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Paddington Media\'s Web-based products:, & CMS

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Paddington Media: GIS, Cheetah Vox & Media Suite Pro

  1. 1. Who We Are Paddington Media specializes in web-based platforms, SEO, mass communication systems, software and database development, branding and graphic design. Our mission is to create web-based software to help political campaigns and businesses work more efficiently. We strive for simple but dynamic solutions that give our clients the power to control their website, web-based platforms and data.
  2. 2. Our Services • Web-Based Software Design & Development • Mass Communications (SMS & Automated Calls) • Political Data Mining • SEO Strategy & Consulting • Branding & Graphic Design • Custom Database Solutions • High Definition Video Production
  3. 3. Paddington Media Products GIS Alerts - GIS Data Mining System Cheetah Vox –Telecommunications System Media Suite Pro – Content Management System
  4. 4. GIS Alerts Manage & Visualize Political Data • Layer over GOTV Data, Donor and Volunteer information • Layer Census Districts, Precincts or create your own region • Instantly Create micro-targeted lists with your layered data • Easily send Automated Calls or Text messages • Build & Manage Your Contact Lists
  5. 5. GIS Alerts Instant Access to State Assembly District Information
  6. 6. GIS Alerts Instant Access to Census District Breakdowns
  7. 7. GIS Alerts Census Breakdowns of selected Region or Precincts & Instantly Create Micro-targeted Call Lists
  8. 8. GIS Alerts Geo-Code important Campaign information including Early Voting & Polling Locations
  9. 9. GIS Alerts Geo-Code Voter,VAN information & Create Targeted Lists Send messages instantly via GIS Alerts
  10. 10. GIS Alerts Create Custom Datasets Create your own or run queries on existing Data
  11. 11. GIS Alerts Access Election Results from Multiple Election Cycles
  12. 12. Cheetah Vox Web-Based Tele Communications System
  13. 13. Cheetah Vox SMS Texting Send Unlimited Texts & 2-Way Texting • Send Mass Text Messages from any Computer • Real-time 2-way Texting Inbox • Track Text Message Delivery & Success Rate • Store All Previously Sent Text Messages • Save & Manage Distribution Lists • Search for Contacts by Field
  14. 14. Cheetah Vox Robo-Dialing Able to send up to 500,000 calls/hour per dedicated server * • Send Unlimited Voice Messages from your Computer • Text-to-Speech your Message • Track Voice Message Delivery Success Rate • Store All Previously Sent Voice Messages • Save & Manage Distribution Lists • Search for Contacts by Field • Custom Dial-In Recording Hubs (Optional) * Based on calls :30 seconds in length
  15. 15. Cheetah Vox Emailing Optional Email Service • Create Emails from a Template or Design Your Own • Instantly Send Email to an Unlimited Amount of Registered Users • Build & Manage Your Contact Lists • Track Open & Click-Through Rates
  16. 16. Media Suite Pro Content Management System Take complete control over your website once it’s built. Paddington Media’s Media Suite Pro is equipped with all the tools you need to develop and maintain your online presence fully optimizing each web page so that every major search engine notices your site. Web management has never been easier. PATENT PENDING
  17. 17. Media Suite Pro System Features • Easy-to-Use Content Editor • Automated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & SEO Tools • Contact Manager • Administration Manager • Fully-Templated Components • Accessible Plug-Ins • Website Traffic Statistics * Custom Database available upon request
  18. 18. Website Examples Political
  19. 19. Website Examples Non-Profit
  20. 20. Website Examples Commercial
  21. 21. Our Clients Political Clients Public Service Clients Commercial Clients Non-Profit Clients ✧ Annie’s Lists ✧ AZCOPS ✧ Austin Lifestyles Magazine ✧ Arc of The Capital Area ✧ Clay Jenkins ✧ Bartlett Electric Cooperative ✧Boyo Movers ✧ CASA of Travis County ✧ John Lipscombe ✧ Central Texas Subcontractors Association ✧ Cain’s Fine Catering ✧ CreaTV San Jose ✧ Kendra Yarborough Camareno ✧ CLEAT ✧Cedar Park AC ✧ Fix Texas Insurance ✧ Judge Jim Coronado ✧ Energy ✧Cedar Park Jewelry ✧ Issues Deliberation Australia ✧ Judge Robert Hinojosa ✧ Fort Worth Police Association ✧ ✧ Psychology Beyond Borders ✧ Loretta Haldenwang ✧ Hispanic Bar Association of Houston ✧Dr. Dan Matthews ✧ Save Town Lake ✧ Raul Alvarez Campaign ✧ Karnes Electric Cooperative ✧Fireteam ✧ Synergistics ✧ Rep. Jim Dunnam ✧ Latinas on the Rise ✧Haddon + Cowan Architects ✧ Rep. Joe Farias ✧ Liberty Hill Fire Department ✧HES Ventures ✧ Rep. Jessica Farrar ✧ Liberty Hill Youth Soccer Association ✧HMMC Custom Homes ✧ Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer ✧ Pete Gallego Foundation Inc. ✧Holbrooke Furniture ✧ Rep. Pete Gallego ✧ Richards Electric ✧Indeco Sales ✧ Rep. Veronica Gonzales ✧ Shine a Light Narrative Research Fund ✧In The Company of Saints ✧ Rep. Roland Gutierrez ✧ Shreveport Blue (Mayor) ✧J. Black's Feel Good Lounge ✧ Rep. Ana Hernandez ✧ Texas Consumer Association ✧Kyle Park Music ✧ Rep. Dora Olivo ✧ TWBD ✧Maco Manufacturing ✧ Rep. Robert Puente ✧ Travis County Emergency ✧Master Screen Graphics ✧ Rep. Senfronia Thompson Medical Services ✧One Austin Realty ✧ Senator Mario Gallegos ✧ Waco Police Association ✧Pixel Mine Games ✧ TX House Democratic ✧Right Wireless (Sprint) Campaign Committee ✧The Sartin Law Firm P.C. ✧Singleton,Clark & Associates
  22. 22. Political Clients Annie’s Lists Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer Clay Jenkins Rep. Pete Gallego John Lipscombe Rep. Veronica Gonzales Kendra Yarborough Camareno Rep. Roland Gutierrez Judge Jim Coronado Rep. Ana Hernandez Judge Robert Hinojosa Rep. Dora Olivo Loretta Haldenwang Rep. Robert Puente Raul Alvarez Campaign Rep. Senfronia Thompson Sen. Rep. Jim Dunnam Senator Mario Gallegos Rep. Joe Farias TX House Democratic Campaign Rep. Jessica Farrar Committee
  23. 23. Public Service Clients AZCOPS Liberty Hill Youth Soccer Association Bartlett Electric Cooperative Central Texas Subcontractors Pete Gallego Foundation Inc. Association Richards Electric CLEAT Shine a Light Narrative Research Fund Energy Shreveport Blue (Mayor) Fort Worth Police Association Texas Consumer Association Hispanic Bar Association of Houston “TWBD” Karnes Electric Cooperative Travis County Emergency Medical Latinas on the Rise Services Liberty Hill Fire Department Waco Police Association
  24. 24. Commercial Clients Austin Lifestyles Magazine Indeco Sales Boyo Movers In The Company of Saints Cain’s Fine Catering J. Black's Feel Good Lounge Cedar Park AC Kyle Park Music Cedar Park Jewelry Maco Manufacturing Master Screen Graphics Dr. Dan Matthews One Austin Realty Fireteam Haddon + Cowan Architects Pixel Mine Games HES Ventures Right Wireless (Sprint) HMMC Custom Homes The Sartin Law Firm P.C. Holbrooke Furniture Singleton,Clark & Associates
  25. 25. Non-Profit Clients Arc of The Capital Area CASA of Travis County CreaTV San Jose Fix Texas Insurance Issues Deliberation Australia Psychology Beyond Borders Save Town Lake Synergistics