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Metastructures of nursing informatics


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The 4 Metastructures of Nursing Informatics. #AdUNursingInformatics

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Metastructures of nursing informatics

  1. 1. Metastructures ofNursing InformaticsPresented by Michael John F. Natividad
  2. 2. Metastructures ofNursing Informatics
  3. 3. Explanation of the Symbols Metastructures of Nursing Informatics
  4. 4. Metastructures of Nursing Informatics1. Data2. Information3. Knowledge4. WisdomGoal: Wise Clinical Decision
  5. 5. Data• As the Nutrients absorbed Root of the tree:The nutrients are absorbed by the roots and serve as the nourishment of the whole tree. Nutrients are raw materials that will be synthesized in order to produce food for the tree.• In Nursing InformaticsData are raw facts that lack meaning, they will serve as bases for interpretation
  6. 6. Data• Just like the nutrients of the tree, the data are still raw and needs to be synthesized
  7. 7. Information• As the trunk of the tree:The trunk serve as the framework and structure that supports the tree. It guides the food to circulate throughout the tree.• In Nursing Informatics:Data that are interpreted, organized, or structured
  8. 8. Information• Just like the trunk of the tree, the information serve as structure for the process. The trunk was built and made strong by the nutrients absorbed by the tree. Information was interpreted and analyzed from the data.
  9. 9. Knowledge• As the leaves of the tree:The leaves are shown wide and broad parts of the tree. The greener and plentier the leaves, the healthier is tree. The tree serve as the shade and guide of the tree for growing• In Nursing Informatics: Knowledge is a body of information A sum of known and understood Undergone process of synthesis
  10. 10. KnowledgeJust like the leaves of the tree, knowledge is a body and is very broad. It undergone synthesis for it to be rich and healthy. The leaves are at the top of the trunk showing a higher state. Knowledge is a product of analysis of information and a range of understanding. The more comprehensive the information, the broader the knowledge. Using knowledge, the nurse can apply it to practice.
  11. 11. Wisdom• As the fruit of the tree:The fruit of the tree is the end-product of all the processes that occurred in the tree. It is an essential part because it helps in reproduction of trees. Through the fruit, the tree can multiply and be productive.• In Nursing Informatics: Wisdom is application of knowledge Wise attitude and belief of action Sense of Judgment
  12. 12. Wisdom• Wisdom is the fruit of all the concepts in nursing informatics. It where you apply the knowledge that you have acquired from the information. Just like the fruit of the tree, wisdom can help a person multiply the correct knowledge and skills hence, being productive.
  13. 13. Wise Clinical Decision• This is not a part of the metastructures but it is the goal of the concepts and process.• As the person eating the fruit (wisdom):• It symbolizes that if the nurse acquire wisdom, he can make a wise clinical decision.
  14. 14. To sum up…The principle metastructures of nursing informatics are based on a nurses ability to utilize data, information and knowledge to make wise clinical decisions.
  15. 15. Thank You