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   income future
Welcome to the
Telecom plus PLC
Success stories

University drop-out semi-retired in his 20’s
“I thought that working the Telecom plus opportunity part-ti...
Who are Telecom plus?

                                                                 Over the last 10 years Telecom plu...
How big is the market?

                         Do you know anyone who is not already using at least one of these service...
What do I have to do?

                             Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn
The Compensation Plan - what can I earn? (ID’s only)

               Let’s take a more detailed look at what an Independen...
C         C         C        C         C         C
                                 Senior Executive

Own a share of Telecom plus

                  Telecom plus operates a Share Option scheme to act as an incentive for its
The unique infinity payments

You must take the time to grasp the tremendous power of the Telecom plus customer infinity p...
Network or Multi-Level-Marketing - what is it?

This independent report was produced                  efforts in sponsorin...
The power of duplication

One of the best illustrations to show how our                               PLUG IN, BE CONSISTE...
Number 1 in Europe
What sort of help and support can you expect?

As you would expect from a London based PLC business you will be given the ...
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Welcome to the Telecom Plus Business Opportunity

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  1. 1. What does success mean to you? choice freedom time potential income future Welcome to the Telecom plus PLC Business Opportunity
  2. 2. Success stories University drop-out semi-retired in his 20’s “I thought that working the Telecom plus opportunity part-time would be a good way to help me repay my huge student debts, overdrafts, and credit card bills.” After a few short years, Telecom plus allowed Wes, whilst still in his 20’s, to clear his student debts and “I’ve started building a portfolio of rental property plus I bought myself a lovely three bedroom apartment in London, and now have two cars to choose from! It took about five years to become semi-retired - that sure beats working until I’m 65! If you’re looking to beat the rat-race, you’ve found the right vehicle.” Wes Linden Mum builds business between school runs “After my children started school I found myself with plenty of free time that I wanted to put to good use, but I needed to ensure that I had enough flexibility to do the school runs. The idea of earning a little extra money had definite appeal and Telecom plus seemed to fit my requirements nicely. Little did I know that I had stumbled across a potential goldmine! Now when I buy clothes or a new car, I like being able to tell the other mums that it was thanks to my own efforts!” Susan Mackenzie Business owner finds low-risk the better option “In business start-ups, the stakes are high and therefore out of reach for most people. I risked close to £50k when I set up my own recruitment agency a few years back. This I found to be even more demanding than my previous career in pharmaceutical sales, where my boss owned my time and called the shots. Telecom plus offers a level-playing field for all and what I really like is that you don’t have to re-mortgage your house, leave your safe salary and job, nor do you need to sacrifice your life savings to get started.“ Jeremy Tromans Car cleaner gets free car “When I ran my car-cleaning business, I never imagined I’d find a home-based opportunity where even part-time, a company would give me a free Mini! But I found it! In my first job as a milkman, my company ‘vehicle’ was a milk-float - hardly desirable! Telecom plus pay me over and over again every single month, on all the customers gathered by myself and my team, and they’ve given me a free Mini to drive around in. Fantastic! My income now pays my mortgage every month, and allows me time with the family to enjoy our power-boat which we keep in a marina near our home on the South Coast.” Rob Barras Grandparents choose to build their own pension “We weren’t confident that the Government coffers will support us and our seven million fellow ‘baby boomers’ in the UK, who all expect to draw a state pension in a few years time. So we decided to take control of our future. After six years effort, much of it part-time, we now enjoy an enviable lifestyle between our home in the Cotswolds and our recently-purchased second home in Cornwall. Because we have eight children and 10 grandchildren between us it’s important for us to have quality time to spend with them. We’d urge anyone that wants to make a change, to get involved with this business.” John and Pauline Naylor Head teacher leaves classroom for home business “I got to 43 and decided to take control of my life. I wanted to be my own boss and gain financial security but wanted to replace my salary by doing something I enjoyed. So I married these factors together and started my own business with Telecom plus. I have a good income, flexibility, free time and an index-linked pension in the form of a growing monthly commission. Having the option, after only a few years, of retiring sooner and wealthier than if I had stayed in education, is hard to put a price on.” Paul Greenough No boss, no stress, great lifestyle… why not you? “This opportunity has allowed me to design a life of choice for my family and I. It’s a wonderful feeling to support your children through University without them having to work. In the past year I have been skiing in Austria, enjoyed the sun in Cyprus, bought a £1million house in Surrey and drive a new Mercedes. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you that with a little bit of self-belief, ambition and a willingness to learn you could have the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, like I do.” Steve Critchley Statutory warning: In the UK it is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. Beware of companies that do make unsubstantiated claims. We have the reputation as THE company for setting the standards by which others are judged for fairness, honesty and lack of hype.
  3. 3. Who are Telecom plus? Over the last 10 years Telecom plus has grown from just an idea into a company £270m £260m now worth around £140 million and whose shares are traded on the London Stock £250m £240m £230m Turnover Exchange. A track record second to none. This phenomenal growth in turnover and £220m £210m profits has been achieved by word of mouth “referral marketing”. The question is: £200m £190m What share of this could you earn for yourself? The explosion in growth that £180m £170m £160m Telecom plus is experiencing right now is just the beginning. It is said that the key to £150m £140m success is not necessarily being in the right place at the right time, but recognising £130m £120m £110m that you are in the right place at the time, and not four years later with hindsight. £100m £90m £80m £70m Telecom plus is a BRITISH, publicly quoted company in the FTSE 250 on the London £60m £50m £40m Stock Market. The corporate management team, headed by Chief Executive £30m £20m Charles Wigoder (left), has been responsible for the phenomenal growth of the £10m 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 company over the last 10 years. Charles’s previous successes prior to joining (projected) Telecom plus include the spectacularly successful growth of Peoples Phone which he launched in 1990 and which grew to 400,000 customers, which at the time represented 10% of the UK mobile phone market prior to its purchase by Vodafone. He is now applying those same skills to Telecom plus PLC, which operates the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, with breathtaking results. Telecom plus is extremely successful and its profits are growing spectacularly every year. It also boasts an exceptionally strong balance sheet with over £20m of cash and no debt, providing confidence that this business really is here to stay. Our range of services Home Phone Guaranteed savings on call charges compared to BT’s best prices with free calls to UK and many popular international landline destinations (quot;Free Global Callsquot;). And with line rental costing just £8.99 per month, you’ll save over £50 per year compared with the price paid by most BT residential customers. Mobile Phone ValuePay (as you go) offers fantastic value at just 12p per minute at any time for all standard calls (including mobiles on other networks). We also offer two great pay monthly tariffs: ValueTalk, the UK’s cheapest bundled tariff from just £10 per month, and ValueCall, which combines the UK’s cheapest monthly line rental with calls at just 8p per minute, including calls to mobiles on other networks. Gas and Electricity You’ll be amazed at how much you could save compared with the cheapest standard direct debit tariffs available from our competitors. And once you’ve transferred your energy to the Utility Warehouse you can relax, confident in the knowledge you’ll always receive a really great deal with our exclusive “Triple Value” guarantee. Internet A choice of high-quality, low-cost broadband services, with free technical support. BroadCall Our great value service combines low-cost telephone calls, line rental and a high-speed broadband internet connection, at an amazingly low package price. CashBack Card 5% CashBack on your petrol and shopping: our unique CashBack card means that you can save an extra 5% on everything you buy at Sainsbury's and many leading retailers throughout the UK. In addition to savings on these services, Club members receive unlimited free calls at any time of day to any fixed telephone number in the UK and ten popular international destinations depending on the number of different services taken.
  4. 4. How big is the market? Do you know anyone who is not already using at least one of these services on a regular basis? How many people do you know who use the phone, switch on a light, turn on the oven or use the Internet? We are not asking people to spend extra money on services they do not normally use, we are simply offering the same services but with one major difference - they offer far better value! You will be tapping into: A MARKET WHERE PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES ARE ALREADY SPENDING MANY BILLIONS OF £’s A YEAR What do I have to do? There are two options available to you: We will help 1) Raise money for your local community... you every step of By joining as a Community Fundraiser (which costs just £25) and encouraging your the way. supporters to use our services, you could generate a substantial new source of income to re-invest in your community. As a CFR you have the opportunity to build a regular and growing income to invest in your local community, simply by encouraging your supporters to save money by using our services. Whether you are a school looking to raise money for new computers, books or playground equipment, a youth group, Cubs, Brownies or Guides trying to raise money for a special outing or annual camp, a charity looking ‘Full training’ to increase its income or a religious community looking to fund a capital building programme, our new CFR position is the ideal solution. We provide you with a selection of posters and other promotional items, together with templates of letters for you to send to your supporters. All they need to do is call our freephone sign-up line, and your community will start to benefit from a share of everything they spend - forever! 2) Earn an income which could change your life... By becoming an Independent Distributor, (which costs £199.75) not only do you gather your own personal customers, but you can introduce new Executives into the ‘Business Manual’ Telecom plus business as well. As an ID you can earn a Customer Gathering Bonus (“CGB”) of up to £40 for every new customer, extra bonuses when an Executive you’ve introduced gathers a customer and a regular monthly income of around 5% on calls made by your personal customers, together with a share of everything they spend on all the other services we provide to them. ‘Approved Adverts’ ‘Introductory DVD’
  5. 5. What do I have to do? Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating or surf the net, you could be getting paid. Additional To receive your ongoing income, you simply need to maintain at least six personal benefits customers, and you can start earning money from day one. And you don’t just earn money from your own personal customers. As an ID you can introduce other Executives to this business and earn commission on what their customers spend too. As they follow your example and build their own successful businesses, you could gain promotion and earn an increasing share in their success. We call this the power of duplication. Anyone who wants to earn some money and has drive and ‘A FREE BMW Mini’ enthusiasm can become successful with Telecom plus. The residual income you build will continue to be paid as long as your customers continue to use our services, and that could be long after you have stopped building your Telecom plus business! STOP PRESS... STOP PRESS... STOP PRESS... STOP PRESS... If you recruit 12 customers within your first 90 days, we will credit you back your entire joining fee! ‘Use of a company Porsche’ Training and support Our unique support and training programme, which includes a comprehensive package of manuals and marketing materials, provides everything you need to start building your own successful Telecom plus business. Initial training for all new Executives is provided free of charge at over 20 training centres throughout the country. The more successful and prosperous you become, the greater our own ‘Luxury holidays’ success, so we do everything we can to help you succeed! Additional benefits In addition to earning a residual income, generating discounts on your utility bills or raising funds for a good cause, Telecom plus Distributors can also benefit from an exciting range of incentives and bonuses. These include owning your own Utility Warehouse branded BMW Mini; driving one of the company’s fleet of Porsche Boxsters; qualifying for luxury, all expenses paid holidays; earning vouchers to spend in Marks & Spencers & John Lewis and also significant cash bonuses for achieving certain customer and Distributor gathering targets. ‘Store vouchers’ Join the team! Thousands of Executives have already joined Telecom plus, and many of them are either earning a significant monthly income which is making a huge difference to their lives, raising funds for community projects close to their hearts, or generating significant discounts on their utility bills. But with less than 1% of UK households currently using our services, you needn’t worry about being too late to join.
  6. 6. The Compensation Plan - what can I earn? (ID’s only) Let’s take a more detailed look at what an Independent Distributor can earn by gathering customers: CUSTOMER The Utility Warehouse Discount Club services include mobile phone tariffs that offer outstanding value, big savings on home phone calls, business phone calls, and GATHERING line rental. A unique “Triple Value” guarantee on domestic gas and electricity. Freephone 0800 numbers that are 80% cheaper than those offered by BT. And a BONUSES phenomenal internet service. UP TO But don’t just take our word for how good the services are, Telecom plus have £40 received ‘best buy’ recommendations from many leading consumer magazines and newspapers. Per You get paid a customer gathering bonus (“CGB”) of £10 when a new customer takes a mobile phone or SIM card, £5 if they take the Home Phone service, £2.50 Customer each for gas & electricity, up to £20 for broadband and £5 if they use an 0800 number. A typical new customer will generate CGB of at least £20. When you’ve gathered just six personal customers you become a… Qualified Executive 2.3 to 5.3% COMMISSION QE FOREVER! Q C C C C C C Once you have gathered six personal customers you are promoted to Qualified Executive. This means you are eligible to receive Customer Volume Commission (CVC) on all of your personal Customers, for as long as you continue to have a QE QE minimum of six personal Customers at the time the commission statement is produced SE each month. So that’s between 2.3 - 5.3% payable on your personal customers bills FOREVER! In addition, you will also receive group CVC of between 0.2 - 0.6% on all of your group customers. Your new career has started and a better lifestyle is on its way! QE QE QE
  7. 7. C C C C C C Senior Executive QE Q 2.4 to 5.5% SE COMMISSION FOREVER! QE QE QE To be promoted to Senior Executive, you must have a minimum of 10 personal Plus a customers and a minimum total of 50 customers in your group. £250 As a Senior Executive, your group CVC increases from a maximum of 0.6% to a maximum of 0.7% on all your group customers. Bonus if achieved within If you use the methods that are taught at the College of Excellence training, you your first six months. should be able to achieve the Status of Senior Executive within your first 90 days, meaning you would be eligible to receive your first promotional bonus of £250. You are also eligible, subject to certain criteria being met, to apply to join the Plus an extra company car programme, which could see you driving a custom liveried BMW Mini, further enhancing your standing within the company. £250 Special incentive - SE Gold! Bonus If you’re promoted to Senior Executive status within 60 days of joining you will be recognised with the prestigious title of “SE Gold” and receive an additional £250 for SE Gold bonus IN ADDITION to the £250 bonus above (making £500 in total). Executive Director QE 2.4 to 5.8% ED COMMISSION QE QE C FOREVER! C C C C SE SE QE Plus a QE QE QE QE QE QE £500 SE Bonus When you become an Executive Director with a minimum of 15 personally gathered customers, and at least 250 group customers, then your group CVC increases to a if achieved within your first 12 months. maximum of 0.8% on all group customers. You can continue to develop and build your business into leadership positions - full details are availble on request. QE QE QE
  8. 8. Own a share of Telecom plus Telecom plus operates a Share Option scheme to act as an incentive for its Distributors. Share Options are a ‘risk-free’ way for you to share in the future growth and financial success of the company. The Options issued so far have been worth a staggering £6 million, creating huge gains for many Distributors, and the intention is for the company to make further allocations in the future. This is your chance to obtain a ‘FREE’ allocation of Share Options in a fast moving PLC on the London Stock Exchange. Did you know that as a result of Share Options issued by Microsoft, they have over 10,000 millionaires working for them? The more customers that we attract and the bigger our business becomes, the more your Share Options will be worth. They could eventually be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. So don’t miss out - get involved and make sure you qualify simply by sharing the benefits of Telecom plus with others. As an example of the potential of Distributor Share Options, let’s assume you earn 1,500 share options at a price of £2, and the share price increases to £10 by the date you exercise it, then you would make 1,500 x (£10 - £2) = £12,000. If the share price increases to £15, you would make £19,500! Go and check the share price today and see how well they are doing. Here’s a link to the London Stock Exchange web site that gives the current price: www.londonstockexchange.com the Telecom plus code is TEP. This is just another example of how Telecom plus PLC is leading the field. Promotion bonuses To begin your exciting new career with Telecom plus and to qualify for an income for How will you life, all you have to do is gather just six active customers. By using our proven spend yours? systems for gathering customers we have many people in our team who gathered their first six customers in just one day! This is the first important step towards ‘residual income’ and ‘time freedom’. One of the many exciting things about the Telecom plus compensation plan is the enormous promotion bonuses. These are given to you for achieving a certain status level and getting promoted. These payments are made on top of everything else you earn along the way. STATUS ACHIEVED BONUS PAYABLE Senior Executive within 6 months of joining £250 Executive Director within 12 months of joining £500 Group Director within 18 months of joining £2,000 Marketing Director within 24 months of joining £5,000 Senior Marketing Director within 36 months of joining £10,000 National Marketing Director within 48 months of joining £20,000 So by simply promoting the products and services of this leading company and by building a team of motivated people you can earn yourself some tremendous promotional bonuses. Where else could you earn this in today’s business world?
  9. 9. The unique infinity payments You must take the time to grasp the tremendous power of the Telecom plus customer infinity payments. In other referral marketing companies they will only pay you on customer volume down to a set number of levels, say, five. Any customers that appear on level 6, 7, 8, 28, 48, 168 or whatever are now ‘out of your pay line’. Now imagine, you introduce a friend to the business, they introduce a work colleague who introduces their brother and so on... When a person on level 6 or even deeper gets a customer YOU DON’T GET PAID. Unlike Telecom plus who pay down to infinity! Imagine your team in Telecom plus spreading out underneath you like a mushroom, going into hundreds or even thousands of Distributors, dozens of levels deep right across the country. As this happens, thousands of customers will be gathered for you BY OTHER PEOPLE building their businesses and fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. The consequence of this is a massive group of customers and YOU getting paid DOWN TO INFINITY on every single one of them. That’s absolutely awesome and you could earn a very serious income indeed. Yet another first for Telecom plus. General overview of the pay plan Once you have gathered just six active customers, you could qualify for commission on your entire customer base. Your commission is paid as a percentage of the customers monthly telephony or utility service spend. You are paid commission down to UNLIMITED LEVELS FROM DAY ONE! When a customer makes a phone call, switches on the kettle or turns on the cooker you earn money - what could be simpler? At this stage, we have only explained the basics of the pay plan so as not to confuse you. The only concept to grasp at this point is how powerful the pay plan is when coupled with the Utility Warehouse products and services. All of the other exciting payments and bonuses will be covered in more detail in your Distributor pack, which you will receive from Telecom plus when you join. The following two pages contain an in-depth explanation of what Network, Referral or Multi-Level Marketing actually is and also an explanation of the power of duplication!
  10. 10. Network or Multi-Level-Marketing - what is it? This independent report was produced efforts in sponsoring. “Linear” income, i.e. a without undue difficulty and d) it has never yet by The Trading Standards Department, month's work, is always limited to certain levels, happened. “Is it better to get in at the start?” Nottinghamshire County Council, Trent whereas residual income is in theory unlimited. Again the DTI says yes but I am not sure that this Bridge House Fox Road, West Bridgford However, it must be remembered that MLM is is correct. Following on from the arguments Nottingham, NG2 6BJ like any other business in as much as high above, there will always be a certain proportion rewards are solely the product of hard work. of the population which want to participate in Often the subject of enquiries and com-plaints Safeguards are built in to the more reputable any particular scheme and because of the by members of the public to trading standards schemes to ensure that there are no short cuts to dynamics of populations I suggest that it is no departments, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has success and that the cornerstone of the business more difficult to find prospective distributors or for too long been shrouded in mystery and consists of retail sales to the public. Some customers at a later stage of a scheme than it is misunderstanding. In this article I attempt to give schemes require regular purchases by distributors at the start. It is also true that some of the most you the facts about this successful, legal and for their own use, thereby increasing the successful distributors started their businesses increasingly popular method of doing business, business volume and therefore profit of each very recently in terms of the age of the for your interest and for the benefit of persons distributor’s group. The most stable and companies concerned. It is possible that a seeking advice from our service. successful companies’ schemes are firmly based prospective distributor may be better off dealing on repeat purchasing of quality products by with an established, stable and financially sound What is it? satisfied customers. company than a brand new one. Also known as Network Marketing, MLM is a rapidly expanding method of selling goods and Complaints & Enquiries Legislation services which is now firmly established in most Most justifiable complaints relating to MLM are Apart from legislation covering many aspects of countries of the free world. It is big business, caused by the overenthusiastic and occasionally specific products, Part XI of the Fair Trading Act probably offering the opportunity for wealth to deceptive activities of distributors who are 1973 and regulations thereunder govern certain more people than any other form of business. excited at the potential of their business. aspects of the operations of MLM schemes. Worldwide sales through MLM are over Problems are usually related to: a) exaggerated £7,000,000 annually. 20% of the 500,000 claims about the products, b) misleading Most of the larger companies schemes come plus millionaires in the USA made their fortune invitations to meetings where the business within the scope of section 118 of the 1973 Act in the last ten years through MLM, and the opportunity is to be presented, c) reluctance to and are therefore obliged to operate within the concept is being taught at Harvard Business honour money back guarantees given by the rules set down in the Pyramid Selling Schemes School in the USA. The basic principle of MLM companies, d) misleading information given at Regulations 1973 and in Section 120 of the Act. which makes it different to conventional business presentations and e) misleading These requirements are directed principally to businesses is that, instead of a manufacturer advertising for product sales or recruits. providing full details of the schemes and the constructing a large administrative and sales rights of participants to any prospective organisation comprised of employees, self Invariably, contact with the relevant promoting distributor and to the avoidance of the employed distributors are encouraged to build a company will result in swift action against the undesirable aspects of “pyramid selling”, e.g. sales organisation of persons like themselves by problem distributor, who would certainly be payments or rewards based upon matters other their own efforts. Financial rewards are paid flouting the company's rules of conduct in most than completed retail sales. based upon total sales of all distributors within cases. Of course there is always the possibility the organisation developed by any particular that the distributor and/or the company have A review of the current legislation by the DTI distributor. In such a way distributors are paid committed offences. has been proceeding for a number of years. This in proportion to their efforts in selling and may result, among other matters, in restrictions sponsoring others (recruiting). Common questions about MLM are: upon schemes where sales to distributors are Isn't it pyramid selling? The Oxford English given more prominence than sales to the public. The types of goods and services available Dictionary defines the term as “... a form of through MLM cover virtually every area of financial trickery...” Although the term is often Finally, what advice can be given to a consumer spending: household necessities; used to describe MLM, it is more appropriate to prospective distributor who wants to know slimming products; perfumes; cosmetics; books; reserve its use for the highly undesirable and whether to join an MLM scheme? I suggest the food; property development; fitness equipment; now illegal schemes which surfaced in the early following: financial services etc. 1970’s where participants were required to pay large sums to enter schemes and were Look at some of the numerous other MLM The attractions of MLM include: 1) the encouraged to purchase large consignments of companies besides the one that you are are availability of a very high income from part-time goods - the larger the quantity the bigger the being asked to join. Compare the quality, range work; 2) the lack of any significant financial or discount - before ensuring that they had the and price of the products and the different other risks; 3) for the companies; a highly customers and the additional participants to marketing plans of each company. Then ask motivated sales force. Stockholding is supply them to. Naturally, many people were left yourself these questions: unnecessary and products are obtained in considerably out of pocket with vast stocks of (1) Would you buy the products yourself? response to retail orders. unsold product. (2) Are you satisfied with the integrity and stability of the company and the marketing We are not talking about “get-rich-quick” “Won't it saturate?” The Department of Trade plan? schemes here, although exceptional people may and Industry in an advisory leaflet describes (3) Are you willing to put in a significant amount be able to do so. The vast amount of company how, within six months there could be of consistent effort? profits which would normally be spent on 67,000,000 distributors in any one scheme. employees, marketing and advertising in This is fine in theory, but a dubious statement If all three answers are yes, there is a lot of conventional businesses, are available instead to when some facts are considered: a) the largest money waiting for you, so get started. If you are pass on to distributors in commission and MLM company in the world has steadily been less sure about the answer to No. 3 consider bonuses. The high income’s possible are due to expanding for 30 years and its UK distributors making a small income by selling only or even “residual” income, i.e. income based upon number less than 1 in a 1,000 of the population; joining up solely to obtain product for your own previous efforts. Insurance agents, writers, actors b) the UK birth rate is many times higher than use at less than retail price. musicians earn residual income, provided the the rate of increase in numbers of distributors in policies continue, the books & records still sell any major MLM scheme; c) saturation of any Further information and company details can be and so on. So in MLM, as long as the products particular area is unlikely due to the facility of obtained from the Direct Marketing sell regularly and your organisation grows, then being able to sponsor persons living anywhere Association, of which most reputable company's your residual income increases due to your past in the UK (or internationally in some cases) are members.
  11. 11. The power of duplication One of the best illustrations to show how our PLUG IN, BE CONSISTENT, LEAD BY business works is the “Penny a Day” chart. DAY AMOUNT EXAMPLE and reach your financial goals a lot Actually, almost everything that’s worthwhile takes sooner than you think! time, so this chart is certainly not limited to our 1 1p business. If you still perceive Network Marketing as a pyramid scheme or some kind of get rich quick If you will take a minute to study the chart, some 2 2p scheme, I'm afraid you’re years behind on your very interesting things become apparent. Let us reading. Network Marketing has come of age take a look. The presumption is that we're going 3 4p and is being utilised by some of the top to double a penny every day for thirty days. corporations world wide. In fact the DTI here in the UK have just passed new legislation to take If you accept the penny as your sole source of 4 8p Network Marketing into the next century and income, you might be a little nervous as you beyond. Another fact that will astound you is that approach the middle of the month. Day fifteen 5 16p Network Marketing has produced more rewards you with only £163.84p. This is literally millionaires than any other industry!! when most Networkers start looking around for greener pastures. 6 32p Word of mouth advertising has always been the most powerful method of marketing and now But look what happens the next day. Day sixteen 7 64p technology has given it the fuel to explode as a brings you as much as the first fifteen combined! technique and an income opportunity. 8 £1.28 Also, another point for the network dropout, who “WHEN CHANGE OCCURS, FORTUNES now moves on to start this whole process over ARE MADE”. Well, what do you suppose is again in a new programme, is to relate this 30 9 £2.56 going to happen now that technology has sped day table to your first year in network marketing. up the rate of change? It's obvious! Opportunities Applying the proof on our chart, their first six 10 £5.12 abound and people are waking up to the months may only bring in £327 but the second possibilities! It's just mind-boggling! six months would be worth £10,000,000!! 11 £10.24 Some people are making things The problem with most Networkers is happen... that they actually quit before pay-day! 12 £20.48 Some people are watching things happen... Suppose your first commission cheque in 13 £40.96 And some people don't know what's networking was only 1p..., how long would you happening. stick it out? Well, keeping our penny chart in mind, imagine if your first cheque was just £10, 14 £81.92 If you're going to be successful and, it doesn't how long would you stick it out? make any sense to just jump in without knowing 15 £163.84 something about it, give yourself a chance to I'll save you the trouble of doing the maths. By succeed! Learn what the ground rules are doubling your first £10, your sixth cheque would be £320. You may be thinking, “Big Deal!” but 16 £327.68 BEFORE you get started in a home based career this is proven to be a benchmark that eliminates It’s a simple business. Get excited about “The dropouts!! Also, by giving up now, you would 17 £655.36 Mission” and then get excited about being paid miss out on your twelfth cheque for £20,480, to share your excitement and about making bringing your first year's total to £40,950. 18 £1310.72 money for your efforts because that's what Network Marketing is supposed to be about. So I'll ask you again, what if your first cheque was £10? How long would you stick it out? 19 £2621.44 That's the meat of it, that's “The Mission”. But if you don't really understand that it takes time to build a sales organisation from which you will When a struggling Networker whines, “I put in all 20 £5242.88 receive overrides, then you will fall prey to the of this effort and all I made was a lousy £25, it is same fate that so many others have experienced. obvious that a) they probably don't have a system and b) they don't understand the most basic 21 £10,485.76 Understand the penny-a-day concept, and you won't get discouraged when your first cheques concept of network marketing THE are fairly small. Instead, you will note that you're COMPOUNDING OF NUMBERS. 22 £20,971.52 on the right track and it will give you the determination to remain constant and consistent. There is a guy that used to own a McDonald's franchise. At the time he operated three locations 23 £41,934.04 Before you turn the page, be sure that this idea is and was opening the fourth. He was convinced clear. Take one more look at the 30 day table that his future was assured if he continued to 24 £83,886.08 and lock the power of this concept into your brain grow with that company. However, he had as you review the strategy and the system which millions tied up in equipment and inventory. Also, he was quite frank about admitting that - working 25 £167,772.16 is actually geared to create cheques that you have only dreamt about! 16 plus hours a day, 6-7 days a week - it took each unit 4-5 years just to break even. Not profit. 26 £335,544.32 A little bit of common sense can go a long way in JUST BREAK EVEN! IT TAKES TIME!! getting you off to a great start in an industry that 27 £671,088.64 is exploding. The timing is perfect and you can When asked what he thought was the most get started today. Just like an avalanche, it will amazing invention he had ever seen, Albert Einstein’s reply was compound interest! Far too 28 £1,342,177.28 take a little effort to shake it loose... but once it gets moving... many people do the right thing in network marketing yet quit in frustration because they have 29 £2,684,354.56 THERE'S NO WAY YOU so little to show for it. They give up before exponential growth has a chance to take them CAN STOP IT!! beyond the middle of the month!! Now you can 30 £5,368,709.12
  12. 12. Number 1 in Europe
  13. 13. What sort of help and support can you expect? As you would expect from a London based PLC business you will be given the training, advice and ongoing guidance to help you succeed with Telecom plus. Although you will be in business for yourself, you will never be by yourself. You can expect the following benefits: 1. Regular e-mails for you and your group for information, inspiration, motivation and recognition, as well as top tips for massive growth of your business from the top earners in Telecom plus. 2. Access to the best Executives who have excelled in certain disciplines, whether you want assistance in gathering customers, building a team, working your warm market, advertising, direct mail, door knocking and working shows or fetes. We definitely have the expertise to help you! 3. FREE ongoing training by your upline sponsorship team, your immediate sponsor (the person who introduced you to Telecom plus) will give you the support you need to get started and there are several people in your upline organisation who are keen to help you succeed. They will be happy to assist you with training and support, especially in your first few months. 4. FREE College of Excellence training is held at over 25 locations around the country and will equip you to gather customers easily whilst building a huge team of Distributors who all put money in your pocket every month. 5. 24 Hour telephone recruiting message, direct your prospects to this pre-recorded telephone information line on 020 8955 5678. This gives them a multitude of clear reasons why they should join. 6. Your own personal company web site, available to all Distributors. Check your customer status, growth of your team and all the latest company news. 7. Direct personal contact with me, so you and all of your team can contact me at any time for a chat, advice and/or training. What you need to do now This all sounds great, but “What's the catch?” we hear you thinking? Well, let me ask you a serious question: How much would it be worth to you to receive an income that you'd be delighted with, one that keeps on rising month after month even if you decided not to work and that would allow you to retire in three to five years? What price would you be prepared to pay to receive a lifetime of residual income that you can't stop, share options to put in the bank, to give you a strong pension and a secure financial future for your family, no matter whether you lose your job, unseen problems arise or you fall ill and can't work again? How much would it be worth to you? As you read earlier, it costs just £199.75 to join, with the opportunity to receive a refund of your entire joining fee, simply by gathering 12 customers within your first 90 days. Now measure that against the time freedom you now have and how much longer you'll have to work just to be too old to enjoy the freedom of retirement. How does a three - five year plan for time and income freedom sound as opposed to the other option, the 30 to 50 year plan? Now this part will delight you. You get to try this business first and in the unlikely event you decide that this is not for you, you have the right to a full refund of your small investment less a percentage for any marketing materials you may have used. Now you're in a 'win-win' situation. You have absolutely nothing to lose apart from a little time. You originally responded to this business proposition because you wanted to make a change and be in control of your own affairs. All we ask is that you make a decision. As you've nothing to lose the only sensible decision is to get started, isn't it? It might just be the future you're looking for and we're able to help you extract what you want from it. You can contact me NOW using the contact details on the website. If I’m not in, leave a message and I’ll call you back ASAP. Version 4, January 2009 © The Utility Warehouse/Telecom plus PLC