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The ensuing CRM and ongoing fraud issues are now leveraged via my Premium Linked Account, after a very respectful wait; for a longtime trusted associate. The following letter is a copy of my ghostwritten original…with names and content edited for public viewing.

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  1. 1. * The ensuing corporate issues are now being leveraged via my Premium Linked Account for a longtime trusted associate. The following CRM letter is a copy of my ghostwritten original…with names and content edited for public viewing. To: TD BANK – Senior Management February 18 2016 I had been a satisfied lifelong TD account holder since the early 1970s…until 5 years ago; but as amazing as it may sound, TD Bank’s Operations have progressively gone “Banana Republic” ever since! 1- In 2011, I got a bad deal from my TD Branch’s Investment “Specialist” on a $5K 5 Year Term Deposit. I incidentally asked at that time, if I could extract funds from it at some point if need be; and the oblique response was “well, not right away”. 2.5 years later, a teller gave me incorrect “reassuring” information that I could withdraw TFSA funds no problem. I eventually wound up taking a big hit on this “investment” as I needed to cancel it. 2- I received a TFSA statement in the mail, indicating an apparent missing near $5K. My mild panic was relieved, when I was surprisingly informed that I had two different TFSAs, because TD had impromptu converted my GIC Account to a TFSA. 3- (a) My full $350 balance for a retail purchase (instead of just the monthly $17.47) was inadvertently paid off 1.5 years early by a teller, on an occasion when the bank was very busy. (b) I also requested a copy of all my account balances from the teller during this visit; and no record showed up of any accumulated direct pay deposits from my new job. I then got the same result from the bank’s ATM. I found out the next day, that the money had been deposited all along in my TFSA (not included in account balances) because a teller had mistakenly linked direct pay deposits to that account. PS: When a Client requests a Statement of ALL their Account Balances; either directly from a teller or at the ATM, they should promptly receive balances of TFSAs as well! 4- TD staff prompts its customers to open a “convenient” free Overdraft “Protection” Account. This account is from thereon in, deceptively referred to as “Chequing” and when paying off one’s Visa etc., TD tellers are automatically prompted by Bank Management to casually ask if you’d like to do so thru this “Chequing” account…even if you clearly have plenty of funds to cover this payment elsewhere. If you don’t happen to have surplus funds in this Chequing/Overdraft Account (and why would you?), you are automatically overdrafted, and charged “fees” plus accumulating interest! 5- Furthermore…although I have no conclusive proof, I know that my TD Bank account activity (on at least one occasion) was leaked by an insider, to an outside source. [Details on Page 2 of this Letter] * I promptly expect solid proof that my concerns are forensically investigated; otherwise a version of this letter may be published at Michael Pastien’s Premium LinkedIn Profile to nearly 7K High Caliber Global Connections. * TD Bank was initially contacted in early February 2016 via email, Easy Web Communications, and by phone; at which point it was advised that the issues should be addressed in person with the Customer Service Manager at any Branch. This was done on Thursday afternoon February 18 with a brief meeting; at which point it was agreed that the concise list of issues were to be emailed to this Manager, and would be studied the next morning. The 2 page letter was promptly sent, and after not getting a response; a voicemail reminder was left with the Manager in the early morning of Friday Feb 26. On Monday March 28 the Bank Branch’s Associate Client Service Manager was autonomously visited in person, and after a scan of the letter, requested that it be sent to her. An assurance was given that a response would soon be forthcoming, yet as of October 11, 2016 it has resulted in zero response from anyone at TD Bank.
  2. 2. FORENSIC LEADS ˃ To Solving Apparent TD Insider Fraud Leaks of My Banking Data I initially set out to outline a number of TD CRM issues and added the “Insider Fraud Leak” as an afterthought. Although I have no conclusive proof, I know that my TD Bank Account activity (on at least one occasion) was leaked at around April 2012 to my 85 year old father (who has virtually no contact with anyone). PS: I am not on speaking terms with either he, or my brother That brother likely is the culprit who leaked my TD Banking info to my father…via a TD Bank insider. He has long had the “peculiar” habit of doing all his banking face to face (maybe with the same teller or two) When doing his in-Branch banking, he may “manage” to deal with a “preferred teller” by faking a need to organize paperwork, and let those in the lineup behind him go ahead, until his teller of choice is free for him. * There may be a digital timeline showing if he has a track record of constantly dealing with the same teller(s) He dubiously told me he habitually does his banking face to face, even when there are long lineups inside the bank, and no one is using the ATM…because he “just prefers it that way” Perhaps a Money Laundering Relationship is involved? His home phone is “covertly” linked in the White Pages to a 2nd address @ a 2841 Richmond Rd highrise; yet he has solely lived just around the corner for ten years at the house he’s owned, along with his wife and son. He has occasionally referred to 2 young female TD Branch (1480 Richmond Rd) Tellers; and mentioned having encountered one of them outside of banking hours, on at least a couple of occasions. I definitely got the impression that he was trying to get me “interested” in them. Perhaps one or both of these TD Tellers have resided at 2841 Richmond Rd (in an apartment which may be registered under his name). * Link to not knowingly related recent story of unidentified Major Canadian Bank busted & fined $1M by Fintrac for Money Laundering * There may also be an ongoing electronic trail showing specific individuals looking into my banking activity, over a period of many years. Other TD Banking Family Matters which merit examining My dad has systematically removed funds by phone from a TD Account on a yearly basis…perhaps “illegally”. * In 2014 he had a long phone dispute with a TD agent, arguing that he didn’t understand why there was a big issue in repeating a Funds Transfer that he claimed he’d had no problem doing yearly on prior occasions. * This account may be one which he shouldn’t legally have the ability of accessing. He may not “technically” be sole proprietor of the house he lives in (perhaps due to a strict estate divorce clause). Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. TIMELINE – EPILOG [Jan 19 ’17 Update] * It’s baffling why TD or its Client Managers failed to respond to my initial legally complex ‘foreboding’ letter. It may have been felt that I’d be highly unlikely to follow thru with publishing such a personal story publicly, and didn’t foresee this being done with discrete creative easy editing June 2016 – TD Bank names Steve Kingan as new 1480 Richmond Rd Branch Manager * This move, as it turns out “may” have actually been facilitated by my recent letter to two TD Client Managers (Upon further research…this TD Branch shows a notable prior history of negative CRM Google reviews) Oct 11 2016 – Edited edition of my “TD Bank > Serious CRM & FRAUD ISSUE$” Letter is Published publicly on LinkedIn (SlideShare), Twitter, and Facebook…resulting in “Google Search” 1st Page Rankings Jan 3-6 2017 – LinkedIn article is vitally boosted with direct strategic “Tags” of TD Senior Management, plus global fraud specialists Jan 6 – Welcome phone call from new TD Branch Manager Stephen Kingan results in a genial 23 minute update conversation, during which he invites me to meet him, and promises to get back to me in a few days Jan 10 – TD Regional Manager’s Toronto Office initiates a 30 minute phone call to discuss vital overview concerns & clear up details *Steve Kingan and Toronto Regional Manager’s Office both agreed that the $5K TFSA Fixed Term investment in 2011 was clearly bad advice on the part of their Representative Jan 13 – Steve Kingan updates me that he has discussed matters with TD’s Regional Manager Toronto Office, which will now take control of our CRM Security Issues…as one point of contact moving forward Jan 19 – Toronto Regional Office calls, and upon having satisfiably recapped the Overall CRM and Security Issues…it proposes an ethical closure of matters, with a reimbursement for the sizable funds loss incurred years ago, due to regrettable investment advice given by their financial agent The courteous TD Customer Relationship Management offer is appreciatively accepted * Perfect end-all result of my persistent overall efforts will be, that it motivates TD to exquisitely overhaul its CRM and Security Operations (plus those of its competitors), especially in regards to in-person banking! Page 3 of 3