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Scan 093100001

  1. 1. ~~ Prudential Americana Group; REAlTORS@ DUTIES OWED BY.A NEVADA REAL ESTATE LICENSEE This form does not eonstitute a contract for services nor an agreement to pay compensation. In Nevada, a real estate licensee is required to provide a form setting forth the duties (w,ted by the licensee 10: a) E.ach party for ""nom the licensee is acting as an agent in the real eslate transaction. and b) Each unrepresented party to the real estate uansactiort jf any Licensee: The licensee in the real estate transaction is James DOnOhue whose license number is: 46135 ----------------- is acting tor [client;s name(s): fl1e ncensee ------------------------------ Shimon Gersten __ ~-----~--------------- ....fIO is/are the 0 Seller!Landlord; [!lauyer/Tenant. Broker: The broker is Forrest Barbee "Nhose company is PrudGntial Americana Grou,e,J31::f:J,JORS@licensees Duties Owed to All Parties:A Nevada real estate licensee shall: 1. Not deal wiltl any party to a real estate transaction In a. manner w:hich is deceitful, ffBudulent or dishonest. 2. Exercise reasonable skill and care with respect to 811 pat1ies to the real estate transaction. 3. Disclose to each party to H,e real estate transaction as soon as practicable: a.. Any material and relevant ff:lct~;. at<J or information vl1Jch licensee kIlON£>, or with reasonable care and d diligence tM lioensee should know, about the propet1y. b. Each source from Wl1icll licensee /,/illreceive compensation. 4. Abide by all other duties. responsibitlties and obligations tequired of the licensee in 1<il.1 or (egulations.Licensees Outies Owed to the Client:A t-Jev.adareal estate licensee shall: 1. Exercrse n~a$onable skiJl and care to carry out the terms of the brokerage agreement and the licensees duties ,lithe brokerage agreernen!; 2. Not disclose. except to the licensees broker, confidential information relating to ,3 client for I year after then5!vOcalion c termination at the brokerage agreement. unless licensee is required to do so 0)1 coUli order Of the client gives v<lritten permission; :) Seek a sale, purchase, optlon, rental or lease of real property at the price and terms state<! 1nthe brokerage agreeme or at a price acceptable to the client; 4. Present all offers made to, or by the cHent as soon as practicable. unless the client cnooses to waM? the duty of ttle licensee to present all offers and sigJ1S a ".aiver of the duty on a form described by the division; 5. Disclose to the client material facts or ...,hichthe licensee lias knOvvledge conceming the real (jstate transaction; 6. Advise the client to obtain advfse from an expert relating to matters .-Inlet) are beyond ttle expertIse of the li.censee; SfDuties Owed By a broker who assigns different licensees affiliated with the brokerage to separate parties.Each licensee shall not disclose, except to the real estate b(o~:er, confidential information relating client. .0licensee Acting for Both Parties: You understand that the licensee rnayor rna}! not, ill the future a I·C.I;:171 Jfli¥) I(;/,,((! InN)for tv,la or more parties who have interests adverse to each olner. In acting for 1t18se parties, the licensee lIas a conflict ofinterest Before a licensee may act for two or more parties, the licensee mLlst give you ~ "Consent to ,4,c." form 10 sign.i I/We acknowledge r~xeiptof 1 a copy ot th~s IiS-~ of tiCBflSI:!B duti~s,-and j 7 _ I / hf~~~@;~p~dN~ae~t<)~_~~t~r~_d.,~~osu.e. J i .~. ..t:...L_~ Apprcwed Nevada R~al Eslllt~ Divl;;,on ~ MJl19(,,&4~ .::Jill ""1rpHiJ"u;~ ;::.nitinn~.
  2. 2. RE.&.LTOQ Joint Escrow instructions and Earnest l·loney .Receipt} .:J 1012912009 4 : Shimon Gersten 1.BlIve.·t herebv offers 10 purchns"," {;. 2316 BLOO~~tJ.N~no~j Dr. -- N, 89f34 ("Property" I, within fhe city or unincorporJ.ted of L<l§..::{egas, Counn of ~~.;.;~ __ --. 8 Sum: Qf:-fcyad.1, A,PS, :;=_. 138-19-110.:;918 for [he purcilase pnce ofS n7,~_ ) ( _qne hundred ttiirtv seven tl10usand five hundred G01!J.fS) (Purchase Pricc") on rhe rerms I() llnd cJnu.irlons COlltnillCd herein; 11 BUYERDdoes .• do;,s not inlelld to occupy [he Property as a ro:.-sidenl,:e. !~ 1.1 r~uye:Ys ~Her .:::: ., . : r: ::::::::::.. ] [.4 l. 1;"IAKClAL TERMS &. (:o:nrno:.;s; i:-- :.; ,?PC!,O.QO A. EAREST .110;£ DEPOSIT I."DID" r is pf(~$emed WiEil IlllS otTer -OR- !(, ... ! -:- (·(}TE lr fr: n Ieloi1.1· in !hc _~~(ulc~ ~·tT-it.f.l.f--p·"lil:""~{it}j( t~1up i.~t In JilfjT .1·Jea;".~ in pi"i,tOIl .and a ~·5,{)O(.i,ti·lh.:·~{O lITiiC u 1::.. Ch~Lk ,t-tJF 1,)u(l" rltr....<19c(lrt} hr ..,tt!llcrt}ni lj!uds~ .RS l y3.13fh::Ho,l.l I) . .. s_~ __ B. ADmnO~..L DEPOSIT iO be pl~lc{;din c$m;m on or before id:Hei _. Tlle2J lddj[iol131 depo.5ltO"yill -OR-O,dlt nm be cOJlsidered pan oflhe E}JD. uny wudilions on the Jddilioll;l dcposir should b<;: S~t fonll.iu SecHon 21) hereIn)2-1 S ~_ C. TH.IS AGR.EElI£;,l IS COXn~GfT LPO! BlYER Qt;AUFYI~G FOR .- .:£. LOA;; 0::~ Im: FOLLOH:G T£R..llS :1D CO~DITIO;S:2{, DCO!1Yemiou;)L OBi-,. 0 "A... OOlile1 (speclfyl ~ "2-: Intcr;;sl: 0 Fi~:<,d,",Hc, . :,C,lf$ - OR - D.-djllSl~lblc Rate. years Ii/ili,11 1;11(: of imert:.! not QO.::;~ exceed __ ";). Inilt,1 momJlly paymrm nCIl 10 ew~ed l.l{){ including 1;lxt~5,.tnMILlHce29 :)lId. or PIH 01 }dIP. s _ D. THIS AGRf.e.l£~T IS COSfIXef:,T UPO~ Bl,,"ER QL.UFl:"G TO ,-SSllIIEHJ£ fQll..OHtG [XISTI~G LO.-.;(5): CJ.(o!l·crHional. OFH..A.. DA.. DOlller (SpeClt:-I_~1.-1 Interest DFixed rare. __ >_ years- OR - OAd.luSi;lble R;1{e, ye~lrs" Tniti;d r,!lC of imcrc$t 1101to exceed _" o. tionthly p:lymem nOI (0 exceed S , no, lndldul.!o laxcs, iliSur;mcC ~md or PfU Of M1P ...~(-;7 .:,. E. BliY:ER TO E.XfCUTE.- PROMlSSOny ,"orE SEceR£O BY DEED OF TRUST PER TERMS3,~ Ii ":F[iClG Alml:::,lHJ~j:w-Hi ~; 13.5.~50D.OO f. B.-L-.:Cf Of N:RCHASF. jRICE 1 BnlUlIce of Down PaYl1lcnn ill casl! or .:enifj·td funds w be IKlld-11 ,1l Close ofE:;:;:I."(IY ("COE",-I:-13 5012;7.500.00 G. TOTAL PT;RCHAS[ PRICE. (This price DOES ::OT inc:Jude do~jLlg cos,s. proralions or other fees44 and :Os!:;aS50ci:ued wi,D rhe pvrdl:lse of the fmpcrty :35defined herl.ill.) Each t)Hlf:.· ickIlQwledgcS that hcfshc halo read. Iwderll·Wod. and agn:~"S(Q eaclt llnd e"er:!.}lnlYisjon. of thifillage ullle,,~ it parckui,lU Illlrl~r;ll}lj i~ otiIerwi. ..e nlodjfieti b~ add(,llumn or ctJtiIiH:roffct-. Bllyers :amc; _. Shimon Gersten ~~ _ BUYER(SI r-.:ITIALS __ ifr.- _ Propenv AJdn5i>: . 2:316 BLOOf ... ilNGTON Dr. SI.LLERI,S)t-:lTIALS:cJhll ..A Re·.6/09 (::0(19 (He-mer las l:~as Associatiou of REALTORS i5 Pa~t 1 of J l
  3. 3. .um.lTlO:.-L fIXA.CJAI, TERIlS & co::-;-n:-;Gf..:OES: A. :EW LOA~ AIPLICA TIO: Within __ busim:.S$ d~I}S of _·tcep{;nce~ Buy~r ~1grccs [0 ( !) sUbl11it :l c{)1I1plelcCl !oan applic;lliol1lO a lender of Bllyersci1oice: {2l :tuthonzc ordering ()[ Ihe appr:li5nl (pel lenders re·qmrementsl: ;!LX!~:.) fllrnislJ. u preapplOul leller to Seifer cased UpOI1a sumdarrl faema! credit repul1llnci r€ic, of debl to illcome ratioS. If Buyer f~iils 10 complete any" (If these conOil!OIlS .,,·it!!]!! ,he i!pphcabk lime frauH::>. Sdk, re:.en 1:5 til.: right {O lermU1JIe tillS Agrc-cmclI!. in $uch e em_ /)olh panies a~ee [0 «ll1ee! the escrow and rctl1O! EMD to Buyer. Buyer o lIm~ -OR...o £10(;5 not Wlhorizt leuder 10 proldl! lo;,ul swrus updates TOSeHers aud Bllycrs Broke!s. as .eH as L5.CWW om.;;.::r. Buyer agrees 10 m:e Bllyers besl dTom iO ootaiu fIl1;:Jl1cing under lhe ierms ilmi conditions omlinecl ill !hi5.Agreemem. B. (.-SH PURCHASE: Witliiu __ 1_ busi!KSS au} s or Acceptance. Buyer agree:) 10 pr{)Yidc writlL!l t.lclenf~ from a DOlla iidf flil.1l10al IlI}litll{ion of sufJicicnl (ash tl;;ni![Joie to complete {his pIlH::Ii::lse H Buyer does nul subwil the written C,.. idem:e wHiml tIle ~lbone period_ Seller rcscr.·C-S the ri.¥.ht w It:nninate thj~ Agreement. C APPR..-ISAL: If an appr<lisal is required :IS part of rllis ;l,llreemem. or reque;;rerl or Buyer. and if Ihe is less 1.1I;ll1lilt PlIIcilase Price. tile transaction will go fonvard if ~11 Bu~el. :H Buyers option, eleCIS (0 pay tile difference ;Uld pll!tl1ase me Properr:: for the Pun:;il"lse Price, or Cl Selke at SeHer"s option. elecE TOadjlSI IllC Pmchnse Price- :JccorJingly. slJch IlIar (he Purdmse Price is equal w the appraisaL [1 ne.ifJoer option (! i or (2) .is elected. tilen Par!!e::. may rem~.!;!olial{,~ reue-:;o!l)lion is lll1silccessful Ihtli (t!htr Parry may ,.meet (llis ;.greeme!ll ~lP(}Ll>rillC1!nOlic;:. III duch en~nl if llle P"ID shaH be r~H1rnet1lo Btm;r 3. s-,U: OF OTHER PROPERl; .-. This . 1,µr.eemel)l lIIi5 !lot -OR- [Jis comingeui upon Ihe :xM (,nd do.siJl!{I of aLlother properry Inch ~ldclressis B. $~lldProperty::~ ... Ois cllITeutl" li"ttd Oi..Il(,t -OR- is pre~.t"mly in es<:fOW ,.-ith.. -----------=:--------,----------------. E:;Cr(I" :"umbl:J: . Propo;ed Closing Dm!?: ~q When Buyer has accepted ail offer on the sale of Ibis olher properly. Buyer ill prompll~. clelher;] Hhten HeHKe of [he sale w.~~ Sclkr. If 13l!ye(s esoct. (Ill d,i,; mher pmpeny is tcrmin:m:d. lb;mdoned. 01 does. 1101 close (II) rime .• his Agreement wi!1~6 lenmn:1te jrilcHIi further notice unless tht parties {l~ree oOlher".j<;:;> ~fiiing, If Seiler ;lCcepr<; a oona fide Tillcl! offer from a til:I i !lii.rd party prior to Buyer $ deli,·eJ;. of HOlice of {lCCepI:mce OL1t1 offer on the s,11e of Buyer s prOpCrlY. Seller shit!l g.le Bu::er~x "fim:n nOli.ce of !l1m f:,lCL/iLiliu lhrc·c (31 d.a.;s 01 reCCtpi of lhe nOlice. Bllyer .ill ",lil; Ibe contillgem:y ofl~le :mlc :llld39 dosing of BU~i;r s other property. or Ihis .-grcell!(111 ,ilI ICrlui,WI( wHlwll! I1lrIiler HOllce. In order [(I he ,;:f.tecrin:. ,be w;li-Cl"~o of contingency mus, be aCi;ompallicd b:- rcasonabk c· rlml funds needed iO close escrow will !)e :n,lll:1ble and Buyers-! 1 ,lbililY H) oblain (illan.;;illg is !l0{ (oHti!l~cnt upon llie s,li<: ~md or doo-: of any olllt.:t proptrw-12-11 4. nXTt:RF.S A:D PERSO:liAI.. PROPERTY: The fol]owill~ items wiH be transferred. ffee of lieus, 1; ltb .he5<lle of,(..i the ProperS ,iro 110 reil! ,alnc unless stored otJleriise hereill, Cnlc;:; ;m [t(,111 is cewe-red linder 5("([[011 liE I tffl.l1is A7Jeemenc-t"i ;:dJ items arc lrOllsl~rred in ~m --AS IS" condition,-+6 A. All EISIT-G fixtures and fi1tiug.~ inchlding. but HOI limited 10: electrica1. mccllrUlictlL ligllimg. plumbing·r~ and he~Hing fix111res. ceiling f;lIliS). fireplace instl1(sl. gas logs ;md grates. 5.01<1.1 power system(s), built-ju applia!l(:cl~).·Hi wiuQCH :llld door S(~reens. ~1·lling.5. sillmeJs, wiudo co·eril1gs. anached 11001(,oering(sJ. retislon amemuH s)..+<,1 s2rdlirc <.iJshe{s). Ime.;:nned telephoue SYSH.tnS. air c()oiers.conditionensL pDol spa eqUIPl))clH. g,IWge d~)or~n Qp-.::m:r(51 rCluOlt NlllLfot( 5). .ll1i1!lbo... ill-g:rOlind hud3capUlg. nees" 51111.10($ a(er S{lt{eJler(s j. tHer purifier)o secnriry -5i systtms B. £;KIl })liIrl) ;}(lrnowledgf;S {1"1t he/she has n:ad, unders{c}od. iJnd .agn!cs W t!".tch and ewry Ill"ln-tsion of this l)agt unkss II partind~ir p.arn~rallh is othenise modified h~ addendum or -CliunteniffcL Btryer $ :ame Shimon Gersten _ ••• ._". 8t:YER~Sj [:JTIAl$: .56- _ Propenv AJdn:s::;: 2316 BLOOMl~_G,--T....:O;....fL--- ...... ...... J .:::,.D _ SILlEH.(S) [UIAl.S:AbJ_. _ -It-- Page:: of l I
  4. 4. ~. ESCROW: A. OPl:KJ~G OF ESCROW: Tit.: purchasc of the ProperlY shall be ConstHlUl1a!ed liuough t.scrow J"fscrow") Ope.lljng.of Es,rox ;;iJnlJ lake place by the ~nd of One I: 1:1 business clay Jlier txeClllioll of lbis Agreement COpel1i.n~ (If E3cf(J.Y"l. m Old Republic Title lill", or e!;CfU" t{llUpany {"Escrow Compan:," or "ESCROW HOLl)EfCi .(lib Jo Campo ("[sew.. Office() (Of Stlcll mjl;! esct(l· oJlker as Escrow Cotl1p~lIry m:1Y 3ssignt. Opening of Escrow shall oeem lIpon ES(:rov: C)Hlpan/~ reeeiµ! of (hi:; filHyaccepte A.µreemem and receipt of the EMD Of applicahle/. ESCROW HOLDER is In:mucted to notif:: lh..:: Parties (tlirough tlieir g rc5,pCC[l.-e Brokers) afllte opening date and the Escrow :ll!nbeL y10 B.. £ARKF.ST IOX[,: L-pOfl AeCep!lnce. Bllyer-; f)U):l5 sh()l..(!in S<:crion lun and j(BI if3ppiicDbJc. ofII til15 .1.gree-Illem. 51iall be deposited per (he Eanli::st lv[mhty R~{(ipl :!..>HceJna hl5HlIC[ioH$ COllwilled herein.I~U C. CLOSE Of£SCROW: Close of Escfm {"COf") s]lall be on (dale) 11!25:200914 If I he {!tsign;:Hecl date falls on a weekend Of boliday COf ~ball be tlle nex! onsmess d;I::I~.16 O. .IRS DISCLOSURE; SeUer is h<!reby made aware that [ilere is j regulafion ,shich bec;lme efihri,c JaULltllY17 L! 987. Ihm re<-luires all ESCHOW HOLDERS lO complele :t moditied In99 form. based IIp{ln specific informalion knowJlIf.. ollly benl:een panles in This In!llS<lCtiol1 ~uld tbe E$CRO .HOLDER Seller is <lIsa made ,1 are [11m ESC RO" HOLDER isil} required by l~deral la. to ptJ·idc iuJunuJtioll [(I Ihe Imerna! Rewfllle Senicc :Ilitr (OE ill lhe marmer prescrioed by20 f((kl~dla . . E. flRPT,-: ff <lppbcabk. Sdkr agreCs [0 complelC. SigH. :t1H.1de!i:er co ESCROi. HOLDER a cenitJC(11e indicating wl!tlller Sell{:r is ;1fnreigll person or :1 nonresiliem ;lli~1l pursl!;ml iO the Forci.;m Im-cstt1lCi11 in R(,!I Propet1 T;1:, An (FIRPT .-1. A foreign person is a !1(}IlH~sidentalien intij •.i(iual: ~lforeign COfpor.:IHOn no! lrealed as ,1 domestic cOl1,or~lt.i(J1i: or <l f()rei~1I µ;)nn~iShjp. tntS; or est(J(C .. fcsitlCll1 ~tliCll is DO!considered : foreign person Hnder flRPT A. Bllyel :lnd Seller [lJIder;;t:HHJ I1L<11 Seiler is J tbreign person thell ihe Buyer ulllSl ..,:itll11oid a 14tX ill an <.1ll1t)IJIH (0 bf: ae(cnnincd to ESCROW jf HOLDER ill accordance ",j(h FJRPT A. unless an exemption applics Sciler Jgrces 10 sign ;.lIld delin:r 10 Ihe ESCROW HOLDER tile oecess.arydo<CHlUCnlS. to be pmyided by the ESCRO HOLDER. t(, de(erl)1l1le jfYllbholdmg is required. ISe;;; 2(:;,tSC SeCHOll 1-+-1;" ~ (I, TITLE T:XSrRA .. C.E: CPOll COE. Buyer 1 ill he pWldc:d wnll rile following type of tille insurance policy: o CLTA:. ALTA-Residential: -OR- CJAL TA-Exttlldcd (indudinlPl~uney. ifrcquiretll PROR..UO.S. fEES A;D £.:XPE.SES Kht~ck .tppmpliatt: bo:o; A. TITLE A:D ESCROW FEES TYPE PAm BY SELLER PAm BY BCn~R ~(I/Stl 1/: Escrc.":f:;~)... .. 0 0 _ 0 Lender,> Title PolIcy 0 --- 0 ,,, 0 Owners, Tide Po!ic~ · 0 D D Rtal ProperlY Tr<JHskr Tax 0 " 0 0 01/Jcr: 0 0 0 0 {RORATlO:S: TYPE PAID BY SELLER PRORHE :/A OC (COllUnOH [ulen">[ COIUJlllllHl.Y) Asse~Slllel11S -..... , , ..D......... . D CIC Periodir Fees 0 ".p 0 SIDs LIDs Bonds Asses;;m.;llls m D , " t:l Sewer t:sr.: Fee~ w 0 w 0 Rca! Property Tax($ 0 ,0 Otller: 0 0 0:;4 :.11 jJIOW!10HS wtll be based (In a-::V-d;l: J11(1lHh ,II1d 1. ill be calcul;1l<~d;)" of eOE. Pr(m! iOlls ·i.ll be based HpnIl figlm:s:~5 ,1. nibble fll .. I(1sjn.!I .~.IlYsupplelllenWt$ or ndjuSHnellIS [11mOCellI :Jner COf .yilt he hii!1dled by rite pmrie::. ollfsiile of Escr0;·. ~56 [ ..ell plI"f adalQwledgcs: thilt he/she has rcad, untlelSultal. :lIld "~m.cs to c<ich and. C cQ pro,ision of ttJiSll~lg( tmle~s n lllln1culat pltntl,!r-aph is othcrWLi.cmodified 11).1ddcntlum or COIll!te("ufkr. . Shimon I..;!e(slen ( / BlIvcrs ::-:ame. __ ~________ m.;...... ~R(S, flTIALS: ...> (....-.0 P]t:perl) A(/tiJess_ 2316 BlOO~"lINGTON Df SEllERl$) [LTIALS: j}&i ~ Rt.6/09 (11)09 Grea!er LIS Ve~is i~5S0ti&1.ll1H orREALTORS~ Page .. oC ~ J:
  5. 5. C ESP.~CTI():S::D REL TED E::PE.SES (Set· aho Sectioll 12): AccepT,mcc of this offer is subject [0 ril.: follcliiltl r,,:-scf.d ri¢n. BHver may nrtc the: ProperlY inspected ,111dselect The , . licensed COliIr<lCl(tfS.certified bmldtllg Ul5peClOrS and or orner qu;)Hi1e(1prot-:~s.slona15 who ,;:tlImspeCllhe PropellY. Seller ,dl] ensilIe l.1mlnecess:lr:>l1ti!illes (gas. power [llldUIH.n ~I.r(IllJll{"d on ;lIld supplied 10 rile Pwperry WJlbw IWI) c!) tmSJnessti:)::s after execUljOI! of 1Ills Agreemellt to remain Oil WiliJ COE. nl js StroHlI), recommended 11m 13uver rel.-IUl licensed "e.~dn profes..:;iof1:lls to cOildm:t inspections.] TYPE P.-U> BY SELLER PAW BY BUYER =,OfSO WAIY[[) /"pprais;ll " " , " . D. 0 0 Cit Capita! Comriomion.n ..,,,,, """.,,,, ,.•. , , 1:1 ,..,.., CL , 0 eIe Transfer fees ",, a ., (], ". 0 " ·0 CU-E Report ordered by SeJkr" , D. " " , 0. " D . FUllg:.!! Colltaminarnlnspenioll... . , D ,, 0 , " 0 HUUle lmpc-cuon ,.., , ,0.., o .. "......... 0 .. :leci1alliC<li !nspt·Ctjoil ~ ,.... [J 0 , , , 0 OiiTallk I.l1Spt>Clioll , , [J , 0 .. ·· ·,.. ,·.. 0 , " •1(, P()oi Sr~lInspeclion, " 0, · 0 ·· . · 0" .· , . ! Rooflmptct.ion ,..................... 0 0 0 Scplir IH5.P·C"Clioll(feqlllrc;:. pumping) a , 0 D • S/:ptic Lid RemoaL 0 , 0 D . s:,~~~l~~~~l~:~~.:::::::,:::.::::::.::::::::::::::::::::: g::.::::::::::::::::::: g: .. ::.::::::.:::::: : ..::.::::::::.:::::::: ..::g Slrucllfralw~pttliOil . D. . 0,..... .. .. 0 SHr.T.. __ Hypt}, , , , 0 , D., ,0 , • Termite Pt:~l InSptClioll., .. , D., , ., ,0 .. " 0 ·clllnspeClIODi.Qu:Jlllny), , .0 0 D • Yell InspccliOluQualilY) « 0......................... 0 , , O. • ood.Bumiug De iCt CluHllley 11l5-pecnon jiuciudcsckaning,) " 0 ·, ,.. .. .. ·· , · .. D · D, . Other: "__ , 0 ,." 0 .., 0 0 Re-IIJ~pectlons ~ , ,0 0 0 ,. 0:":! If (mY inspection is nOI cumpleled and Jcques{ed repair:; nOT delh·.:red 10 Seller ,yilhin the Due Diligence Period. Buyer is.~ i deemed 10 Iww w.)i,cd the righi {(l {hal inspection and $.;Hers habil ity for the cost of aU repairs Illat inspection oulcl lla.c,-+ illcted. except as ol11eJwise pfOj<led by 1(1. reasoll:lhl identified [mt! !l been COJ)... n. CERTIFfCA. HO.S:.~.~ TYPE PAID B SELLE.R PA.ID BY Bl;YER SO/50 Al·.f~D.~.9 Fungal CO!H3mjJl:lnt :0........... . 0 . ,0 " •.+0 RDOf , , , 0 0 0 .•lJ. Seplic , , " " 0 " 0,.. " " 0......................•.4.: I.ell" ,,, ..,, 0 ,.0 , D , .4,::; Wood Bl1rHJng D.;,:ice Chmmey (ertificilTioll. 0 " 0 , [J " ...p Olbcf: 0 " 0 , .... ,, 0 ,, 0-154(,~ 1 Tht fOi(jloilig eXj:.i:U5e; for l1l:.p-eCI10I1Sand cenifC;)lions i!l I,)eIXlicl mll;ide of Escrow unless the P;tflies presenl ill<;lnlClio!ls.l~ 10 !.he Cl)mrrlf"V prior TO COf (along lTD ille applicable il1oke·,. A cer{li1c,Hion IS not i1 <·anann·. ~(l1ithst<mdjng the aboC..,} i ele-cuous. in iJle eem an inspecrion ree;1i::; pf()blell1~ yjth allY Clf the forcgoinJ;. Blyer r.;:ser.... the figh! 0 require n e:s50 ct"r1ifILHioll.~1 E. S:El.L£H·S ADmHO?AL COS1S 1..1MI1 0]:- LIABILITY; SeLler :JgIccS m pay a maximull1 ,!(,"D ,IIl1QUIli (.f S 500 to com:tt defects and or rcquin.lrtC1l1$ tiisdost"d 0; iJ1Spec!i(lll repons. appr::lis~ls. ;md or cenificmioll:;, II is BllCrs resp[)!lsibi!ily to insp£ct !he Property $u!TicicH!lyas 1rJ satisfy Buyers ust, Buyer resent ih~ ri;;hl 10 reqlle:iT additinrml rep,lirs bll:sed lIpt>r1 lhe Si!Hers Real Pmp_lt;, Disdosurc. ltCillS Of:l )fcllcmi mail!l(lJ:tl1C( 01 Each I~an~ ;u::kmlwl~dg(s that he/she hilS no-ad. underslOod. and agrees to t~~thand l,ery IltOYi:sioll of fbis l}age unless ;1 pal·l:iculal· panlgrallh is uilien,isl: modifint b~addendum or coullt(,foffer. ~t1irnon Gerste Propeny Address: ,_._ 2316 BLOOMINGTON Dr. ~,p". hIBc)
  6. 6. cosme1ic llature which do iiOI lJl:lleli;llly affecI ·3.l1l: orus~ orllle Prl)p~rlY. whicb c,isred (It the time iJf .4.tcepulI1ce ,md 1,.. i1lch are !lOt th!;; Agrcc1l1cm ,m: ckcl!le<i llCcePl..:d b~ the Buyer. except as olhcfisc j)fo,idcd in tbis :;Cctj{)]L C~Plcs)Jy addressed ill The BroJ.:ers herein h<m~ no r(;spo!lSibill!y 10 ass.l<;,l il1 rhe paymem of (lny repaJr. COf(ecnon or deferred m.limi~llilflcC 011 [[K -I Proper!) which may h,we been rh€;ileu by lh<: abmc illSpt:ClimlS. ;l:g.reecl upon by rlte Buyer nnd Seller or requested by on" pany. (. F. LE:D£KS .[£S: IUllildition to Sellers e:.:pemcs 1b()yc. Sdlerwill CO!llribtl1e s_t_l~__ ;:;. [0 Buyers lender,;; Fces ,1I1tl Buyers Tille find EsCfO Fees 0 including -OR- Clexduding costs ,..-hicli Seller BlUSl ~lay I) PllfSl1;)lU to Joan progr~llll requirtmems. Differem loan [~pes {e.g .. FHA. Y.;.. cOlln:lHionali 113; cutlelem apprllis~tI ;md1{1 financial! reqlllfCmeJJl5 ,....hidt wiiJ aff("ct the ,parries righls and cCtsrs mdcr tbis r..grecmenL1112 G. H(,YHf. PROTECTIO:XPL:~: Buyer and Seller a-rklHw;Jedge tl1ut lhcy lwll: Ixell made <l,<ue of Home1.:: PfIY(,(lioll Plans that !)!oyide cocrage Buyer lfler COE. Bu~er CI w,liYC$ ...OR- • a Home Prmection Plan :llh to14 __ ._ HSA . • Sellel -OR- (] Bu~e-r l.ill pay f()f the Home Protectiont~ Pia!! al d price 11m 10 exc~,!d ~ $400 BU~(r will order {he Home Prore,;:ti{l!l Phn. :-.rei/bc] SeHer 1101 roKef~ l)f(ll·:e BH" ;.my fepr~"eOl;:llioll as 10 tile extent of COyer;lge or dedllctibks of sHeh plans. ESCRO HOLD.ER is nOl responsible for1-:- ordcrlllg the Home Proli~Clion PlmLIf1) H. OTHER FEES; .rUt also pa:, S_0_·5=-:O,--· _ o Bllers Broker for Bk( Admin ComfTj~o.21 8. fRASSFER OF TITLE: LPOll COEBu~"r shnillellder to SeHer lilt n;;n:eJ upon Pwiuse Puce, and Seller shnli tender l(> Bller markembk title to Ille Ptopeny free of <lIJ encllll1br~lllcc:3 other tJJaI.l (l) Cltnem r¢<lj property tax(,s. (2) ;:o·,:eIWIlts. .;ondiriQl1s and resHit!joll~ (CC &R SI and related resirictioll$. 1.::.1onill~ or m;lSler plan res1fIcli()I1S and pllbli;: 7 miHi.Y easemenrs; ,md (4) ()bli~;J!iofls assumed ;"il{i ellcumbr,IlKes accepted b~ Buyer prior to (,OE. Buyer is adi"ed the Propeny I11J! be reas;scs5cci after COE !Hch may re~tlli m 1.1 real properry I,IX incrC,lSC ojdecrease. 9, COifjlo!-r:,T£REST COBIClT1£S: ,I Ifmc Pn)p~I,Y is subJect to Common Im.cres( Cllll1UUnj[y ~"CIC"L SeHer his ilmtlon7ed agclIl silliil request [he ell dOCllln:nLS ~lJldcentf1cate jisted iu:l{S 11(;.-I!09 {collccll·eiy. till;" "res~lle Dr p:K:,agej ,yulull two (21 blbilltS:; days of Accepr:lllc{ and pwnde the same 10 Buyer .;ilhilt Out 411 tmsil!l2ss (liiY o1SeJler~ receipt (hereof. BuYer 1ll;:I)uncei ll1ls At!reement ,jfilOm penallY unci! midnight of the fifth f 5til} c:llendaf da~TfoHOI.;ing rhe d~lte of receipt of tlK resale IXh~ka!!e. If Buyer dues not receiH rhe res~l!e pacbge ·,;ithill fifkt!l (15) calenda! da:s of Acceptance, this A,Srccll]cl1! may be cancelled in f111l by Buyer without penallY. If Buyer elects to cancd ·this A..greemem PWS1I:.H1110 [hi, section. he mUSl dell:er. i,1 [l:tlld dell ery or prepaid Ls. !11aiL ;,1.HincH notice of c:111cellario!) [(I SeHer or hi5 <Hnhori7cd ageJl! idt:ntificd. in llle COnfilmallOll NRepresemauon m Ihe end of this Agrccmcm. Cpon sllch wriuell C3.nCell3lJOn. Bu~cr Sh~l![ promprl;.· rccehc a refund of (he n.·lD. The- parnes ;1~rec to exccH(e allY documcms [((I11(SICd b: ESCROW HOLDER to bciEwle the refunc!. If .nineucancellanoH J5 nOI recein;d wi,hjr. the specified timc pcriod. lht.: resale pack1;.!<: :ill ~ (kt!llcJ <l]}pro, eli Stller sll~H pay at! oumanding (I( niles or pellnl1ies al COE. w. DISClOSrRES; Within fi, e (Sl e~ll£fi(hu (lays of Aceeptallc( of (his A:greemcllt, Seller wi!! proide the-10 following Disclo5ur~5 ,me or docmlltllls leach of "hid! is i!lcOrpOralNlllerein by tillS reference). Cbek <41)pfie;~ble hose".+1 o Con<;tlUctiml Defect Claims Di5tioslIre. if Seller has. marked "Yes." w Parag.rapll l(d) of lile4.:: Sellers Real ProPCrlY Di5cJO:,urt Font) i~;RS ..f(t.(i~EI o f;II11~al (Mold) rolice FO"m tl 01reql.llred by :;{eyada 1 1~I.·1 o Lcad-B.ased Pailll Discl(}~ure and ;cknowledgm,{"IH. required IfCOIlSlJ1lCied iJ.efore 1978 !:!.t erR 7-l5.J !;I o :[eth<tR1lbetamiol Lab Hisd{lsul-c. if i;ppiicablc (iRS 40.770. RS 489. 7701 l!l Pe~t Xotice f(WUl (llot reqllired bv );e,td<lI<lYl....1" o PnHni!iS{lf~ :OlC and Ihe most recelH ml}ntbl~ ~hll(mtJll ot aU loans to be :l~sll.mtd b~Bu~cr o Rall~eumd Di.. nsure (:R~ t13.1l65.1 d IjJ Seller Real PrO!lCr(y Disd;)snre Form r?RS f l ]Jil) o Olher (lis.) Each parry acknowJedges be/she bas read, uudtl"Sti.)l)(I. and a~lfe{S tlicb ami enl) (O provision of this lllll!e lIlle~s a parti<:uhuIHIlllgraph is otherwi~e Inodine-d b~ <uidelldulll Of (,(jtlllH"loffer. Sh,nK)f) G€rSlen Property Addn:sy 23166LOQMINGTON Dr.
  7. 7. n. ADDfTIO..L DlSClOSt:R[S: ., .-. LKLS.f.E DISCI.OSURE Of T.;TEREST Pursuail1 t(; :A( {)45.l~O. ~_15 a licensed re<ll estate .1gem Jll (he Stllle{S) of . aDd 11,3;IDe .; following imercl>t direct 1)J illdircCl. in thi~ lraJl$;l{liOnOPrindpal (SeHer or Buyell -OR01~101ily rel:ltionsilip Qf bminess : imcrcsr: ,_ (, R jlJ additioii. foJ ;[W CO.STRLCTIO;, 10 the e:1em Hpp!icable. Seller w.i!! proidc: Public Oikrillg x StmemclH (RS 116...110~ ElecTric:Transmission Linc:; (:-RS 11{). n:n5): Pub!ic Senjol> and L:lilili("3 (RS I jl) I;{"l.I~lnii ial L l) Purch;l~er Disclosure {-RS [L" J: COn5tfUCtiOll Re-coycry Fund (:"RS 6:2-H: G~lJllillg Conidar" CRS 11 :>.(170): Wmer SetJ~elfl (:RS 113.(160): Impac! fees (;:RS 27XB.310): S1Irr()1111diIl2 ZO!lin,? Disc[osllrt (,,(RS 1 13.fl7Cn: fTC Insulation DiSodosure 116!J CFR "+60.16): m,t! O[ -.....---"""------ ..L1< C. A1RPOKf :OIS[; Buyer hereby :lckJl()wlrogcs Ille pro:>.imity of ,";}!IOtlS oycrt1ig:hr pal1CfHs. airportS14 (HlllHicip,IL ill[CrHllrion;li. mHH~tr· :md(f pri<ate) ,md helip:lds. Buyer al$.o niH:, lUltkrsmnds lilat existing and fnlllre Il()is..;:~;; /eels <11Ihj~ location. associ:tlcd wllll eXlsling and n.lrl.lre :mpon operatiolls. 1lI,1;: af[<:(1lll.: II" nbililv. ai!te and 5u!l:lbiJii of16 ihe Prop-en:; fur r.;:sidcillia.luse. Buyer :-lIs!) lUlderS!3Jld:. 1.1131. {he$e airports tU1n: been at tilcit pJ(Sem lO{;<1lion for maJl~ 1:ears,t:- and 1hm fUTure dcm;md ,1Ild airpo][ opermlons HiilY Ill.::re:ls.e signifjc<l!lrly. For lilr1iler iilfomI3,ioil_ COlHilC[ your loulfj:::: deparunem of ~1 inliO!l .. or the Fede.rai A..imlon Admimsmmon 1120 D, fEDER-L :fAIR HOl:SliG COlIPLL:CE A:D DlSCLOSl"RES: All properties arc offered yitbolJl::! 1 regard to race. color. [e]igiol1_ sex. n:mollai ongill. ancestry. halldicilP Of famiJi,11 s,mllls. <lHdany other curren! rcqnircmcflls of22 1~deral or ~ta1c filiI" housing iav,. E. III adtli!iO!1_ ac!.:nowledges recelp[ DC: • Residelltial Disclusure Guide ("RS <>..f5.94) t • (:ollsent to Act. if :lppliC;lbk ("(RS 1.;~5.2521 • Ounes Owed oy 3 :tyada Re:tl Elitate Lkin!t(( (if Oile parry IS Il!1represemeci) i::RS (>"+:L?52) • FOt YOUl Pmtection • Cd Home Inspection (HlD ~)256+-CS1 for FHA l.oami(1 11. BLY£RSDrE mLlG[~c£:Jl A. I>UE DJLJGE:CE PER1()O: 13u~~r h;ll! hae ~ s calend:u days from AccepralJce 10 cOlnpJet" BlIycr~ Dill: DihgelKe. Buyer ,fnll ensure ihat all ins-pe<:tiol1s:md certificalion,; Me initialed Il! illimely manner JS to complete the DllC Diligence iii the mile outlined herein, {If l1iJilics .1re !lot supplied b~ !lit deadii,I1: IcfereHc..:-d herein 01 if [he dis.cio5ures !:Ire!l01 ddiereci10 Buyer by [he de(ldtillc referenced herein. then Buyers Due Diligence Pi.riod ilJ oe extended by lhe 5ilme tll.imbcr (If calendar dn~ s thm Seller delayed supplying the lI(ilities or ddiYl"ring llit disdosmcs. ·.llidl((f IS Jonl,ler.l })lnn~ lhi~ .... penol! Buyer shall h,H e Ihe exciusj,-e righl at Buy..:rs disU(,lioli to (,111C(,!lIlts A~eeJleJll. tn tIle .;t;I1[ of snch e:mcei!alion. Wiles:, l)thel".nse agreed herein, the H.iD "iii be rtlimdtd to BIIYC:l. If Buyer pro ides Selier Jlll nO[lce of ol)jecriol)s, the Dw; Dihy.<:ilce P",nod wiil be eXlended by lhe same number of cllenciflr <ia~-s thilt it IElkcs Sellet to Je~po!ld ll1 Tning to BuyerS obje~Tions, JfB1.1ycr fails fa eancel [his Agreemem wilhin I"heDue Diligellce Period (as jEmay be (xttnded I. .Bllyer WIll be wn::l-e w,w.-e<:!the right to (lIned undcr tlli;:;section B.. PROPERTY l:SPECTlO:!CO:PlTIO:: DUlbg the Due Dlii~!eJlce Period . .BUy-tf sbaJl 13k; :iuch <.!eliun as Buy..:r Jeellls lltfe53<.UY to ([(-tenum. v:ll([ller Ihe Pwptn~, is SaliSt::Jtwf) [(1 Bttyel iill:ludinf!_ LHII !lOt limiie<i 10, whtlhcr the Property is iil~urabk jt Buyers s,llisfac[ioll, ,;:il(,ll1c[ there arC 1Il1$;nlSfacwry condiliom StLONItl!.iing or olilep.yis(: affecliB~ lile Property (~l!Cl1 ~s [oCatiull or flood LoneS. :liJpoli lloi~l:. noxious fumes 01 OdOI5, e-lJjlOnmelllat SubSUUlces .or hazards .. ;,liclller ;he PropCl1y j~ properly LOHtd. hx:alily to ljceays, lnilroad5. plac(~ (lr)r~,hip. schools. ttl.1 or ;H1YOlber CQilCCmS Bliver !flay lw(~ rei,ned to lile Propeny, DuriJl~ snci) Period.. BlIyer shall Jw:e the right (0 hayt loll-deSlnJCli( tllspcc!ioBS of ;ld stnlcluraL roofing. medl;Hlicai. declri~~L p!umbiug. hc~liil1~ air conditioning. >,.·aterwell seplic. pool spa. ~u!yer, squar.: roolagc_ am! ,my mher property OJ 3;sleuls. lllroug.h lilensed and bonded cOllttacmJs O}"0111<"fqu:tlifl.;d pn~f,;;s~iontlJs_ScHer lIgrccs to prm ide reasunabk aece,s !O lile Property to Bnyer ;11KI Buyers i!lspeclOfs. Buyer agree~ 10 indemllify and hold Sdk! wil11 ie~pec{ ttl any injuries -iuffcreu by Bu:.:! or third p:mies prCscm 31 Buyers requeSt while Oil Sdlers Propcny couolluin;. such inspec!ions. [~S!S or wnlk-lllrol.1g.lls_ Buyers illdcumi{: slwH nOI appl! 10 an!53 iilJWic.:i iufftrc ..l b~ BlIyer or third pamcs plesem at Buyej"s requts! thai ~lIe the reStil1 of an JIHCn!JOllaJ tOft. 1!WS~netIJjgence or any misconduct or oHlissioJl b! Seller, Seller A;:!em or ;.)iller third parties on the Propen~ Btp;er is :1dyised to consnh .,.-ilh appwpri;ne pmfesSolonaIs reg~lJdJOg neighborhood Of Pmpeny cOildiriC1l1~.illcludmg bur not limned 10: SChools: j)m:wlity :lnd fad} pal"f ncknoledgci that he/she hilS read, undelSttl{ld. lnd ;if.:rees til each and eYel",!,J)1lnlsion of this page unll!!is II llarri<ul:ir varllgn~j)11h otJll~rWht mollified b~ ~Hldentiom or c()ullter()ffer. SlumOf) (jer.sten Blvers ::ame: -------------- PrOj>Crty .-ddrrss: 2316 BLOOMfNGTON Dr. ----- Rt>·_ 6109 PaQe () of J i
  8. 8. adequac- of ja- cnforc.::ll1cHI:!p; iO CO!HmerC!;lJ. indu"tliaL Of ;1~ncnIHlfal ;lCti-iues: cnme slmis(ics: fLrc j)rQtcclioll: ollieI f.OY(,lllmcmal ser,iccs; existiug and proposed lrltrlsport3tioll:CO!EtfUClioll and d(:eJopmtm: noise or odor from :111 ~ SOUfce: and Ol7lef 11l1iS<l_nces. h.v:!rds Vf circumSI;lnccs. If Buyer c;:mcds t11j~_greemem clue to a specll1c in:;pccnon report. .. Buyer shall plonde SelJer at lIe lime of cancellalioll ,yjlll ;1 copy of the l1:port cuulaiJlillg {he !lame. ~I<l(i.ress.and lelcphone : lltllubt! or llr: UJspec{(tr (, C PRELLI[ARY TITLE REPORT: lthm (ell dO) b1.lSlIle5Sd,lYS of Opcnillt;! of Escr(l. Title COtHP<111:" ;:.: ,,!:k11l proide Bllyer willI a Prelimi.uflry Title Re-pon CPTR") to re iew_ dlk:h Illu:;t be .1PPf(IYeci Of re,iected ithill 11,(.(=,I ) b1l5ille5~ days of receipt Ihereof IfBl:yer does HOi object w ,llte PTR -{{hin ll;e period o;pectficd :lbmT. tilt: PTR shaH bc 111 deemed accepTed. If B11}Cr m.akcs an obje-ction 10 an;- lrcml s contained ,.·tthm the PTR. Sellef ~hal! 11:1( fil: :;I bHsinC5S :[ (I;"IY::<ilkr receipt of object iC)JlS to COITCC!Or ;Iddrl~~ til( Ob.ll~;;:!ioil5. Jf. ililin th-= time speCIfied. Seller f:tib 10 ha t: :."iKll 5-lIch 1-= L:-;ceptiOH remoed or 10 conCC[ C:lch j;llch utiler mutltr as afi}resakt Buyer shnil !J~le the option to: (al tenniH:ue lilts ].~ Agrctmem by plO. idulg Ilorice 10 Seller and Escrow O[flaL elllirling Buyer to a refllild of ihe E~fD or (b) lllCl to ;!Ccepi mie 14 10 !lte ProperlY 35 is_ A I( ri.tle exceptiolls appro"l.~d or (kC1I1ed ;Kcepled are hereafter collecliely referred W ;IS Ihe "Permin :5 ExecpliollS_" 13. WALK-THROliGH JSPECTIO," OF PROPERTY: B!I~el IS flllilled under this . 1,greemenl to a 1.:llk-tbrou~h (If lile Propeny wJ{hilj ~ cakudar day::, pno! w COE [() ellSl1Ie Ihe PIopen:- and :1[1 IJHior ~y"rl;:m5. appli;lIlces_ itt;lting cOl)lmg.. plUlilbin:,? aud rkctrical ~y"(tnlS and mcclmmcal fj;;;fUrc~ arc :!5 <;[;Jlcd ill Scllu-s Real ProperlY Ol:;c!osm..: SlmeJnenL ;uld thaI the Froperl:- ami 1IllprO tU1t"liiS art in tbe S;Ulle gener::}] eQndilioll as "lien Illis A.grtemem .1. as Signed !). Selle) and Buyer. Tn f:ICliitalc Buyer-, ,-alk-rhroui!Jl_ Selle! IS fe-sPOlls!i:de for 1:eepin:; all rl(cLs~ar: utilities on If ;111Y ,,:SttH1S CllWO£ be clled.:ed by B1!ycr On ;Jtk-t!lrougll dne to ll(l!h1Cce~s or 110 power gns watrr. then BUYl"f reSCI es the ngm to hold Sel k:r responsible ror defecls v;hieh could HOI ~ do::!ened Oil -;Jlk-ihroll?h bcr<ttlSC of 1:"1(1.: ~uch access m of power gas W:ller The p1!rpo;;c of the walk-through is 10 coufum IJ j rhe Property is being ll1aimaincd (b) repails_ i.f any. lw.-e .:ell completed as agreed. :md (C I Selltr has conlpli(-<l ,illl Sellers other oblig;Hiol1s If Bliycr elects 1101 10 conduc1 J ,ll~· hmllgl1 inspecllOn prior 10 COE. then ;i11 sySIC!U$_ i!tlllS and aspects of !be ProperTY are deemed ,.m isfacwry_ cmd Buyer rcteasco S.:Jlc(s !J~bllHY fix coss of allY repair that . ouk! h:lc reason;)!)]y lxeH idcnti ficd by a "tlk-thn)ugh it1spLcriOJl. r:x<.:t·pt ~lS 0lhclwise pronGed Oy 1<1- ~II 14, DFJ.IERY Of POSSESSIO:: Sdler shall delher file Property along wirh ,lny keys. ;ll;mn codt~. p:lrklilp. pennn" ) 1 (it freely (fausferJhlei_ gale tr~l:l$p(}mkrs J.J1c1 g[.ra~c door op¢ner controls tl1H5tde of Ev::orow, IIpon COE_ Seiler ~Igrees TO_,2 ac.He tile Propeny and le<1ye Ihe ProjXrty in a uc<lt Jud ordedy. bmolU-cle.:m condition and lender possessioll no later tltall)_, [jJCOE -OR-O 10 the ::1:01 Seller doe:; nor -,C::He the Property b- ihis lime. ScHer shall be of considered :t !res.pilsser ,!lid shall be iiabk !() Buyef rOt Il)t Sllm 01 JQ!L_ per c:Jlend;u d:t- ill [lddJlioJ1 !O ,5 Buyers k~aj :)l1d cquimbk: n:lll{:dics. _-uv personal propwy 10.:11 tile Property after Ihe elme indiC:~led ill tIllS s;,:-ellOIl SI);lIJ b.:· Oll v) cOll~Hiered :Joandoned by ScHer :-5~ I:=;. RISK OF LOSS: Risk of lo~~ Sbllll be _!:!o("nlcd b, );RS I J:;.l!~O_ Tills la.Y prondes ge-uerallv th"t if ill! or an)1l) m;l{eJlJI PM! of tile Pmperty is destroyed before ir:U1sfcr of k.~iil liLlt-or tossc·ssion. Sellel can no! enforce the Agrecmenr .mdW J3u~er is enmled to fecmer :my pDnion of the sale price paid_ If k~al [irk- or P(}~st:~~iol! has lranskrn:d. rish of los~ sh:lJl shj ft-+ I f() Buyer.-+:2.p 1(i. :SSJG:llEST OF TlllS A(;REEME.T: Ln[ess OlhefISe sralled !lerew. rlus Agreel11<::J1[is nOI1-,-lssi~n:lble .... ,.4--1 BlI:er.-+~+r, 17. C:XCELL-TIO:X OF AGREEMEST: ullile eeu, this Agreement J~ properly cancel.led ll1 accoroance -jth Iltt:-I 7 lCflll;, lJ~ltilL then BLl~et ql! be emlll.ed () a refund of the EMD. :-:eHl1er Hmer nor $eHt;o{ r;:iiI he reimbllfied fN ;H1Y tOl!taUJ(:.j4~ cxpcnses iuclifTeci in cOl~illnCtion 1[l1 due dill,;:encc_ mspeclioil:>. a~)praj~lls or ,1llYOther matrers pemilllng to IhlS rt;Ii15<1clio!1-H ill[;lc5~ othtnd~~ proidecilleJeinL50-<:] Hi. I>ITA 1.1.T:5.: A. lJEDI.- nos: Defore ~ll)y legal aClion is latcn [0 enlorce any term or conclnioll under ThIS Agrccmem. the)~ panies <lJ:Cf.ee0 engl:?e In medlation.;l [ aispme fe-s(llmioli process. Ih:ough ejl ·AR. ~<()!w!tllst<llldin:,? the forqwiJl!;_:-1 III 1111: l". em lhe- HlIyer find) H neCeS5<1f 10 fiie ilcl<lilll in! <;pxific perinrnl;lIlC;e. thiS S~Cl!OH 511;1111101 appJ:.-_ f..u:l1 J)<irty acknowleclg,eli that hc!sht ha... r~Hl. und~hwod, and agn:e~ to cacb ami cHr~ llfO i!<.ionof this page Ud~~ iI p<lrril"ui;.lr llaragnlph i~ otherwise ffiod_ifitli h~- addendum m c(Jul1tcrlJff~T. Slumon Gersten BCYER.S) J:"ITIA.LS: ~"E- _ Ptupen} _;ddre~s: 2316 BLOOMINGTON Dr. S[LL[R1S) 1;(1TIAlS ~~.-l1.- J?p~ ~/{lQ P;ll-P: cr II
  9. 9. B. IF BUYER DEf.-lJLTS: 11Buytr de1alihs ill performance UJiCl.e.r this .g.recrneilt. Seller shallll<lw onc of the ftJlknying kgal recounts a,gaiust Buyer ((11((:];one only I: ~ As Sellers sole legal r(:~mlrse. Sdkr mily retain. as liquid.m:-d damaf:c-s. lilt" £1ID_ In rJlis respect the ParTIe5 <Jgree lhal Seilers ;)tlWll da!liages would be difficult to meas.ureaJld Ilh1f lilt £}lD is ill jac! <l reas.onable estil1Bte (If rhe d,U!lil~CS lilm Sl.ller,·:oukl suirer ,IS <l result of Btlyer"s clefal.llL SeHer understand,; lhat am ;Jddiliollal dCpC)5ir ilO1collsidered pan of (he .EMD ill SeCtlon tm) herein "ill be il1lmedi:Ifi?!Y rdc:lsrd by ESCROW I-fOLDER 10 Bll;>·Cr. -OR- o Seller shilll h.l·c the riglli [0 rewel froiD Bnyel all of Sellers :lema! damn.l;!Cs.lilat Sdkr may suffer as a reSl.1!rof Buyer 2) deraul! including. bur JlOl luulted 10. COll)lllissions due. expenses incum::.j uHli1 the PlOPCtlV 1:;. sold 10 ;J third pal1; and file dlni.>rence III [lie sales, pfKe C. IF SELLER I>£FA.CLTS: Tf SeHer def:mits in jKTfoI1l1<1IC( ullder tllis .-!:,!reemem. Buyer resenes all ie!;!aJH and or ~qllitab!e np.lns {such {IS speciric: perform:lncel agtliflst Sdkr.and Buyer ma~ seek {O recoer Buyers :lCnla]15 d,Hllag("s illClllTt...a by BlIyer due w Sellers detal!t16 I~nstruct~ons· lscrow to : :::. .-.--j" J 9. £5CRO": If m.i.s Ag.reemem Of any maner relming hereto shall become thl: $llbJen or ~llY 11l1~aHon(1[ c.;mtro;crs:,·.li:-i Buyer ::lt1dSdkr agree, .ioimly and s.el,:eraJly. 10 hold ESCROW HOLDER free and hanl.lless from :ll} 105050or e:-;pens€.excepi19 los.~es or expenses as H1JY anse from ESCROW HOLDERS ne!,"cncc (-.r ~illftli miscondttcl. If conflicting dem:1I1ds :Ire:;0 JIl;ld~ or notices st:f·{.!:l upon ESCROV, HOLDf.R hh respect. hJ this Agn:emt.!1L the panies expressly :If!ree 111<11 ESi:IOY i~2i cmilkd to fik <l Sui; in jmerp1~adef and olJwin III order from ill.:: C(111tl ami]{)riLing ESCROW HOLDER 10 deposit all sue! docnments and monics with the COlin. and obtain ~Ulofder from (he COllr1 rcquiring the p;)J1ic;s 10 interplead and luigme Iheir .;;cycral daims ;mJ riglH~ a1ll0ng: th¢lllsehcs CPOIl che elHry (If ;m order :!l!thorizill.~ such lmcrplc::ullr. ESCROW HOLDER shall be fully rth"[I~td ~ij)d discb31~ed from ,my obtigauons imposed upon it by this _"!:!reclllcm: ;md ESCROW HOLDER shall 1101hr; liable for the 5uffi(iellcy or correctness as [0 form, lll<lnllef, executioH or a!idiry OLlllY in;;H1IllKm deposlled with il. nor tiS to Ille idelUilY. amhonty or fights of ;1I1YpCl$nn execl1tin~ ~lIch illstrmlJClIl. nor fDr failml! of Buyer or Seller to comply yitb-,.., :lily of l)e pro;:isions of compcr Of o{her insrmmclli filed yith ESCRO .... HOLDER or n:l~rred w herelll <· ESCRcnr HOLDERS (Imie3 hereunder shall be limiuxi to the slIfekeeping of all monics. il!:>Ifl.[IIlCIl15 or olher docllmelll~ n:teied by j[ as ESCROW HOL.DER. and tor their dlSPOsllioll in ,CcQn::l:mccyirh tlH: terms of this AgreemtlL l.ll tile ecm au aCli{)lI is. iI1Sli[Uled 1ll cOllllecTioo 1111tillS escrow. ill which ESCRoor HOLDER is !l<lmed as ;1 ptl!1y 0[ i~ moen!S{: compelled 10 !Hake an npp-carancc. all COSIS. c:PC!1ses.::morney fcc;;.. and jllcigmCl1ts ESCRO HOLDER HIlly CXPClld or incur in s~lid ;J(·lioH. Sh;llJ be [he responsibIliTY of The pames herem.,,."".-,q 20. L::CL.-i:IED FCDS; 10 rhe eem lJl<lf fVl1ds from Ibis tnlHS<lc(ion rern~lin in :m ncctJul1!. h~id bv ESCROW.:) HOLDER. for :alcll :I pNiod of lime {hat Ifl.ey are deemed ":lbandonccj" lOder lllC pro"isions of Chapter 1:«1.- of rhe :c:tda~6 R(T!SCa Sl::Uulto<. ESCRO- HOLDER is hereby amllofued to Impose a Ch:1fge Up011 the dormant escrow flcComH. Said dmf~cr Sh;lU be no Je;s i.h:w ;5.00 per momh and may om .;xceed {Ii·: lug.!lest rale of charge permined by Sl:1ne or re."mlation.1,~ ESCROW HOLDER is fimher mlthorized und dircc(cd to d.:..xluci Ille charge from Ihe don.llan! cscro" ;l(tOlIlH 1"01 long ~l!>,ht asW Hinds are held by ESCROiV HOLDER.Jii [ ~rO~ers: .. . .. .. ..... .... m . -I.j.j 21. BROKER FEES; Bllvcr herein requircs, nlld Seller lgrees. as a condition of this A~rccJlle!lt that Sdkr will pJ:.:c Listing Bruker and Buyer s Broker. !m bccomes b~ (his cial1~ a thjrd party Ix:udici:lry 10 thi~ Agreement. Ihal certain :>LlJI10r+: perc.;nllge of the r-urc]W$e Pr:ce (CO!llltljSSio.Hj. !bat S.;:Ikr, or Sdkrs B.rokcr. (jfftred for lhe prOCUI(~lnClll of r~ndy ... ,:illingH and able Buyer .in the Multiple Li::>(ing Sen-icc. all, other ~di;:rtjscnlenl Of wriUCIl offer. ScHer lHl{krsWflds and u!?rccs W~lt if.5 Seller ddilUlts hereunder .. Buyer:; Broker. as a third-party bellefici:lry of this Agreemenl. has the right 10 pllrsue :III Jc-g:il.6 rtXQllf;.C a~ai[!~l SeHer for am commission due_+::-Ii-! 22, "AI E.ft OF CLIMS: Buyer ,md Seller agree thm they nre nor relying upon any represcntations made b Brnkcrs+9 or Broker:; a~el1l. Buyer aeknowJcd!:!E!s IlIa! a! COE. Ihe Pmpe!1~ 1.·iHhe sold AS·IS. WHERE·JS .,·it!Jout ;lm represenrarions Each party a~knOwledgts thaI he/she has I"C<tll, undt:rstood. :lnd agrees to c·arh and twry IltIwisioll {)f this }lag( IIlllesS II }lwrth,ulilr lI~lragnlph hi othen~-i mmlifietlln aduendum {II COlllltcnlffer. ..e Stlimon Gersten Bllyer~ :ame. -- ---- J3l.lTR(S) lXITlALS: -=-~_·G::... . ..... _ _ Propeny .-d(lre55: _ 23168LOOMINGT:.,.:O::,:N...:..::::D.:..:.r. _ SELLER{S) r:.:nIA.LS~ Up", htnC!J
  10. 10. or l?;am!ll[ies. tlfl!ess expressly $.liUt{jheft!!t Buyer agrees to sall:!} himself ::lSiO the condiuoll of llle Propeny. pnof to COE. BlIyer ::lcklJowledgc5 thm ~Hly 5tiHcmenlS of acreage or s(llMfe fi){)1ugc by Brokers Mt simply (s(im:ncs. and Buyer a~r .. C~ if> ~ make such me<lSUemell(S. as Buyer lltc~ssary, to :istenain aC1uai acrea!?.:-or sqltare Ii)o!age. BUytf wajCs all C111lDS ::lgainsi Broter:; or lIwir agem:; for la, defectS in the Property: (b) in.accurate (:sltlllales vI acreage or square li)()m~e: {t) e~),llolltllelJlal <.qsle or h:lz,mis OD the Propcrly: (J) Iile fau Ihal tlle Propeny nmy be in .1 tio().d LOnt. {e) lile fropenys pJO:imi!Y 10 freewaY-f>,airports or other nui!i:mces: (fl the TOning of the Property: {;p I;)x coIl5equtJlCes: OJ (in tlcwr5 (elaTed TO Buyer~ faiJure 10 conduc! walk-througl1s or ill~pecljons.. Btlye; JSSttllleS full res.pon~ibility for the foregoing aud wgrees !O cn[ltillCI sllch lem, walk-rlm;m!:!hs. inspccliollS ;ma ftst:u·cb. as Btlyel deems necessary, In any eyelll. Brokers i,lb(lity lS Illlmed, under ailY,lIld nil tiIC1linSl:l1~C(,S. 10 [he amoum oilhar Broke(;; COllUuission fee lecei(~d ill !hj:;IJ:mS~)ctiml. I ~flier. Matters -!I 23. DEflSlTIOlS: "Acrel>tance" means the date thai botb parti{"s il3i.·C ({lllSCmed 10 and leCelne>ti a fin:JI. binding C(Jl1tnlCl by Mfixing Iheir sig.namres iO this Ag.reement & ,II! COUHtcr..offers. "_-gcflt" me~HlS a licensee iorkmg 1.1JJder l Broker <i.2D or licensee:.; "orkill~ tUlJa ,! de eloper. "Agte(ml~l1t" Includes this d{)CHm~lH :ls,Til ,t:. aU :1tC(,Pled COtlllieroflers ::md1-1 lddendn. "Buna fid(" means genuine. "Buyer" mentiS Oile or more int1i idua!.; Of lile emiry Iha( intellds to purchase Ihe Pmpeny. "Bml,tr" meaus tile :-:eY::Idalicensed re~1 eslatc broker lis!ed herein represeming Seller and (II BIlC[ i :lnd nil r(,:ll eSHlie :JgCntS ussociateci tll::re-yllll). "Business Da~" cxclldc$ Salllri:bys. SUll-d;!VS. and legalllolJct:~ys ·Calenda. D<l~" me-am ;1 ;::ilcndar dn:- f.rom!O ml<illigln unless (}lilefY£s.e spccifitd."CFR" me,H}S IJ1~C()de of Federal Regulalions. "CIC meam ConllJlOll iUlI.. "l·eSl Commnnity (formerly known as "HOA" or l!omc().Ile!3 ~ssodaIionsl. -(lC Capiml COl1frihlltiltll" wtam a OIll>liHlc HOH-admil1lS!fann:: tee. cost or assessment charged by Ille Cit upon change c,f onlef;ilip. -(,TC Transfer Fees" melll1S thc admiUlStlmie selY1Ce fee charged by a rIC w lrausfcr (n~Jicrship records, "ClllE" me:1115 COl1lpri;!tcn,;in-: Los; Clldcnnilil!g Exchange. "Close (If £~(TOW (CO£)" mcam tbe litHe of fecOlc!z!ion (If Ih.: deed H1Bllcrs name "Dd:llllt" means the rail1Jrc of ~ PallY 10 ot"lsetye or perfonn any of ilS trulterial obligalioHs llHdtf thiS Ag.reemenl. "lJelhcn:d" llIcallS pef50JluHv ddi ..erNllO ?:.1nies 01 respeC1!Ye Agent". Ir!ll1Smilicd by facsimile lJIddHtle . .::1e(,IWlllC means. (ll:emighl de!i.-cry. OJ m,liled by regulor mail. "Down Payment" ,s [he Purchnse Price less loan [illH:r,Hll{S t. "EllO" me;U1S Buyer 5 carneSI mime:: deposiL ~£~crow Huld«r" me:l.IlS Ine !H!lll,ll IX1fly 111M.ill h;mdJc the escrow. "rfL" is rhe t: S. F~deral HOlisin~ A.dlllil!isu~tlion. "CL ".-R" me.1l1Slhe Gremer LJ5 e,gns :ssocialion of REAL TORS i!... -IRe" meaDS the Intcntl! Rcw:n!lc Code (l:lX (ode!. "Ltl)" ))leans Limiled Impron~mcl!l DislJit1. ":/.-" m.:-ans I){)! applicable. ":.OC· me.all;; :cHtda Admu}is!nHi,-e COlie "~RS" me:.lllS :--:e,aa,1 Re1:rsed SI!llll€S ;lS Alllcnc!cd. "Party" or "P~lrtle;~ 1li~~m5 Buver and $Cl.iCL "PITI" means princlpaL tmeresl., and hr!7ard insurance. --PII" ,neulE Pfi;lII: JUOIl~;lgt msurance, "PST" mean:; P,leific SllHloard T:Jlle. and mclndes. s.;l.iugs lil.He if ill effect 0;] tlie dUll speuficd .....PTR· mea!lS Preliminary Tille Rcpon."Prope-rly· meJJlS iJ)~ real property ;l[1ct ~ll)Y penon;]l property included in the Soak ;;5 pr(>idecl l1erei[). ·Rf.ct.ipt" mcaJl5 delj",;(. [0 the pany Of du;: part:--·s <.lge!)1."Seller" means Olle or more intii,idu:JJs or tile emilY [ll;]! is !he owner of tbe Property. "SIl)" me;UlS Special hnprc)·;emcnt Disnicl. "Ti11i.~Company" li1eam the cOlllpany [lu! ill pron,ie mJe msm:mce. "l1SC" is tile ttlired Slaces Code. "VA" is the Yeler;;Jll:; AdminiSlEltiolL.6 2-1. DEUVERL fACSIMi1.E, COPIES .-.D;,OTlCES:: 7 ... Deii"tT, of <Ill instrument:;:or dOClilliCH1S u:;sod:Jteu wilh this Agrcc1l1cIl! slJall be ddj;ered 10 the A:;cJ1( f(lj}:-: SelJer or Buy~r Ifr~presell1ed. TillS Agreement may be signed by the pari its OB morc [liajJ Ollt copy. dlich. Ihell lakenW h:lge,her e.;lch signed copy shall be read as nil: complere form. Filcsimik si.~n,iI11r(,5 Hl3 be :u::cc}1tcdas ori.ltillaJ.-HJ-H B. Except ;IS oli1cmi5t prorided ill SecTion 9. whcll il Parry ishes 10 plO.iile [l<Hice ,1<; required in TillS-iJ Agreement. :mch notice shaH be sent rcgul:tr ll~liL persollal deliyc:r:-, bv facsiuliJc. Ocmighl dclicry and or b:, email lO lhe p,.. A~enr .fbr tlull ParlY. The llQljfjcmjon shall be effcclj:e ,,hell p05lmalkccL rcccj."cd. f:1.::c(1. din::j confmm:d. and or !t"aLl d-H re~etpt couilrmcd illlhc c;!se of Cll];!)!. A.llJ" .cancdl:Jti{Ju notice shail be (OI11clllj-Or;mconsly f:n,;cd to Escrow.,.~).. ; k 15_ IRe !O31 EXCHA:,(;E: Scller aut! or Bllyer may make this 1r::lllsac!itm part ~)fall mc !(I~ I CXChal!gc. The pari:47 electing ilIa.kc tilis LnlllSUClioll pari of ;j!llRC 1031 (XdHtligol. ill pa;: aU ~tc!djlional «xpense$ assoCial(.!J Ihertirh_ ill no co<;( to4:-; iQ lhe other party. The other parly "freeS tu cxeCule auy aud aJl docliments lIt"u,5s{lry to cffectualc snch an cxc!l;Hl,i:!lt.495u 2~. OTHER ESSE:,TLL T£RJ S: Time is of [he essence :0 cJKiU:lC_ modiJicaiion OJ amt"lldmem of Ibis A~reemttH51 Shel!! be ,nlid or billdln~ onkS!"> such cbange, moditic:llion or flmendmem silalt be ill ... iring and signed by eaell p31:iY. This r52 :greemt"1ll ilI be bil1dillg upon [he heirs_ i:lenefici[uie::. and <.!c,15.ees or l11e panies !lerew. This ,-:f:r,;elllem is execmed ~lHd5, ill<liKk:d !O be !-cr[onHcd jn the SWh~ or );eynda. and [11t inl, 5, of1llm SWIC shall {-) m ilS imerprei~ilioJl ,U1d tHee!. TIK panks e5-1 agn.:c [hat the coumy and <;I:.lie ill "lliell the PlOpeny is lucaH."d is ,11e appropri:tte fOntUl lor allY action reJmllJg II) !his E;tch IHu·t~· acimowlt:tlgcs that he/sht h<ls rea-d, understood, find agrees HI ellch and (nT~ l)ro, isioll of tllb page unle~~ ,1 S c- _ !,articular }mragraph h otherwise IDodilied h~"addendum 411cHunt(:cuffcr. Shimon G",rs!en Bt;YER(S ~I~1TIALS: Propef[ Addr.;-ss: 2316 BLOOM INGTON Dr. I)llTL-LS~c:l.v_",$.._ SELLER(Sl <: ::009 Gn:at<.:r LIs Lgns A.ssocialiou of REALTORS Page 9 of! 1 Re_ 6/09 J.t
  11. 11. A!;=fCClIlem, Should ~my parry hereto rewin counsel for tile PUrP!)!}Cof jnili<.1li!l~ iili,~Jlioll 10 ~nlorLeor pre,em the breJch of allY prmisioll heftof. or for any 01her judicial remedy. Then the prcuiling party ~hull be cllIit!cd fO be rcillibuf5ltl b~ lll. lostn~ purty for nil COS1SJnd eµensp.s Hlcnrred thereb:-. iJlClvdlllg. but nor linUH.-U 10. rt;)sOJwbk: 3!lOrlleys fees .llld (OSb ilJcurred by -i slH:hprcailill~ pan; , (, THIS IS A l£G_-LLY BI~Dr1G CO~"-R~CT. All p;mie;; are :ld,iS<:d seck inacp-tlld<.-lIt lelLul ,HId to 1,1, ad ice 10 r.ejew 7 the lerms ormis Agreemem, ~) ,0 RL.:H. ESTATE BROKERi.-.G£ll !lAY SlG~ fOR A PARTY TO Tins AGREE:llDiT L~L£SS THE I (I BROKEH OR AGE:ST R-S : PRO PERL Y EXECFreO POW[R OF ATTOR"EY TO DO SO. 11 ~ THIS FORM HAS BEE: APPROn:D BY TliE GfU~An:R LS YEGAS ASSOCB nu", Of IU:ALTORS RD (GL·,..H). ,"0 REPRESLT-. TlO~ IS lHIH: .~S TO THE L.EGAL Y_-UDITY OR .-U>EQLACf OF A:Yl4 PROnSIO~ I~ Ai"- SPECIFIC TRA;$:.Cnox A REAL ESTATE BROKER rs THE PERSO~ Ql,AUFfED TOJ5 ADISE 0: REAL EST.~ IE TR-;S.-(TIO,,S. )f YOU DESIRE LEGAL OR T.-: ;D]CE. COSn.T A: (i APPROPRLAT£ PROFESSlff.-L1:1S This form is l,·ailahle for use by the leal estate induiU"Y. It i.s nOt hmnt:ied to ldrl)lify the IIsel <IS a REALTORf<.J j REALTOR R is 11 n."gistcTeu eolkerin I"tlcmbershil) rnui{ which m<l:.- lH: Uit,,{ ollj~- b Ul{,Ulb(r~ of the :ATIO.AL~(J _-SSOCl-TIOi OF REAL TURSlt wlto ~Ub~CIibc £(1 it:> Code of Ethic!.,p 27, . Of)ll)l"1 ~ .-TT:CHED: --------~~~~---------------------------------- Short Sale Addendum--~ -J0 2S. ADfJTTIOAL TERMS; _ Each part~ilckilm ledges Thill he/she has re.H]. untiel:;t(lod. and agree!; ttl each ami tHl~ 1)f·{jio.;i4Hl of this 11112( .Hlk~., a ! pal-tieutar paragrapb iii utiltrwise modified 0: addendum OJ e(llJnteJflffeL Blt~oerS :<1lne Shimon GerslBn BLYER($) I,lT1.l.lS: S 6- _ PTOpert~.-ddre~$· 2316 ~lOOMINGTON Dr, SELLER( S) fITIA.LS~_-II-._ Rev. 6/09 ( 20(~) Gr..-arer L1S ·c~as A~sl}ci:lu()11 ofRE:L TORS 1<
  12. 12. Earnest Money Receipt :J B1.."YER-S :G[):T ACK:;OWLEDGES RECEIPT fRO},f BeYER HEREI;-; of tlJ(~sum of ...-:2=:.:Q:::.::{j!.:::v~ _ yidmcrd by 0 0 Casbiers Check .• Personal Check. or 0 Othcr (;)5IL -,-.,........ _ p.lyabit to _ .. t:pon Acceptllcc. E;irncst o1c.~ney to rn: d~posjled ~ltllili Ot !.!) bl15il1cSS 5 d:IY. ,]11. f:scro, Hulder.O Buyer s Broker s Truse ACCQIflt. -OR- [J Sdkr s Broh~r " 1 flI5! .-ccotlm D,Jl~: 10/29/2009 _ S gned- _ Buyers Acknowledgement 01 O"er:0 .,I !Jell pro,ision of Il1is :12leemem. JDd Jil ~Igned :JocieTld~i. disdosmes. anI~ ShirnoCl Gersten Buyers Printed ):ame 10/29/2009 Dille tllle- (91 j:J :,QU _.,1 ___________ ~OI29i~OOB ...1--; _ .-1 P -----~----------------------- Buyrr ~ Siglla[lUC Sliver" Pltmeci :;)l1le D;lle Time SeU~r ml~t (espond b~: (A:f/P"l 011 {month} • jda~1 _, {year) , llIles .. thi..i ~ Agreelllt:l1t h :w.:tpttd. reJected (II coullt(red belHw and tieliver£d to tbe Buers Broker befOle {he aOHn datt and time. this olfer shall lapse and Ix: of no furtber force ,lIltl CfflCt. C unfinuaUoll of RCIHcsentathm: The Bll:cr js [Lpn:!>Ln!eJ in tillS tJJlbJUlOll t~. 7012484 9205 Bmws Broker Forrest Ba(be~ .!!t[JI 5 :,H1X" James Oo",ohu~,-. CO;tlP;Ill, .;lme:· Prudential ArnericarlCi Group, REALTORS Office .,,ddtes~-------9402 Oel Webb Blvd Phone, 702-796-7777 F,I .... : 7C~i306 ,....-.---- Em,1iI: ji m@donoiueleam_com 7023950697 70225633331 o ACCEPTACf.: StlJcn s) UCkllOledges rlKII he slle a~cepls and agree!> [0 bc bound by eacll pro."isi(lu of tillS AgreemclH, Jnd aH si2ned ,1ddclld;L discloslr~s. lind nWldllllcms_ OCOtT£R OFFER: Sdkr acn,prs (ile- terms of tuisAgreeJlK!H subJect [0 I.he:anaciled COllHler om:r !! J , OREJ£CTIO:,: 1ll ac(on.iancl" t!ll .AC 6... 1:;,63:::. Seller hereby !Uranus Btlyer iiJe oner presemed herem i~ /lot accepted 41t.L-JC< C /:d-u~/bUL ( ;{w;V, 8,«-1.- 1/:/&,9__ :_ A.. lP}1 Selier s Signatme ,/ J Seller" 5 Printed :;I!llt O,ltt Tillie ;.."E£4,t:! ,iJdr(..61.. i e:- 2.- Sellers Pruilcd ame Sellers Broker Agcm"5 amc (mnpJllY ~;ame: SrvfG Really Offlee Address Pholle 702 382 16,64 f:l _ Email: 70261109500 Each party acknowledges tb;u he/she ha~ reatl, undef"!>tuod. and agn:tS to each ami e, el"}"pnHislon of tbbt p:Jge ll1llt~ 11 }lartkular paragraph i.~otherwLM,> mollified b:r ;it.hkndum or CIHllIlerofftr, Shimon Gersten Bu:,::t, :"aUic."_ BL)"ER(S) flTIAlS: ~ Propeny .. -ddress: 2316 BLOOMINGTON Dr, SELlER(S) I):ITLl.S:/()~_~~_ Jlpy_ 6109
  13. 13. SHORT SALE ADDENDUM TO PURCHASE AGREEMENT In reference to the Purchase Agreement executed by Shimon Gersten Diane and Israel Rodriguez as Seller(s), dated -------------------theas Buyer(s) and 10/29i2009 covering real property at 2316 BLOOMINGTON Dr. the.Buyer DSeller hereby proposes that the Purchase Agreement be amen-ded as follows: 1. Contingent on Lender ApprovaL Buyer and Seller acknowl,edge that the Purchase Price is less than the amount of Sellers loan(s) against the property due and owing to one or more Jender(s) and/or lienholder{s) (coliectively, "lender"), Such a transaction is called a "short sale," Therefore, the Purchase Agreement is contingent upon Seller and/or Sellers Agent obtaining approval from Lender ("Lender Approval") to accept an amount less than what is owed on the Property. Seller shall reasonably cooperate with Lender in the short sale process by providing such documentation as may be required by Lender, Buyer and Seller understand that lender Approva! may take several weeks or months to obtain, and neither the Seller nor the Brokers can guarantee the timeliness of Lenders review, approval or rejection. 2. Notice of Lender Approval. SeBer agrees to provide Buyer with written notice of Lender Approval within one (1) business day of Sellers receipt of the approval. 3. Time Periods. All time periods specified in the Purchase Agreement for due ditigence, disclosures, inspections, other contingencies and other obligations shall begin (check one): o as stated in the Purchase Agreement; o one (1) calendar day after Buyers receipt of the written notice of Lender Approvai; ..oR- O Other: --------------------------------------~~--------------------- 4. Close of Escrow. Close of Escrow shall occur thirty (30) calendar days after Buyers receipt of the written notice of Lender Approval. 5. No Guarantee of Lender ApprovaL Buyer and Seller understand that no Lender is required or obligated to accept a short sale, and that Lender Approval may be revoked at any time prior to Close of Escrow. In addition, the Parties understand that Lender may require that in exchange for approval some terms of the Purchase Agreement be amended, The 8uyer and Seller are not obligated to agree to any of lenders proposed terms; in such event. the Purchase Agreement shatl be void and the Parties agree to execute canceHation instructions with ESCROW HOLDER and return EMD to Buyer. NEITHER THE BUYER, THE SELLER NOR THE BROKERS IN THIS TRANSACTION HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER LENDER APPROVAL, OR ANY ACT, OMISSION OR DECISION BY ANY LENDER IN THE SHORT SALE PROCESS. 6. Other Offers. Buyer and Seller acknowledge that the Sellars Agent is required by the Multiple Listing Service to place the property in "Contingent" status after the Purchase Agreement is executed, while the transaction is subject to Lender ApprovaL The Parties understand that additionaJ offers may be received by the Sellers Agent, which must be presented to the Seller pursuant to Nevada law, Such offers may be accepted by the Sel/.er and forvvarded to Lender for review and approval, In such an event, the Parties agree to seek independent legal counsel to determine their rights and obligations,BUYER(S) INITIALS: [ ¥r;(-] L. ) Page 1 of 2 SELlER{S} INfTIAlS: uJea / .] ~Short Sale Addendum to Purchase Agreement 4/08 © 2008 Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS:ID
  14. 14. 7. Buyers Right to Cancel. Buyer may cancel the Purchase Agreement at any time prior to receipt of the Lender Approval, for any reason and without penalty. Upon Buyers cancellation, Seller agrees to execute cancellation instructions with ESCROW HOLDER and return EMO to Buyer, B. Foreclosure. Seller warrants that, at the time of the Purchase Agreement, a Notice of Default and Election to Sell [ZJ has not -OR- has 0 been recorded against the Property. The Parties understand that the recording of a Notice of Default begins a statutory foreclosure period, which lasts a minimum of three (3) months and twenty (20) days. Buyer and Seller understand that jf Close of Escrow does not occur before a foreclosure sale of the Property, Sel/er will lose all rights and interest in the Property. The Purchase Agreement shall be void, and the Parties agree to execute cancellation instructions with ESCROW HOLDER and return EMD to Buyer, Information regarding the foreclosure status of a property is available at 9. Tax Consequences and Advice. Seller agrees to seek advice from an attorney, a certified public accountant or other professional regarding the credit, legal and tax consequences of a short sale, 10. Unfujfilled Contingency. If the Lender rejects the short sale, Seller will promptly notify Buyer of the rejection and the Purchase Agreement shall be void due to the unfulfiHed contingency. The Parties agree to execute cancellation instructions with ESCROW HOLDER and return EMD to the Buyer, 11. Other Terms and Conditions: Ail other terms of the Purchase Agreement, includjng all prior counteroffers and addenda not modified by this Addendum shall remain the same. To the extent that any terms of this Addendum are in conflict with the Purchase Agreement, this Addendum will control. WHEN PROPERLY COMPLETED, THIS IS A BINDING CONTRACT. IF YOU DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS. SEEK COMPETENT LEGAL AND TAX COUNSEL BEF9RE SIGNING. ;YL C1 10;29/2009 Date 10/29/2009 Date Date OBuyer ~eller DatePrepared by: James Donohue Agents NameBUYER(S} INITIALS: [ 5,.{---] I 1 Page 2 of 2 SEUER(S) INITIALS: [d(!..V J [ri£ )Shorf Sale Addendum 10 Purch<ise Aqreernent 4108 © 2008 Greater Las Veqas Association of REAL TORS®