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Baking techniques


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Baking techniques

  1. 1. Basic Techniques used inPastry and Bread Production
  2. 2. Mixing Methods• Yeasted dough– Straight dough method: all ingredients arecombined and mixed.– Sponge method: liquid, yeast and ½ the flour aremixed to form a wet batter (sponge) and allowedto rise (proof). Remaining ingredients are addedand the dough is kneaded• Rolled in dough (laminated dough)– Croissant and Danish dough
  3. 3. Mixing Methods• Quickbreads– Biscuit method (broken dough): light, flaky andtender, fat is left in larger pieces and dispersedthroughout the dough or batter.– Muffin method: tender even shaped product, mixdry ingredients in one container, mix wetingredients in another container then combine.– Creaming method: tender cakelike product, creamsugar and butter, add eggs, one at a time, addflour and other ingredients.
  4. 4. Baking methods• Custards– Stovetop: temper hot liquid into egg/sugarmixture, strain back into pan and carefully heatuntil nappé on the stove, (cool down quickly).• Pastry cream, crème anglaise, lemon curd– Baked custards: temper hot liquid into egg/sugarmixture strain, pour into dish and bake on a lowtemperature, usually in a water bath.• Crème brûlée, crème caramel, quiche, pot du creme
  5. 5. Baking methods• Breads and Dough– Blind baking: placing a liner on the raw dough andweighting it down while baking to prevent toomuch rise.– Docking: poking holes in raw dough to prevent toomuch rise– Steaming: adding water or steam during baking topromote a hard crusty outside.– Scoring: cutting the dough in order to allow forcontrolled expansion
  6. 6. Foaming• Whipping air into various mixtures to createlight tender product.– Chiffon cakes, sponge cakes– Meringues, egg whites– Chantilly cream– Butter/sugar mixtures– Sabayon