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SlideShare as B2B Online Marketing Tool


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A first concept for my thesis, if SlideShare could serve as a B2B online marketing tool within the DACH region and how to measure its performance.

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SlideShare as B2B Online Marketing Tool

  2. 2. Problem Statement ■ Presentations & slide decks are omnipresent in companies (internal + external) – >120million people worldwide are using Powerpoint to create business/educational presentations (2010) – Require time and workforce – Often only used once, or in best case: ■ Upload to Webpage (Download & Press Section) or integration to an company- owned blog (if available) ■ Idea to reuse content for further marketing purpose – ONLINE! – (Only if content is sharable with public)
  3. 3. Introduction ■ Where do we go if we search for information? ■ Search Engines (Google) & to some extent social media – Web search (USA, 2018) ■ >90% via Google ■ Yahoo/Bing/Amazon/Facebook each about 1% – A company page is only looked up if the company is already known, and even then SE’s and social media might be looked up first ■ Goal – Good Search Engine Rankings are the key ■ Focus: Off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  4. 4. Slideshare ■ Founded in 2006 – Bought by LinkedIn in 2012 – (LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft since 2016) ■ Facts (Source: Slideshare) – 80 million users worldwide – 18 million pieces of shared content – Available in 5 languages and referring sub-domains (EN, DE, ES, PT, FR) ■ Analytics (Source: SimilarWeb) – Rank 422 (globally, according to traffic) – >80% of traffic from organic search – Avrg. 150 million monthly visits (2nd half of 2018) ■ .de-Domain – Avrg. 700k monthly visits (.pt – 10m, .es – 50m, .fr– 2m) ■ Analytics (Source: Moz) – Domain Authority: 94  .de-Domain: 94 – Page Authority: 85  .de-Domain: 66
  5. 5. Research Question ■ How to make use of the social media platform Slideshare in order to increase brand awareness? Supporting Research Questions: ■ How to increase SERP’s with the use of Slideshare? ■ How to generate Leads with the use of Slideshare?
  6. 6. Research Goal ■ Find out the optimal usage of Slideshare for companies to increase its digital level of awareness – Make use of SlideShare's good DA ■ Position your content on a high authority domain ■ Automatically helps for a “higher” rank of content in Google via SlideShare ■ Optimize presentations for SlideShare to increase individual PA – Include CTA’s in Slideshare content in order to drive traffic to own webpage ■ Increase traffic on-site (on other social media channels) – Increase Google ranking of webpage itself ■ Create Leads
  7. 7. Focus on B2B ■ Platform has a high focus on industry-specific information/insights ■ Slideshare has 5x more traffic from business owners than other websites (Source: ColumnFiveMedia)
  8. 8. Method ■ Analyze existing top-performing content through different variables – Top performer are defined by the variables: ■ Views, Likes, Interactions ■ (Google Ranking according to content-specific keywords) – Content is analyzed by the variables: ■ Visual appearance, Use of media (Image, Video), Length, Type of Content (Presentation, Infographic, Video), Posting Time, Included CTA’s, content category… ■ (Usage of content-specific keywords)
  9. 9. Value of research ■ Connects the “complicated” topic SEO with a free-to-access and easy to handle social media tool ■ This method can be easily integrated in company’s marketing structures without the need of explicit SEO specialists ■ Valuable for young companies with low DA/PA – Content gets boosted through SlideShare ■ Content on SlideShare could get ranked higher than own on-page content
  10. 10. Limitations/Pitfalls ■ Degree of familiarity in the DACH region – Out of the 100 biggest companies below 10 had existing accounts – 1 of it was active (shared content within the last 12 months) ■ SAP ■ Usage in general – Many big international companies have accounts, but no new content since 2-3 years – Slideshare-owned blog inactive since 3 years (before weekly entries) – User engagement not very active ■ Commentary section filled with ad’s and “fake” comments ■ Research so far shows tendencies for usage limitations to specific industries – (Online Marketing) Consulting, Software, Electronics, Digital-related Research,…