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Axiom Media Service


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An Intro to Axiom Media Service: how we impact your online presence and reduce the cost of client acquisition

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Axiom Media Service

  1. 1. search engine accelerator Seize or preserve a competitive advantage online. ■ Increase qualified web traffic 100%-150% or more ■ Reduce the cost of customer acquisition ■ Strengthen your brand and engage your audience ■ Expend minimal resources
  2. 2. proven results Axiom Media Service impacts mature websites quickly and powerfully. Our clients have experienced markedly enhanced web traffic, lead capture and conversion, as these actual results demonstrate. Client A 152% Increase in Website Visits Client B 88% Increase in Website Visits Heightened traffic and search engine rankings last a long time, in contrast with the short shelf-lives of print advertising and conventional marketing.
  3. 3. benefits ■ Our team is far stronger than in-house options It is virtually impossible for a company to adequately cultivate, administer, and manage its web presence in-house because of the required diversity of resources and depth of expertise. While con- sumers spend more time online than ever before, and sites mushroom and implode in popularity, the landscape keeps mutating, challenging businesses. For example, Microsoft recently launched its Bing search engine—are you prepared? We are experts in search engine marketing--featuring key words and pay per click models—that is targeted, fulfillment-driven, and in many cases more effective than conventional advertising. Every day we navigate the ever-changing, massively influential world of social media, with communities such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Let us work for you. ■ We save a company 50%-75% of employee costs Our agency-side service costs much less than an in-house solution, starts promptly with no learning curve, and can be adjusted or terminated after a specific campaign. Conducting search engine and social media marketing involves management, marketing and sales, support staff, and bookkeeping. Too many businesses ensnare all levels of personnel and the result is a lack of competence and follow-through. ■ We take the extra step Unlike other agencies that only tag and manage key words, we also digitize and repurpose all market- ing content and Internet presence for use in generating search engine ratings. Moreover, we continually strive to understand your enterprise and recommend only tools that make sense for your business.
  4. 4. service ■ We Create Your Channel Every business is sitting on a mountain of content that has not yet been search engine optimized. There are many reasons: it exists on third-party sites, it was never digitized, or it lacks tags. We repurpose all appropriate corporate and marketing communications, host it on our platform and feed it to your web site. ■ We Feed Your Channel In many respects the Internet is becoming local, impacting marketing expenditure. We conduct strategic key word and geographical promotion to best position your business online. We employ only search engine-approved “white hat” solutions. Key Word Advertising Organic Search Paid and Free Directories Listings and Newsfeeds
  5. 5. service ■ We Give Your Channel a Voice Capture an audience of thousands through viral marketing—with little risk and great reward. Hundreds of millions of people are conversing and engaging through social media, which through its diversity has separated itself from other forms of information distribution. We work with you to develop and supply your own voice to the online conversation, through the appropriate sites. ■ We Track Your Channel TRACK We provide detailed activity reports about each web appearance; custom and Google Analytic traffic YO cycle. reports; and analysis of performance on a monthly service UR CH Data Co ANNEL • W eb Tr llection Data Co ends llection TRACK YOUR C Data Co HANNEL • Google llection Analytics
  6. 6. axiom communications Does your company need traditional forms of advertising, promotion and marketing? They are all available through our parent agency, Axiom Communications. We offer a comprehensive suite of services: Branding Communications Strategy Media Relations Public Affairs Crisis Management Event Marketing Advertising Creative Services Web Development We know how things work. We connect people, products and services. The average tenure of our clients is nine years. Learn more at
  7. 7. service agenda ■ Initiation We typically implement the Axiom Media service in 2-4 weeks. We can move more quickly according to urgent deadlines. ■ Pricing All Axiom Media programs are custom. Pricing varies according to project require- ments—this schedule is for guideline purposes only. Set-up from $2,500 Social network and directory listings Relevant content optimized, linked, tagged and indexed Customized traffic tool Media Service from $1,000/month Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Advertising Paid & Free Listings Key word campaign management Web site maintenance Monthly traffic report with Google Analytics Key Word purchases and other online media Variable Marketing Services Variable
  8. 8. sample clients The Meadowlands Liberty Convention and Visitors Bureau The MLCVB promotes travel and tourism to the Meadowlands Liberty region, which generates in excess of $8 billion in revenue that is critical to New Jersey’s economy and culture. Programs include the creation of information kiosks, marketing materials, training programs for hotel staff, and the hosting of MDEST, an annual travel, tourism, and employment opportunities trade show. Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc. Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc. owns and manages one of the largest privately held commercial real estate portfolios in the United States, comprised of approximately 200 properties and totaling more than 38 million sq. ft. in the northern New Jersey/New York area. The company is in the vanguard of commercial, industrial, retail and hotel development. NJ Sharing Network NJ Sharing Network promotes awareness about organ and tissue donation, working with the New Jer- sey medical community and the public to permanently “close the gap” between the number of organ donors and the number of patients awaiting transplants. The Solomon Organization Founded in 1977, the Solomon Organization owns and manages more than 10,000 apartment homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Ron Simoncini and Axiom have represented The Solomon Organization for 24 years. References available on request.
  9. 9. the team Ron Simoncini President Founder and president of Axiom Communications; develops and oversees the implementation of mar- keting programs and web tools for leading companies. Michael Menche Managing Director A business development professional with a client’s results-driven perspective stemming from 21 years of experience, most of them as an in-house VP of sales and marketing for healthcare IT and legal services companies. Matt Brown Vice President A hands-on executive committed to client service and follow-through; manages marketing campaigns, events and activities; bridges branding and messaging between conventional and online media while directing creative talent and administrative support. Scott Reimels Account Executive An IT architect, plumber, answer man and troubleshooter; devises and implements solutions for seamless data delivery across various platforms using the latest technology; aggregates and simplifies traffic reports and data collection. Carly Pearson Online Content Manager An expert in social media and topical Internet subject matter; continually evaluates sites, directories, tools and communities; creates, repurposes and distributes content; tracks and interprets trends. (201) 348-8998