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  1. 1. Michael Mountrakis A training seminar given for MOU S.A. on behalf of ITEC S.A. Athens, November 2015 Developing Applications for the Java EE6 Platform
  2. 2. Prolog Objectives ● The objectives of this seminar are to: ● Update the attenders with modern Java and J2EE technology ● Provide proven patterns and solutions taken from real life projects ● Propose new tools ● Encourage and support for a forecoming project
  3. 3. Prolog Training Organization ● 5 Days duration ● Three to four subjects per day ● Each subject has theory and lab part ● Lab excersises should be completed from individual or pairs. ● Instructor can be questioned in the end of a subject ● Or any time in lab.
  4. 4. Prolog Seminar Prerequisites ● Any Marcup language – XML HTML ● Strong Java background ● Knowledge of Eclipse to a beginer level
  5. 5. Prolog Tools used ● Official Oracle JVMs: Java EE 7,8 ● Opensource tools orientation: ● IDE: Eclipse with many add on plugins like Oneclick RESTfull plugin ● Application Servers: Jboss 7.1, Tomcat 7, Glassfish 4, Weblogic ● Direct RIA ZK Platform ● Test: SOAPui, Jmeter, Junit, Advanced REST plugin for Chrome ● WS Libraries: – JAX-WS, Jersey, Axis, Axis2, CXF
  6. 6. Prolog Orientation ● Open source tooling ● Free of - bound to a vendor – vertical solutions ● Ability to rapid develop Java Application with what is available ● Fast development ● Not in-depth analysis of components or APIs – basics only.
  7. 7. Prolog Also note... ● This is a custom seminar. Not official Oracle training.... ● This seminar was a prerequisite in our companys training for all engineers joining a Java project ● We would like to hear from you – if you have specific preferences on a subject instructor can focus to this subject.
  8. 8. Prolog About the instructor Michael Mountrakis ● Works as an IT Consultant since 1996 ● Engagement with Java technology since 1996 ● Works as a solution architect for several companies all around the globe.... ● Subjects of Interest: J2EE based SOA, DevOps with Chef/OpenStack, Agile Methodologies / SCRUM, Document Management Systems – Telecommunications.
  9. 9. Day 1 1 An Introduction to Java Technology 2 XML 3 JAXB Day 2 4 SOAP Web Services 5 Creating JAX-WS Clients 6 RESTful Web Services 7 RESTful Clients Prolog Seminar Schedule
  10. 10. Day 3 7 Generics 8 Collections and Data Structures 9 JDBC 10 Spring JDBC Day 4 11 ZK Web User Interface Design 12 ZK Web User Interface Implementation Prolog Seminar Schedule
  11. 11. Day 5 13 Case Study: Web based Document Review System with ZK 14 Your Project Case Study Prolog Seminar Schedule
  12. 12. Any Questions?