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TAUS Translation Technology Showcase - Cloudwords Overview


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Presentation that was given to the TAUS Translation Technology Showcase on July 10, 2013, providing an overview on Cloudwords.


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TAUS Translation Technology Showcase - Cloudwords Overview

  1. 1. Cloudwords, Inc. Industry’s First Vendor-Agnostic Translation Technology Platform Presented by Michael Meinhardt Founder
  2. 2. Our Vision • The “Long Tail” of Globalization o Disrupting the $25B+ Localization Industry o Industry’s First Vendor-Agnostic Technology • Innovative SaaS Technology o Simplify the Globalization Business Process o Consolidate Project Collaboration o Eliminate Manual & Silo’d Processes (Emails, Cut/Paste, FTP) o Real-time Reporting + Information Transparency = Informed Decisions o Centralize & Control Translation Assets (TM, Glossaries, & Style Guides) • The Cloud Advantage o Secure Cloud Solution; No Hardware, Implementation, or Set-up Costs o Infinitely Scalable by Departments, Projects, Users, Content, Storage, etc… o Seamlessly Integrate Content Systems
  3. 3. ABOUT CLOUDWORDS Cloudwords revolutionizes the way companies manage multilingual content by delivering a project management platform for the localization industry. •Increases the efficiency of managing translation projects through centralized communication •Manage multiple preferred or new translation vendors •Utilize an Open API to integrate with content systems for multiple departments within an organization
  4. 4. THE CLOUDWORDS MODEL Cloudwords Project Management / Analytics / Multilingual Assets Vendor B Vendor C Vendor D Marketing Team CMS Product Team Source Control Training Team CMS Translation Process Management • Streamlined Process • Automated workflow • Unified vendor management • Open API Integration • Real-Time Analytics • Centralized assets A complete and unified system to accelerate delivery of global content…
  5. 5. OPEN API FOR CUSTOMERS AND VENDORS • Drupal • Adobe CQ • Salesforce • OpenCMS • Clay Tablet • Homegrown Tools
  6. 6. Cloudwords Platform Manage Translation Vendors KPI Reporting Centralized Translation Memory Connectors and Open API’s
  7. 7. Benefits of Cloudwords • Customer TCO Reductions up to 60% • Global Process Improvement: Time=Money • Transparent & Objective Vendor Bidding • Transparent Re-use of Translation Memory • Time-to-Market Acceleration by up to 80% • Global Process Improvement & Tangible Efficiency Gains • Measurable Leverage of Translation Memory • 360° View Across Process Lifecycle
  8. 8. Customers Global Enterprise Hyper-growth