Save the Ghurkhas Campaign


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Save the Ghurkhas Campaign

  1. 1. Michael McCauley
  2. 2. What type of Campaign is this?This a pressure group campaign, however it has apolitical campaign issue. As it’s about a BritishArmy. This campaign is informing British citizensabout what the Government is doing to doGhurkhas Campaign.
  3. 3. What is the message?The message is that someone is urging thepublic to support Ghurkhas, as they fight forus and its not fair for their army to get cutdown. The message is also to allow thepublic to give their strong comments aboutthe government to the government.
  4. 4. When was it launched and why?This campaign was launched in January2012, the reason behind launching thewebsite in 2012, is so the Army will help todefend the UK so that England are bestprepared to meet the challenges of the 21stcentury. JANUARY 2012
  5. 5. What campaign techniques have beenused?The techniques used in this Campaign is that theywant to get peoples attention by having aninteresting story that has many evidence, and in thissituation the Campaign wants to stop thegovernment from cutting the army’s money. So thetechniques used are protests as they are against thegovernments law. Also websites and videos wereshown.
  6. 6. Analyse the website What is included? Images!The Images highlight that the Campaign is got to be involved with the Army, asthere are soldiers on the website.I think the reason why the Campaign included these images is to highlight thefact that soldiers work really hard, as you can see in the images the soldiers arestraining their voce shouting loud and Marching without moaning about it witha straight face.The images also include people waving the English flag, which shows theCampaigns pride for England.
  7. 7. Analyse the websiteWhat is included? Info! There are seven main points in the website. To show the fact that the Campaign want’s the seven points to be noticed, they have highlighted the points in red, so they stand out as they are important to know. The website has the strong word ‘Help’ to inform the viewers that their Campaign is very important and that it means allot to the Campaign. The information is also effective as facts and statistics are included so the truth and that’s what viewers look for honesty.
  8. 8. Analyse the websiteWhat is included? Sign up! This image shows that the Campaign wants people to join their petition and to show that the Campaign is serious about the petition they actually want the persons address and email.
  9. 9. Who is the target audience?There is one main target audience for thisCampaign and the target audience is people whoshow respect to soldiers and mainly adults are thetarget audience who do that and part of thecampaign. The reason why Adults are chosen tobe the target audience is because the governmentonly would listen to mature Adults not teenagersor children.
  10. 10. Measuring SuccessMeasuring Success was shown by makingpeople sign up to the Campaign. Andencouraging them to stand up for the sadsoldiers, as the government has doneenough damage to them and as its not fairwhat they are going through.