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Personal critical review


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Personal critical review

  1. 1. Personal critical review The day was amazing especially the starting. I entered the door of Barbican theatre and I was amazed over the spacious and unique venue everything was very clean and rich I felt like royalty. As I entered the door of the theatre where ‘over the edge’ was I sat down on the comfortable seat which was booked for me, the first thing I saw was the stage. The stage design was unique as the stage design was full of square mirrors, the staging was different to others it split open from the top of the stage to the bottom which was very exciting to see and it was really unusual from what I thought how the stage was going to open. From my point of view I thought the staging could have been better as the people in front couldn’t see. Firstly the dance opened as it was morning a few people eating breakfast, brushing their teeth and getting them selves organised threw mirrors. It was very unique on how I thought it was going to start but I liked it, it showed the begging story line well. I spotted out that their movements where trough dance steps the dancers used the props and equipment well an example for this is when the table was faced up and used as a mirror. Secondly the next dance showed the characters the dancers where playing an example for this was when their was when one of the dancers played a homeless man and done a real good job, also another example was when one of the dancers where playing a builder man and done street dancing while reading a magazine that was very unique and eye catching to watch. Thirdly, suddenly the whole setting changed some how some of the dancers ended up in a space ship and the setting were alien life. Four of the dancers where hanging from the sealing and was wearing breathing mask on which was unusual. The dance ended with a bad boy crew dance which was very clver