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Future of Microsoft Project Whats New and Why You Must Move


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At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced a new vision for modern work management with Microsoft Project. The future of Microsoft Project will allow organizations to work the way they want to work, whether they are creating waterfall projects, agile boards or even portfolio roadmaps.

Join us in this session to learn what's coming in Microsoft Project and find out why now is the time to move online. Building a plan to adopt new features at the right speed is critical for team success. We'll get you prepared for the exciting new road ahead as Microsoft leads the way to the future of Project Management.

Topics include:

1. New Project Home
2. New Project Service (Project Desktop online)
3. New Roadmap
4. New OnePlan Resource Scheduler
5. Benefits to moving to Project Online Professional

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  • Excellent presentation. The need to customize project management from predictive to adaptive projects along with the need to work from anywhere, anytime find a solution in new and future Microsoft applications.
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Future of Microsoft Project Whats New and Why You Must Move

  1. 1. New Chapter for Project Why You Can’t Afford To Miss The Wave Reimagine Project Portfolio Management Digital Productivity Solutions Built for the Microsoft Cloud
  2. 2. The journey to a new chapter for Project • Teams work the way they want. Executives get the results they needVision • To empower companies to achieve better results by aligning investment with projects and resources, working with agility and flexibility, and collaboration globally… all using intuitive, consistent tools in the Microsoft Cloud. Mission
  3. 3. Modern Work Management Modern Problems Work is happening everywhere all the time – we lose track Our teams choose their own tools to work the way they want Our accidental PMs and millennials want simple, visual tools Our business processes cross functions and systems A single compliance security, or platform issue can disrupt business Transparent Get the big picture: all work, from tasks to portfolio, across multiple services Versatile Collaborate on projects with flexible methodologies and familiar Microsoft tools Intuitive Start fast with simple interfaces and modern web experience Integrated Run your end-to-end business process on a single platform Compliant Innovate with confidence on a highly compliant, secure, scalable platform Modern Solutions
  4. 4. Get the big picture A modern PPM solution should help enterprises… Align investment to strategy Identify, select and deliver project portfolios that best align with business strategy to maximize ROI Choose projects objectively Prioritize project–based opportunities with built- in intelligence to plan for successful outcomes Monitor progress toward business goals Monitor progress toward business goals using integrated business intelligence dashboards Gain visibility across work Quickly understand status and investments for all work efforts, from portfolios and programs to projects and tasks
  5. 5. Work how you want A modern PPM solution should help teams.. Work their way Mange projects using the team’s preferred methods, like agile, waterfall, ad hoc, or a hybrid Use tools that match their work style Familiar capabilities and coloration through native Office 365 tools help eliminate traditional project team silos Manage tasks and time from anywhere Enable teams to report on and own tasks until completion anywhere, anytime, on any device Maintain governance Quickly understand status and investments with built-in governance tools, like workflows
  6. 6. Start fast A modern PPM solution should help teams.. Empower all information workers Enable everyone, from accidental to professional project managers, to manage projects • Accidental and occasional PMs can benefit from simple task boards for managing smaller projects • Professional PMs can use advanced tools for a more nuanced and complete approach Boost productivity with familiar tools Get project teams started fast with intuitive PPM tools and modern web experiences that resonate with user
  7. 7. Model your processes across functions and systems A modern PPM solution should help teams.. Customize their PPM experience Get the PPM solution you need with native Office 365, Dynamics 365, and VSTS capabilities Easily extend functionality Use PowerApps and Flow to create custom apps ad automatic workflows – no coding experience required Collaborate with integrated tools Foster great collaboration and avoid tool proliferation with a PPM solution that includes integrated solutions for simple task management, scheduling, communications and more
  8. 8. Focus on business, not technology A modern PPM solution should help teams.. Scale automatically Manage up to 30,000 projects and resources on a single platform while maintain enterprise-grade performance Forget about infrastructure Automatically meet the highest levels of security and compliance requirements, including regional and industry standards Work Securely Get enterprise-grade security, privacy, and transparency through Microsoft 365 Meet compliance requirements across industries and regions, including HIPAA, FedRamp, EU Model Clauses, GDPR, ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 and more
  9. 9. New Modern Work Management Ecosystem
  10. 10. Introducing “Project Home” • Easily access all projects and roadmaps from across the ecosystem through a centralized hub • Create new projects and choose the preferred methodology – all within the hub • Drill into individual projects for more details no matter where it’s being managed (i.e. Azure Boards, Project Online, Planner, or Dynamics PSA
  11. 11. Coming Soon “Roadmap” • See all portfolio roadmaps and proposed/current projects in one place • Create roadmaps and define key dates at the portfolio level for more accurate portfolio planning • Connect to key project tasks and milestones from VSTS, Project Online, Planner, and Dynamics PSA to get the latest health status • Prioritize projects inside roadmap to achieve top down planning
  12. 12. Coming Soon “Project Service” • Modern User Experience • Groups Security for Collaboration • Co-Authoring • New Scheduling Service • Built on PowerApps platform • Integrated with Dynamics Apps
  13. 13. The journey is being made in a new platform We have adopted Microsoft Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps as our new vehicle for Project. Together with PowerApps and Flow, CDS for Apps delivers more power in terms of scalability, performance and with the highest levels of compliance and security
  14. 14. Dynamics 365 Office 365 Project Microsoft Power platform Azure Common Data Service for Apps Data Connectors
  15. 15. Microsoft has already started the journey Agile in Project desktop client New Project Online Home experience
  16. 16. Wicresoft has already joined the journey
  17. 17. demo
  18. 18. The journey does not deviate from current SKUs New Project Online Home experience Portfolio - Roadmap New Project Management experience
  19. 19. Project Cloud Subscription User Subscription License (USL) Basics
  20. 20. Transitioning to Cloud On premise offers Cloud offers Project Server access1 g Project Online Professional P g Project Online Premium (Portfolio Management) P g Project Online Essentials (Team Member) P 1Customers must have licenses providing rights to access the rest of the Project Server stack (Windows, SharePoint, SQL Server)
  21. 21. Online Services Shared Workstation Project Pro for O365 is installed but not activated Project user logs in, Project temporarily activates Project user logs out, Project is not activated Non-Project user logs in, Project doesn’t activate Shared Computer Activation A benefit of Project Online subscriptions  Customers using RDS or shared physical or virtual computers may switch to Project Pro for Office 365. Shared Computer Activation does not count against a user’s 5 PC install limit
  22. 22. Project Cloud Add-ons EASY The underlying agreement does not change. SA benefits are retained, including rights to new versions. GREAT PRICE Pricing recognizes existing investment in Project. Preserves applicable discounts for on-premises and volume discounts for online services. FLEXIBLE Add Project cloud plans at any time, for any number of users, to any workload. A simple, low-cost way for customers to add Project cloud services at any time, while maintaining current EA and SA benefits *Available in: EA, EAS, org-wide OV, OVS, or MPSA
  23. 23. Comparing Add-ons Versus Full USL
  24. 24. Customer Commitment Continuity To use Project Online confidently while planning for the start of the new service Principle of transparency Release roadmap Side-by-side approach With native migration and partnership with Wicresoft
  25. 25. More Resources us/microsoft- 365/blog/2018/09/25/a-new-vision- for-modern-work-management- with-microsoft-project/ com/t5/Project-Blog/A-letter-to- our-Microsoft-Project- community/ba-p/260891 https://techcommunity.mi Blog/Q-and-A-on-the- Future-Vision-of- Project/ba-p/262109 Learn more about the changes from the official Microsoft channels (click to be redirected) A New Vision Community Letter Q&A
  26. 26. Learn more and stay connected M365 Blogs Visit the M365 Blogs site for major Project announcement CLICK HERE Project Blog on Tech Community Find all Project news & regular updates CLICK HERE WW Project Partners on Yammer M365 Partner Community Join our webcasts to learn about specific capabilities CLICK HERE UserVoice Submit and vote on ideas for new Visio capabilities CLICK HERE Follow us on social media for the latest updates @project msftproject
  27. 27. Special Offer (Included with Project Online Professional) OnePlan Resource Scheduler is designed for resource managers and teams who are looking for more transparency. • Gain insight into your project team’s availability and dynamically manage resource schedules for your project with the ease of drag & drop. • Proactively solve scheduling conflicts. • Give your team the information they need to make autonomous decisions that keep the project moving forward.
  28. 28. Special Offer – Free PPM Health Check Sign up today at
  29. 29. Next Steps • FREE – PPM Health Check • FREE - Project Online Trial & Wicresoft Support • Personalized 1:1 demo for your organization Email Wicresoft Jim Patterson On-Demand and Upcoming Webinars: