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Rev. Mooney's Small Wedding vs Elopement Analysis


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Rev. Michael Mooney is the "go to" source for Christian couples needing a Wedding Officiant in Greenville SC.
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Rev. Mooney's Small Wedding vs Elopement Analysis

  1. 1. Rev. Michael Mooney's Small Wedding vs Elopement Analysis Scenario A: Small Wedding Approximately 30 guests Planning: Involved Attire: Casual-Formal Setting: Professional Scenario B: Large Elopement Approximately 12 guests Planning: Little to none Attire: Informal Setting: Social Minister Fee MinimumMedium Either scenario will require a venue Will require chairs Outside venue preferred Pros: Less expensive Variety of budget minded locations --most of them free Cons: 75% likely to not have a restroom Weather: rain, wind, etc. Indoor/sheltered venue Rental range $50-$150 banquet hall Pros Heat/Air conditioning Chairs provided Cons Scenery less preferable for pictures $50-150 Outdoor covered shelter Pros: Most likely for beautiful scenery Cons: No heat/air conditioning Both Rain is no problem 90% likely to have restrooms Optional setting for a reception Rev. Michael Mooney (864) 977-1578 Wedding Officiant Greenville SC