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Street dance


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Street dance

  1. 1. Street dance Different styles for street dancing Street dance has different styles, such as breakings, popping, breakdance and locking are arguably the most popular street dance styles. Evaluation on street dance performance as a whole group I find our dance group evaluation in a whole quite well, although some mistakes needed doing with but other from that we had a fantastic dance performance an example from being a bit sloppy where silly dance moves and not much people put their 100% effort into the dance performance, I think that some people should have been more energetic and enthusiastic when cheering for their dance group, as we split into two groups. Our dance performance was unique as it was based on ‘City life’ we used different dance techniques such as different dance moves which relate to ‘City Life’. We had one dance move of us pretending that we had a watch and another with us holding a business book and turning the pages also we used a lot of technology, as we all had to act like robots, we acted as robots so that we would stand out as a street dance group and be unique from other street dance groups that stick to the same thing locking, breaking and popping. As a group we used the space we had well an example for this is when Michael and Khatra used both ends of the space we had. We were presented out in a V shape so everybody could be seen in the dance performance as we filmed it. Our dance performance also contained props an example for this is when Michael and Khatra wore Era hats and Sara had her nerdy glasses and we done that to show what person we were acting like in the dance performance.
  2. 2. The music we choose for our dance performance related on what our dance was about ‘City life’. The song rock your body has a lot of technology in the video and as we are doing ‘City life’ it relates to the song. We done a robotic street dance performance because we wanted our dance to suit the music obviously and as a group we all stayed in time with the music although there should have been more exaggeration. The exaggeration being in count was roughly less than it should have been, from my personal opinion I would say that out of 10 people around 4 people weren’t listening as a group, weren’t in time in the performance and didn’t put the main rule for drama exaggeration. We as a dance group done well in overall from presenting, music, timing and doing the key moves and being robotic although a few mistakes. Ideas for dance We had many ideas from what props should we use, choosing the genre, choosing the music and the key thing dance moves. Our dance moves where based on city life an example for this reading a business book, pretending by having a watch (time) as we know time is a key point for City life as we showed in our dance performance and Acquiring & Developing Skills for a dance performance. By Michael McCauley