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StairWear Pitch Deck

  1. 1. StairWear Pitch Deck Providing safety through bigger steps, better grip, high visibilty.
  2. 2. Problem Stairs can cause elderly users and people with disabilities to fall. They can prevent elderly occupants from going upstairs, forcing them to live downstairs or move out. This is beacuse: Steps are not big enough for users’ feet There is not enough grip on the steps Steps blend together, making it difficult for those with visual impairments
  3. 3. Solution A suite of custom fit accessories for your stairs that provide: More foot space on each step Better grip Better visibility
  4. 4. How it works 1. “Mom, we should make the house easier and safer to use now that you’ve had a hip replacement”. 2. Professional comes to measure the existing stairs/steps. 3. Use the StairWear site to congifure the product to your exact needs (size, color, style). 6. Local construction expert assembles and installs the product in under one hour. 4. Decentralized manufacurting means that the customized solution is sent to be 3D printed/CNC cut by a service local to the customer. 5. The StairWear platform taps into existing delivery networks to deliver the product to the customer.
  5. 5. Market Validation Elderly & disabled assistive technology market by 2024 $26 Billion Source: Global Stairlift market by 2024 $1.5 Billion Source:
  6. 6. Market Size 1.5B People over the age of 65 by 2050. Source: 100% Of seniors advised to make homes safer. Source: 52M StairWear products bought. 15% of available market.
  7. 7. Product
  8. 8. Your Way Make your stairs easier, safer and more stylish. Shop About Us We don’t just want you to overcome obstacles in your everyday life, we want you to conquer them. We know that stairs can be a big problem for a lot of people, and for a lot of different reasons, and that there is no easy, affordable solution. StairWear is changing this by offering products that help to prevent falls and allow for safe, confident use of stairs, encouraging people to live their best possible life. Stairs may not seem like a challenge to many, but it is likely that almost everybody will experience trouble with stairs at some point in their life. Rather than wait for them to become a problem, why not prevent them becoming a problem? And why not do it in an affordable and stylish way, that promotes exercise and healthy, independent living? Find out how it works here. How It Works Community Sign In Join
  9. 9. Shop How It Works Community Sign In Join StairWear Indoor Description StairWear Indoor offers an affordable, stylish solution for dangerous staircases, promising more foot space on each step, better grip and better visibility, vastly reducing your risk of falling. Browse Products StairWear Indoor Size: (tread depth of each step) Price: $950 Minus 0.5” Plus 0.5” 12” Color: Grip style: Grip color: Add to basket
  10. 10. Outdoor
  11. 11. Indoor
  12. 12. Business Model We take a 20% commission on each transaction. 52M StairWear products bought 15% of Available Market $70 Average fee $350 for avg purchase 250M Revenue Projected by 2025
  13. 13. Market Adoption Incentives Health Insurance solutions Cheaper than alternatives Save on hospital visits Recommended By Occupational & Physical Therapists Used in clinics Advertising Through partners that make up the supply chain 3D Printing Providers Delivery Services Construction Services
  14. 14. Competition Affordable Effective
  15. 15. Competitive Advantage 1. More foot space Makes steps safer 5. Quick & easy Assembly & installation 2. Affordable Decentralized manufacturing, 3D printed/CNC cut locally 6. Incentive Manufacturing, delivery & construction services make money 3. Tailor-fit To each person’s exact needs (size, shape, grip) 7. Tactile bumps Can be incorporated for the visually-impaired 4. Your style Customize the color, finish, etc. 8. Enables user To continue to live their best possible life
  16. 16. Team Michael O’Sullivan Design Engineer PhD researcher in 3D Printing and Mass Customization. Has a BSc in Product Design & Technology. Co-founder of a community that produces open source 3D printed prosthetics. Louise Clifford UX Design Digital Media Design student. Professional photographer. Previously an IT Security Consultant for Bank of Ireland. Natalie LeRoy UX & Interior Design UX designer with a background of over 5 years in branding design and public art. Previous finalist in an Open IDEO challenge.