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  1. 1. Skills list for Michael McKenna Software Development:  DevelopmentManager o Agile Methodology o MicrosoftDevelopmentEnvironment(Visual Studio2006 to 2010) o Managed developmentof SaaSApplications(MicrosoftSilverlight,JQuery) o Managed development WindowsApplicationsVB.Net(.Net3.5,.Net4.0 and .Net4.5) o Managed applicationroll outsandversionupgradesandinternal releases o Developedtestenvironmentsforversiontesting o Prioritizedbugfixes,enhancementrequests  CustomApplicationDevelopment o GatheredRequirements o CreatedTechnical DesignDocumentsforclientsignoff o CreatedTestPlansandperformedtesting o Managed change requestsandscope creepsituations o Performedcustomapplicationimplementations o Managed supportandenhancementrequests o Evaluatedcustomapplicationsforfeasibilityandcost  ProjectManagement o Projectmanagedmultiplecustomsoftware applicationprojects(15+)  Customerliaisonbetweenourdevelopersandthe customerstechnical contacts  Providedmonthly/weeklyupdates viaMSProjectto customers  CoordinatedinternalQA andpartial software releasestoassure customersignoff  Managed change requestsandscope creepsituations o Managed developersthroughacomplete re-writeof Time Bank(Integrated Design’sflagshipintegrationengineapplication)2to 3 yearproject(botha WindowsandWebbasedversion).  Setand changedprioritiesonaweeklybasisbasedonchanging workloadsandimmediateclientneeds  Workeddirectlywithsoftware alphaandbetatesterstodetermine needsandadditional requirements  Channeledresourcesasneededbasedonskill levelandavailability  Provideduppermanagementwithprojectreportsincludingprojectrisk managementandresource constraints.
  2. 2. Database/DBA:  MicrosoftSQL Server2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012 o All versionsSQLEnterprise,SQLStandard,SQLExpressandSQLCE o DB Creation,Backups/Restoresanddataloads o SQL Queries  Oracle v7, v8, v9, v10 and v11 o Database creation,Import/ExportandDataPump o SQL Queries Employee DataApplications: Payroll Systems:  ADPall payrolls  Paychex  Multiple Sage payrolls(Abra,Timberline,MasterBuilderetc…)  MicrosoftpayrollsGreatPlainsandSolomon  QuickBooks  SAPBusinessOne POSSystems:  Micros  Digital Dining  POSiTouch Time and Attendance Systems:  KronosTKC and Work Force Central (multiple versions)  ADPeTIME 1000, ez Labor Manager,Enterprise eTime (multiple versions)  InfotronicsAttendanceEnterprise andAttendanceonDemand  Tenrox fromUpland(alsohas ProjectManagementcapabilities) Business Phone Systems:  SiemensPBX  RolmPBX  AvayaMerlinMagic PBX  FonalityVOIP BusinessApplications:  VMWare o VSphere V4.1and V5.0 o CreatedmultipleServersandWorkstationsall versionsof WindowsOS o Maintainedall Virtual Systemsforapplicationtesting o Maintainedmultiple LinuxVMWare servers
  3. 3.  NetSuite o ImplementedNetSuite transitioningfromhome grownCRM o ConfiguredNetSuiteimportsandimportedall datafromoldCRM o WorkedwithNetSuite tosetupbusinessrules o TestedNetSuiteconfigurationandtrained internal resources o MaintainedNetSuite andworkedwithNetSuitesupport  Outlook2000, 2003 and 2010 o Calendars,Personal Folders o Archive,multiple mailboxconfigurations o Installationandtroubleshooting  MicrosoftOffice 2000 through2010 o Word o Excel o Access o Powerpoint o Project o Visio  Backup Software o Backup Exec: multiple versions o Arc Serve  Anti-Virus o SymantecEndpoint o SymantecMail SecurityforMS Exchange o McAfee BusinessServerApplications:  MicrosoftExchange 5.0, 2000, 2003, 2007, and2010 o PublicFoldermaintenance o Spam management o Mail Box creation o Installation,troubleshootingandrestoration o Edge Transport Server o Mail security  MicrosoftServer2000 through2012 o Domainsetupandsupport o Domainupgrades o DomainGroup Policyconfiguration o DNS o DHCP o WINS o Domainsecurity  FirewallsandRouters o CiscoPix and ASA 5505 firewalls o Cisco2800 seriesrouters