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Phabricator Workflow


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Intro to using arcanist with phabricator

Published in: Engineering
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Phabricator Workflow

  1. 1. Phabricator
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. Features • Arcanist (CLI) • Herald (Stalking People) • Differential (*Pull Request) • Diffusion (Repo Browser) • Maniphest (Issues) • Audit (Commit Review)
  4. 4. Arcanist • brew install —HEAD arcanist • brew reinstall —HEAD arcanist • Documentation
  5. 5. Arcansit (workflow) • git pull {url} • arc feature {my-feature} • arc diff • *Review / Make Revisions / Approval* • arc land
  6. 6. arc feature • arc feature {my-feature} • defaults to making a feature off of origin/master • arc feature {change} origin/ {branch} • upstream diverged, what do? • git pull / git pull —rebase • differential will not show changes from rebase or merges. (Github?)
  7. 7. arc diff • arc diff • If you have not commit yet it will ask if you would like to add the staged changes to the diff. • Answer a friendly questionnaire about why you haven’t tested your code yet. • Confused what this is going to do? Run `arc which` and get an explanation.
  8. 8. Review • You have just sent your change for review. Now what do you do? • Go bug the person you have assigned to look at your diff. The review process in Phabricator is blocking and works best when everyone is actively involved. • If you are reviewing you can request the diff author makes changes, accept the diff, or comment to get more info about something that is not clear. • Make sure to post some memes. Authors love memes.
  9. 9. arc land • arc land {feature-name} • done • arc land —hold • see what land will do without actually committing any changes to the remote branch • you must git push if you run —hold first • arc land —onto {branch} • This should have been configured properly based on the arc feature command you ran however.
  10. 10. Herald & Audit • Herald allows you to keep track of those pesky interns. If you are not directly involved in a project but would like to keep up to date on it you can set any number of Herald rules to alert you of updates to a repo. • This has a straight forward GUI that can be found on your phabricator install
  11. 11. Questions? StackOverflow IRC #phabricator
  12. 12. More Info • Other Slides • Installing Phabricator • Ansible Installer • Arcanist (non brewers)