Stage 2 MU & Patient Portal


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  • Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information.
  • Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information.
  • Stage 2 MU & Patient Portal

    1. 1. Patient Engagement Series Patient Portals: What You Need to Know for Stage 2 Meaningful Use Mike Cuesta Director of Design & Community Twitter: @mikecuesta Prepared for XXX
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda • • • • • How to participate What is CareCloud? Patient Portal Fundamentals Stage 2 Introduction & Patient Engagement Criteria Selling the Portal to your Patients & Successfully Implementing in your Practice • Q&A
    3. 3. How to Participate • • • Arrow = Open/close your panel Questions = Submit text questions We will send a follow-up email with the slides and recording from today’s presentation.
    4. 4. CareCloud – Who We Are • • Leading web-based healthcare IT company Suite of cloud-based solutions – PM, RCM, EHR • True cloud – Anytime, anywhere access • • Focus on design, usability Growing fast – 4.5 million patients – 45 states, 50+ specialties – $1.5B A/R under management
    5. 5. 92% of people think it is either very important or somewhat important to be able to get their own medical information electronically. -Health Information National Trends Survey (2012-2013) Adoption rates of a patient portal are estimated at 25% -Kaiser-Permanente Study, 2013 Will you engage your patients to meet the Stage 2 requirements?
    6. 6. Patient Portal Fundamentals Benefits of an Integrated Portal with you EHR: • Personal Health Records and “Stand-Alone” portals are becoming extinct. • Encourage patients to learn what they see • Control what your patients see • Paperless Forms Processing • Increased Staff Production, Decrease Phone/Paper Volume • Improve Collections (Instant Patient Payment) • Educational Resources • FASTER Test Results Available to Patients • 24/7 Access to Patient’s Health Records • Improved Quality of Care & Relationships • Secure Communication with your Patients • ONLY Way to Satisfy Meaningful Use
    7. 7. Are you convinced on the Power of the Portal? • • Personal Digital Healthcare EcosystemWhile our government is spending millions of dollars building HIE's with no guarantee of success. You can your build own. CareCloud allows you to connect with other providers and your patients in an online community Before you convince your patients to use the portal, you yourself must first be convinced. Become a student of the portal, it is the future
    8. 8. Introduction to 2014 Stage 2 Meaningful Use • • • • With Stage 2, comes Advanced Clinical Processes, the introduction class is over Stage 2 is not just Stage 1 on Steroids requiring increased performance on your practice’s part and has 4 Objectives focusing on Patient Engagement Most of the Stage 1 Objectives are now Core Objectives in Stage 2 bringing the total to 17 Measures You Will Need to Adopt a Patient Portal to Successfully Attest for Stage 2 Meaningful Use to Avoid Penalties
    9. 9. Stage 2 Patient Engagement Measures Objective: Provide patients the • ability to view online, download, and transmit their health information. Measures:  More than 50% of patients are provided timely (within 4 business days) online access to their health information.  More than 5% of patients (or their representatives) view or download their health information. Objective: Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information. Measures:  A secure message was sent using the electronic messaging function of CEHRT by more than 5 percent of unique patients (or their authorized representatives) seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period.
    10. 10. Stage 2 Patient Engagement Measures Objective: Provide clinical • summaries for patients for each office visit. Measures:  Clinical summaries provided to patients or patient-authorized representatives within one business day for more than 50 percent of office visits. The clinical summary can be provided through the patient portal Objective: Use clinically relevant information from Certified EHR Technology to identify patient specific education resources and provide those resources to the patient.. Measures:  Patient-specific education resources identified by Certified EHR Technology are provided to patients for more than 10 percent of all unique patients with office visits seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period.
    11. 11. Next Steps? • • • • • • With CareCloud’s Portal There is NO cost to you or your Patients Multiple Layer Secure Logon to Ensure Patient Privacy & Security The Portal is as Safe, if not Safer than Paper Charts Being Sent by Mail, Fax or the Risk of Being Lost by the Patient Plan a Strategy to Implement the Portal in Your Practice by Engaging Your Staff as well as Adjust Office Workflows Revamp Your Website to Add a Website Plug in for the Portal Besides Your Staff Discussing the Portal with Your Patients, Advertise on Your Website and Your Office
    12. 12. Thank you • • • • • Questions? To learn more on how CareCloud can help you achieve MU Email: Twitter: @MikePepe_ Connect with me on LinkedIn • Sign up for more Patient Engagement webinars at: – • Visit, email or call 1-877-3427519 to learn more about CareCloud’s easy to use integrated EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions.