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Cloudwords for Marketo Overview - Marketo UK user group event


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Cloudwords for Marketo Overview - Marketo UK user group event

  1. 1. Cloudwords for Marketo Multilingual Campaigns in Minutes
  2. 2. Cloudwords: Marketing Globalization Software Cloudwords powers the global go-to-market strategies of the world’s leading brands by accelerating the localization of their content, products and customer experiences, and thus time-to-market and time-to-revenue. We help companies… Dramatically improve the performance of their marketing to multilingual audience Extend the reach and value of their marketing technology investments Substantially lower global marketing operating costs Increase the productivity of their global marketers
  3. 3. You’re missing a critical piece of your technology stack YOU HAVE TECHNOLOGY… to manage your website experience for your sales process for marketing automation ?? To optimize your global go-to-market execution for HR and back office for case and knowledge management Delivering marketing, product, and support content in local language has a significant, positive impact on demand generation, product release cycles, purchase and customer satisfaction and support.
  4. 4. Customers Companies Trailblazing a Better Approach to Global Marketing “With Cloudwords, customers will have access to a leading cloud-based translation management application that will help them easily manage multilingual marketing campaigns.” Robin Bordoli, VP Partner Ecosystems
  5. 5. “Managing” Multilingual Campaigns Today Translation Vendor Portal Website Not enough campaigns to support all markets Corporate Marketers Poor use of marketers’ time Slow global roll-outs Email EMEA Translator FTP Untapped demand Collateral Tedious cutting and pasting Demand Gen Marketers .XLS Regional /Field Marketers High costs Marketing Automation Platform APAC Translator Reviewer in APAC Americas Translator Vendor Portal Inconsistent message across markets Reviewer in EMEA
  6. 6. Campaign Globalization with Cloudwords Your campaigns: any language in a few clicks Cloudwords pulls content out of your Marketo platform, serves it up in the Cloudwords workflow for your translation vendor, and returns the content to your chosen email and landing page templates once the translation is completed. The process literally takes seconds, not hours. Multilingual Marketing Automation • Quickly share and execute successful demand gen programs across all languages and markets • Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually localizing emails, micro-sites, landing pages, forms • Generate more leads and revenue with more effective campaigns in more markets • Decrease global go-to-market timelines to reach multilingual audiences faster
  7. 7. The Cloudwords-for-Marketo Solution Delivers… A complete platform to help you scale your global demand gen engine. Create multilingual Marketo campaigns in minutes! Faster Global Campaign Set-up/Roll-out Reduced Costs Valuable Insights Message Consistency and Impact Optimize Your Investment & Database Translated content is automatically populated into your own templates – no copy & paste! Translation agency benchmarking and competitive bidding Reporting and analytics around localization spend, time-to-market efficiencies, and translation memory utilization Centralized multilingual Glossary, Style Guides, and Translation Memory for any translation agency to access Drive more revenue through your investment in Marketo Program management, automated workflow, and collaboration Translation Memory reduces costs an average of 20% Better engage and grow your current database Quick deployment, too. Less than 3 minutes to connect to your Marketo instance and begin translating your campaigns!
  8. 8. What You Can Expect Cloudwords enables your team to increase the number of global campaigns, the frequency of campaigns and ultimately the effectiveness of these campaigns. • Reach your lead goals faster • Increase total number and frequency of global campaigns, including more A/B tests • Grow international sales pipeline • Improve engagement with multilingual audiences • Dramatically decrease campaign time-to-market
  9. 9. Let’s Get the Globe Rolling! NEXT STEPS 1) We’ll get you connected! 2) Start running multilingual projects today! 3) Show your team and get this initiative funded! 4) Be the Global Champion to all of your colleagues around the world!
  10. 10. Thank you! Jonathan Kishpaugh 415.394.8008 @CloudwordsInc