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Resource scheduling & capacity planning for project online webinar 25 oct18


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Resource management in an organization can be a challenge for any number of reasons. What if you had a more formal request and approval process that enabled greater visibility for resource managers into the allocation and capacity of their resources? Now you do – Resource Scheduling in Project Online.

Resource Scheduling provides functionality for both resource managers and project managers to enhance communication of resource assignments. Project managers request the needed resource and resource managers analyze and respond to the requests based on real information about other commitments the resource has already been committed to.

This webinar will show both the resource manager and project manager perspective in working with Resource Scheduling in Project Online. Join us and find out how you can get better control and visibility over your allocation and capacity using the new OnePlan for Resource Scheduling

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Resource scheduling & capacity planning for project online webinar 25 oct18

  1. 1. Digital Productivity Solutions Built for the Microsoft Cloud Resource Scheduling & Capacity Planning for Project Online Reimagine Business Productivity
  2. 2. • Resource Management Overview • OnePlan for Resource Planning in Project Online • Demonstration • Summary & Next Steps Topics
  3. 3. What is Resource Management? Resource management is the efficient and effective deployment and allocation of an organization's resources when and where they are needed. Benefits:
  4. 4. Resource Management Challenges 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  5. 5. 5 Resource Management Steps Capacity Planning Resource Allocation Resource Tracking Team Management Work Management
  6. 6. Resource Management Maturity Dimensions
  7. 7. Resource Management Maturity
  8. 8. Resource Management “Musts” 1. Assess Readiness 2. Understand Organizational Maturity 3. Understand the Environment 4. Build a Resource Management Road Map 5. Define Your Process First
  9. 9. Excel Used By Many Today Why? • It’s freely available • We all know how to use it • Sharing is easy
  10. 10. The problems with Excel 1. Lack of standards (very individual) 2. Manual and static model 3. Easy to break formulas and calculations 4. No dynamic visibility of resource capacity 5. Time consuming when things change 6. Disconnected from project management info 7. Visibility & insight for overall reporting 8. Governance 9. Strategic alignment of projects to company objectives
  11. 11. Transformative options
  12. 12. Transformative options 1. Embedded processes 2. Central data store 3. Actionable intelligence
  13. 13. Project Online
  14. 14. All Resource Work
  15. 15. Visual Resource Capacity Planning Within Projects Resource planning for individual projects based on organization-wide capacity and demand You no longer need to spend time in spreadsheets – let OnePlan do the work Fast, Simple, Visual Resource Capacity Planning for Teams, People, and Equipment Dynamically Manage Resource Demand with Drag & Drop Match individual resources to the project’s requirements by finding team members according to their roles, skills, and availability.
  16. 16. Resource Capacity Planning Organization-Wide Resource planning and visibility across the enterprise High-level capacity and demand with a fast and visual user experience Look at resources proposed and committed across all project and work efforts Easily substitute and balance resourcing with drag-and-drop re-assignment, or simple replacement
  17. 17. Visual Resource Scheduling Schedule resources and equipment with a bird’s eye view of your team’s allocation. Resources can be scheduled at a high- level if more than capacity planning is needed Graphical visuals of engagements scheduled, and how it relates to overall resource over/under allocation
  18. 18. Team Member Collaboration Increase productivity with real- time personal dashboards and simple statusing. Give your team the information they need to make autonomous decisions that keep the project moving forward. Gain transparency and confidence with visibility into individual assignments. Enhance team collaboration with simple status updates directly from their email client.
  19. 19. Leverage for Portfolio Analysis in Project Online Drive business value with robust portfolio analysis. Easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path. Weigh project proposals against strategic business drivers based on objective criteria, all while considering cost and resource constraints.
  20. 20. Top-Down Financial Planning in Project Online Financial plans to support intake and management process Integrating top-down project financials ▪ Streamline budgeting, improve estimating and track the performance of your investments across programs & portfolios. ▪ Leverage the strength of both top-down and bottoms- up financial planning with proper business planning and controls. Seamlessly extends the Microsoft Project Online solution to enable full financial management controls such as: ▪ Financial categorization, scenario modeling, financial rollups, financial analytics and estimating ▪ Provide the PMO with financial transparency ▪ Link investments to project, product and application portfolios, resulting in higher returns and better business value
  21. 21. Project Financial Planner for Project Online Project Financial Planner includes the following capabilities: ▪ Full integration with Microsoft Project Online ▪ Financial visibility across multiple portfolios ▪ Financial planner with flexible cost category structure ▪ Multiple cost types for budget, actual, forecast, benefits ▪ Financial impact analyzer & heat maps ▪ Financial Reporting and What-if modeling Value-Added Financial Capabilities
  22. 22. Dynamic Resource Reporting and Analytics Deliver new insights into your business with visual reporting & analytics. Make the right decisions with access to real-time reporting and analytics. Visually monitor utilization of your team to help with capacity planning. Slice and dice the data to personalize your view. Monitor and improve your team’s efficiency and compliance.
  23. 23. Resource Management Use Cases • Agreements between Project Managers and Resource Managers • Where they can request an amount of work and time period to utilize people on their projects.
  24. 24. DEMONSTRATION Reimagine Productivity Resource Scheduling and Capacity Planning for Project Online
  25. 25. SUMMARY & WRAP UP Reimagine Productivity Resource Scheduling and Capacity Planning for Project Online
  26. 26. Summary Resource managementis a criticalsuccess factorfor PPM success Approachand processes shouldalign withorganizational readiness and maturity High-level capacityplanningis a good place to start More detailedresource allocationcan followas ready or needed Project Online provides a great platformfor all PPM capabilities Wicresoft’s OnePlanextends to provide enhancedvisual planningand capabilities OnePlanis fully integratedand embeddedin Project Online
  27. 27. • JV with Microsoft in 2002 • Global footprint • Consulting, Business Applications, Managed Services, global support and Staffing • 6,500 global employees • Client focused, proven track record, passion for technology • Microsoft Global Partner (5 Gold) About Wicresoft San Diego Seattle Canada Chicago New Jersey North Carolina Sweden Belarus Beijing Shenzhen Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya Shanghai Australia Top 1% of Microsoft Partners Microsoft P-Seller
  28. 28. Business Applications Education & Training Consulting Services Staffing Services Managed Services • PPM • Scaled Agile • PSA • Digital Workplace • Sales & Marketing • Field Service • Service Management • Human Capital • Microsoft Technology • PMO • Leadership • Project Management Fundamentals • Agile • SAFe • PMBOK • Microsoft Technology • Implementation • Advisory Services • PMO Transformation • Agile Transformation • Digital Workplace • Microsoft Technology • Project Management • Agile Transformation • Digital Workplace • OSS/BSS • Network Operations & Engineering • Quality Assurance • OSS/BSS • Network Operations & Engineering • Quality Assurance • PMO as a Service Enterprise Productivity Transformation Unleashing the power of your organization through people, process and productivity solutions.
  29. 29. Project Portfolio Management • Portfolio Management • Project Management • Resource Management • Schedule Management • Time Management • Enterprise Work Agile Portfolio Management • Portfolio Management • Financial Management • Resource Management • Status Reporting • Bi-Modal Planning • DevOps (VSTS) Integration • Intranets and Portals • Work Management • Knowledge Base • Workflow Automation • Team Collaboration Digital Workplace Field & Service Management • Marketing & Sales • Order Management • Project Management • Resource Utilization • Time & Expense • Services Management • Invoicing Professional Services Automation • Workforce Management • Customer Communications • Contract Management • Inventory Management • Mobile Productivity
  30. 30. Next Steps Email Wicresoft Websites: Wicresoft Project Online OnePlan On-Demand and Upcoming Webinars: • FREE – Assessment and Roadmap • FREE – Project Online/OnePlan Trial & Wicresoft Support • Personalized 1:1 demo for your organization