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Bed bugs are back!v4


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Bed Bugs are back!

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Bed bugs are back!v4

  1. 1. Bed bugs are back!
  2. 2. Contents • History • Resurgence Today • Bed Bug Science • Headlines • Prevention & Control • About Us
  3. 3. History •In Ancient Greece (Before Christ) used as medicine1 •Early 1900s, 1/3 residences in some European cities were infested2 1,2 Potter, M.F. The History of Bed Bug Management: With lessons from the past, American Entomologist, Spring 2011, available at, accessed April 7, 2014
  4. 4. Resurgence Today • DDT banned in United States in 19723 • Greater global travel4 • Increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides5 3 Potter, M.F. The History of Bed Bug Management: With lessons from the past, American Entomologist, Spring 2011, available at, accessed April 7, 2014 4,5 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Joint Statement on Bed Bug Control in the U.S. from the CDC and EPA, May 8, 2013, available at, accessed April 7, 2014
  5. 5. Resurgence Today 95 percent of U.S. pest control companies report that they have encountered a bed bug infestation in the past year compared to 25 percent prior to 20006 6 National Pest Management Association, July 26, 2010, The NPMA Releases First-Ever Comprehensive Global Bed Bug Study to Determine Extent of Resurgence, available at comprehensive-global-bed-bug-study-to-determine-extent-of-resurgence.aspx accessed April 10, 2014
  6. 6. Bed Bug Science • Feed on the blood of birds or mammals • Active at night, usually just before dawn – Hide during day • Reddish-brown, oval shaped, flattened and 1/4 inch long • No documented cases of disease transmission from bites • Migrate in a myriad of ways • 1 pregnant female can lay up to 4 eggs per day Source: Penn State University, (2014), available at; Anchorage Daily News, March 18, 2014 available at, accessed April 7,, 2014 …So, what are we dealing with?
  7. 7. Bed Bug Science Source: Presentation by Vincent Valiente, Environmental Health Specialist, Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, available at, accessed April 8, 2014
  8. 8. Bed Bug Science …Tell-tale signs of bed bugs Check between mattress seams Red, itchy skin bites, usually in rows Source: WebMD, Bedbugs Slideshow: An informative look at bedbugs, October 31, 2011, available at problems-and-treatments/ss/slideshow-bedbugs#, accessed April 8, 2014
  9. 9. Bed Bug Science • A bed bug feeding on a human can increase its weight 5 times7 7 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Insects in the City, available at accessed April 7, 2014.
  10. 10. Headlines What is not talked about makes control difficult A) Social stigma B) Public health departments are on the sidelines C) Divergence of research on effective control D) Lack of public awareness of what to do caused by B & C
  11. 11. Headlines “Honolulu Ambulances Have a Growing Bedbug Problem”8 8 ABC April 5, 2014, available at problem/ accessed April 7, 2014 9 Huffington Post Money, June 3, 2013, available at accessed April 7, 2014 “Maryland (Woman) Awarded $800,000 In Suit Against Landlord”9 …but the media can help reduce stigma
  12. 12. Headlines Source: The Dr. Oz Show, September 14, 2010 available at accessed April 7, 2014 …and increase public awareness
  13. 13. Headlines … we use social media extensively
  14. 14. . • DO look for welts, itching and inflammation from a bite • DON’T assume problem is not serious if you aren’t allergic and bites are not visible Prevention & Control
  15. 15. . Prevention & Control • DO inspect new furniture before you bring it into your home • DON’T take secondhand articles or furniture off the street into your home
  16. 16. . • DO assume everything around the bed is infested • DON’T remove anything from the infested room before inspection/ treatment Prevention & Control
  17. 17. . • DO assume that getting rid of bed bugs will require effort • DON’T assume that only discarding beds and bedding is a sound approach to getting rid of bed bugs Prevention & Control
  18. 18. . • DO call a professional • DON’T attempt do-it-yourself bed bug control Prevention & Control
  19. 19. . • 35 years in operation, fully licensed and insured • Community-based, but regional footprint – NJ, PA & DE • Marketing to increase public awareness and reduce stigma • Community engagement, e.g., Bed Bug Co-op Program • Research, e.g., Integrated Pest Management Principles10 10 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Integrated Pest management Principles, Fact Sheet May 9, 2012, available at, accessed April 7, 2014. About Us
  20. 20. . Thank you!
  21. 21. Contact Us Natural Pest Control Company 622 Cooper Street Camden, New Jersey 08102 Phone: 215-276-2962 or 856-338-1229 Fax: 856-338-1484 Website: Twitter: @Natural_Pest