlanc, Dolcetto, BarberaCabrales Spain Cow, Goat, &Sheeps MilkHard, Blue-vein, creamy,complex, intensePort, Sherry, Amarone,ZinfandelDrunken Goat Spain Goat’s Milk Semi-soft (aged in red wine)soft, creamy, buttery, fruityBordeaux, Ribera del Duero,Port, Late-harvest ZinfandelIberico Spain Cow, Goat, &Sheeps MilkHard, aromatic, mild, herbal Cava, Champagne, Albariño,Ribera del Duero, RiojaIdiazabal Spain Sheeps Milk Hard, smoky, aromatic,slightly salty with a pleasanttang on the finishAlbariño, Sauvignon Blanc,reds: Rioja, Bordeaux, Riberadel Duero, GigondasMahon Spain Cow’s Milk Hard, sweet, nutty, creamy,with a fruity aromaAlbariño, Ribera del Duero,Rioja, PrioratManchego Spain Sheeps Milk Hard, slightly salty, nutty,spicyPriorat, Toro, Navarra, CavaQueso De Vare Spain Goat’s Milk Hard; Wrapped in grapeleaves, with a clean,herbaceous flavorAlbariño, Sauvignon Blanc,reds: Rioja, Bordeaux, Riberadel DueroValdeon Spain Cow & GoatsMilkHard, Blue-vein, creamy,complex, intense, balancedsweetness and tang with a niceearthiness on the finishShiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon,Amarone, Port, Monbazzillac,BanyulsAppenzell Switzerland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, spicy, fruity, tangy Beaujolais, Rioja, Burgundy,Pinot NoirEmmental Switzerland Cow’s Milk Hard, fruity, nutty, earthy Beaujolais, Burgundy,Zinfandel, Merlot, Pinot NoirGruyère Switzerland Cow’s Milk Hard, fruity, nutty, earthy Beaujolais, Burgundy, Chianti,Beaujolais, Rioja
  9. 9. VOD Cheese Switzerland Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, combines 12 monthPrastost with Absolut Vodka;sharp, tangy, fruityMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Syrah, Chardonnay, PinotGrigioRaclette Switzerland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, buttery, full,creamy, fruity romaBurgundy, Chardonnay,Zinfandel, Pinot NoirSap Sago Switzerland Cow’s Milk Hard, crystalized, slightlysalty with a tangy finishBeer, Chardonnay, Viognier,Roussane, Sauvignon BlancTéte de Moine Switzerland Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; full, rich, creamy,butteryChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,Pinot NoirVacheron-Fribourgeois Switzerland Cow’s Milk Soft; slightly salty, nutty,buttery with fruity aromaChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,Burgundy, Pinot NoirAsiago (domestic) USA Cow’s Milk Hard, medium tangy, herbal,nuttyCabernet, Merlot, Syrah,Sauvignon Blanc, RieslingBerkshire Blue USA Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, creamy, tangy,fruityPort, Sauternes, Tokaji,Zinfandel, SyrahCabot Vintage ChoiceCheddarUSA Cow’s Milk Aged 18-24 months, semi-hard, full, rich, sharp, tangyBordeaux, CabernetSauvignon, Merlot, SyrahColby USA Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, sweet, mild, fruity Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Merlot,Riesling, Sauvignon BlancGoat Cheddar USA Goat’s Milk Semi hard; rich, full-bodiedflavor with a wonderful,creamy taste at the finish.Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache,Chablis, Sancerre, GaviGreat Hill Blue USA Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, rich, creamy, salty,tangyAmarone, Port, Monbazzillac,Banyuls, Late-HarvestZinfandelGrafton Village Cheddar USA Cow’s Milk Hard, Buttery, tangy, salty,sharpZinfandel, Pinot Noir,Cabernet, MerlotGrafton Village CheddarReserveUSA Cow’s Milk Hard,extra sharp, tangy,creamy, nuttyMeritage, Cabernet, Syrah,ZinfandelHumboldt Fog USA Goat’s Milk Semi-soft, creamy, earthy,citrus, spicySauvignon Blanc, Chablis,Pinot Blanc, Riesling, PinotNoirDry Jack USA Cow’s Milk Hard, sweet, fruity, nutty,spicyPinot Noir, Grenache,Zinfandel, MerlotFresh Jack USA Cow’s Milk Semi-soft, creamy, buttery,herbal, spicyZinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet,Sauvignon, ChardonnayMaytag Blue USA Cow’s Milk Semi-soft; crumbly, spicy,tangy, earthyChardonnay, Shiraz, CabernetSauvignon, Merlot, Port,Zinfandel, BanyulsNew York Extra SharpCheddarUSA Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, sharp, creamy,nutty with a fruity aromaCabernet Sauvignon, Syrah,Sagniovese, Merlot,ChardonnayPoint Reyes USA Cow’s Milk Semi-hard, blue vein; creamy,full-flavored, tangy, with aslightly salty terroirCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Amarone, Port, Monbazzillac,BanyulsPurple Haze USA Goat’s Milk Semi-soft; Lavender buds andfennel pollen provide a sweet,aromatic quality, perfectlyjuxtaposing the tangy finishChardonnay, Riesling,Gewurztraminer, Viognier,Condrieu, Pinot Noir,Beaujolais
  10. 10. Sweetgrass Pecan Chèvre USA Goat’s Milk Semi-soft; rich & nutty (pecancrust) with complex flavorstypically found in well-agedgoat cheesesBurgundy, red Bordeaux, PinotNoir, Syrah, Meursault, Pouilly-Fuisse, Puligny MontrachetTeleme USA Cow’s Milk Soft; creamy, tangy, buttery Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay,Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir,Malbec, SyrahTillamook Cheddar USA Cow’s Milk Semi-Hard; smooth and mildtraditional cheddar cheesewith a sweet, almost chocolatyflavor.Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, CabernetSauvignon, Chablis, Sancerre,Gavi, SoaveVermont Shepherd USA Sheeps Milk Semi-soft; smooth, creamy,rich, earthy, herbalChablis, Sauvignon Blanc,Pinot Grigio, Riesling, PinotNoirExtra Sharp WisconsinCheddarUSA Cow’s Milk Semi-hard; rich, tangy, sharp,butteryPinot Noir, Zinfandel, CabernetSauvignon, Chablis, Sancerre,Gavi, Soave