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Circulation and User Reports: A Brief Overview

  1. Circulation and User Reports: A Brief Overview By Michael Paulmeno
  2. Several different reports must be run nightly in order to support circulation and user management. These perform functions including sending overdue notices, sending hold pickup notices, clearing inactive holds, creating lists of in-transit items, and generating cash reports. We also run reports which change user characteristics and load lists of users from outside sources. These are in addition to standard Add, Delete, Update (ADU) and a number of add item reports. We are a Symphony library, SaaS hosted. Our current version is 3.5.1. Delta State has been hosted since March 2015 and has been with SirsiDynix since 2002. Delta State has approximately 3500 students and 200 faculty members. We have over 370,000 bound volumes and 71,000 E-books in our collection and an annual circulation of nearly 10,000 volumes. Yearly foot traffic is approximately 100,000. Who AreWe?
  3. Circulation and User Policies
  4. User Profiles • Student – most of our patrons • FacStafDoc – Faculty and staff members plus doctoral students • FOL – Friends of the Library; multiple levels including bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and lifetime • Dancing – Members of the Dancing Rabbit Library Consortium • Alum_Good – Alumni in good standing
  5. User Profiles (Cont’d) • Not_Enroll – Special profile used when loading patrons • ILL – Interlibrary Loan • Lost – Charging lost items • Missing – Charging missing items • Repair_M – For books needing repair
  6. Circulation Rules and Policies • Four Symphony libraries: Main, Instructional Resources Center (IRC),Teach for America (TFA), and Archives • Students can check out most items (books, etc) for 21 days • Audio-Visual material only circulates for 7 days • Faculty/Staff/Doctoral students can check out materials for a semester • Items on reserve, headphones circulate for 2 or 3 hours • ILL books lent for 30 days • Journals, reference books, special collections, etc. doesn’t circulate
  7. Circulation Rules and Policies (Cont’d) • Overdue notices sent out when items are 7, 14, and 21 days overdue • Items made lost after 30 days • Items marked missing if they can’t be located in the library and are not checked out • Recall • If something has been checked out for more than 10 days and a patron wants it, we can recall the item • Useful when faculty/staff checkout materials for a semester • Recalls issued on a case by case basis; rarely done
  8. Holds • No on-shelf holds • Holds may only be placed on titles which are checked out • No item-level holds, only title holds allowed • All copies of a title must be checked out
  9. Circulation Reports
  10. WhatWe Run • Overdue Notice Reports • Most numerous - ~17 run per night • Run with various selection criteria • Send three different notices before item is marked lost • E-mail only • Recall notices • Reserve overdue notices • Hold Pickup Notices • Clean Shelf Holds
  11. WhatWe Run (cont’d) • List transits – for items in Instructional Resources Center (IRC) andTeach for America libraries • Workstation Cash Reports • One each for Main library, IRC • Summarizes payment taken by each workstation, broken down by payment type • Daily Cash Report • Displays payment taken in outside of circulation desk • Useful for double checking work
  12. WhatWe Run (cont’d) • Add Items (for Information Desks) • Other system and serials related reports (ADU, claims, etc) • ~ 70 reports total • Most run between midnight and 8am
  13. Overdue Notice Reports Item tab → Select Item Library Wide range of selection criteria
  14. Overdue Notice Reports (Cont’d) User tab → Select User Profiles Wide range of selection criteria Each of our reports tailored to specific profiles
  15. Overdue Notice Reports (Cont’d) Sorting: user id Other options include groud id, user name, and zip code
  16. Overdue Notice Reports (Cont’d) Charge Notice 3 possible messages Each set to dates 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks before report runs Up to five messages can be sent in one report Options to print bib information, fines accrued
  17. Overdue Notice Reports – other options Charge selection Can select specific charges for each report We don’t do so
  18. Overdue Notice Reports – other options User Status Selection Allows selection by user status and estimated fines Not utilized by DSU (Not pictured) Ability to produce labels or print separate reports (one file sorted by library) Not utilized by DSU
  19. Overdue Notice Reports - Scheduling Standard scheduling options: ASAP, Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly We run reports daily Can be sent to an individual or auto-e-mailed Options to set subject line, Reply to fields
  20. Hold Pickup Notices • Selects active holds and sends notices to patrons who placed them • Runs nightly • Automatically e-mailed to patrons • One report for each library
  21. Hold Pickup Notices – Selection Criteria • Hold Selection tab (pictured) → Hold Status: Active • Item Selection tab → select library • User Selection tab → DSU selects nothing
  22. Hold Pickup Notices – Notice Selection • Up to five messages can be sent out • We send one • Put library address on notice
  23. Clean Shelf Holds • Lists inactive holds to be removed from shelf • Runs for main library • Runs nightly • Results sorted by call number
  24. Clean Shelf Holds (cont’d) Trap holds tab Hold Selection tab
  25. ListTransits • Lists in-transit items • Selects based on destination library (pictured on next page) • Sorted by call number (pictured on next page) • Runs nightly
  26. ListTransits (Cont’d) • Our need: • Multiple Symphony Libraries • Items need to be in correct library • Especially a concern withTFA • Multi-branch libraries may value report
  27. Cash Reports • Generate reports for payment received • Three run nightly: two workstation reports, one daily cash report
  28. Cash Reports (cont’d) • Workstation Cash reports • One for each library • Selects workstations • Transaction range: 1 day prior to report run date • Daily Cash report • Selects main library only • Prints cash report for each workstation • Totals for each form of payment • Runs nightly • Sent to systems department
  29. Cash Reports (cont’d) Workstation Cash Report Daily Cash Report
  30. WhatWe Run (cont’d)
  31. WhatWe Run (cont’d)
  32. User Management
  33. Who are our users? • Mostly Delta State students, faculty, staff • Each has a different loan period • Need to distinguish between enrolled and not enrolled • Few restrictions on borrowing different item types • Receive patron load from Office of InformationTechnology
  34. Loading Users into the System • Distinguishing between enrolled, not enrolled requires multi-step process • Step 1: Set user profile to NOT_ENROLL • Step 2: Load Users from patron load file • Step 3: Run ADU User Report • Step 4: Set expiration date for users • Step 5: Run fix.txt for patrons not in load file
  35. Loading Users Step 1: Changing the profile • Select users based on profile and privilege expiration date • Changes profile to NOT_ENROLL
  36. This report can erase your user database. Please exercise caution
  37. Edit User Characteristics report
  38. Loading Users Step 2:The File • Office of InformationTechnology transfers file to SaaS server • Load user report selects file • Default library for new users is main • Mode is set to create and update • Report will updated non-matched id (ex. alternate ID)
  39. Load Users Steps 3-5: Final Steps • Run Add, Delete, Update (ADU) User Reports • Run Set Expiration Date reports • One for faculty/staff/doctoral students, one for all other students • Selects users based on profile and expiration date • Sets new expiration date • Used to extent privilege past date set during user load • Run fix.txt • Not all users (ex. adjunct faculty) are in patron load • We load a separate file (see sample at right) called fix.txt • Fix.txt manually updated *** DOCUMENT BOUNDARY*** FORM=LDUSER .USER_ID. |a900xxxxxx .USER_ALT_ID. |a900xxxxxx .USER_NAME. |Paulmeno, Michael .USER_PROFILE. |aFACSTAFDOC .USER_PRIV_EXPIRES. |a20160814 .USER_ADDR1_BEGIN. .STREET. |a1000 Highway 8West .CITY/STATE. |aCleveland MS .ZIP. |a38732 .USER_ADDR1_END. .USER_ADDR2_BEGIN. .STREET. |a1000 Highway 8West .CITY/STATE. |aCleveland MS .ZIP. |a38732 .USER_ADDR2_END.
  40. Other Reports
  41. Other ReportsWe Run • ADU Databases • Add Items • Adds material to information desks • Used for content lists for eLibrary/Enterprise • Run 10 nightly • Serials reports: prediction as late, routing slips • Export keys for MARC Export to EBSCO Discovery Service • More which run less frequently
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