Cell block 33 final script


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Cell block 33 final script

  1. 1. Cell Block 33 1 Cell Block 33 Cast:Character Name Carla Zahra Printer Leads Nicole Sara Khan Yasmine PrabhleenSahota Sasha HiboAwilCarla’s Gang Inmate 1 (Tasha) Marie Hughes Basha DeborahOwoade Stella Sullivan ParnyanIslamzadeh Mitchell Watson George Streather Guards Boris McKenzie Logan Jones Joe Strang RajanHanda Rajan Chandra Hassan Ali Guard/ Judge Zeeshan Ahmed Newbie 1 SathmaNugera Newbie 2 (Cash) Nazish Hussain Other Inmate 2 (Andi) Navina Shete Inmates Whitney Najma Inmate 3 Khatra Inmate 4 SannahTherapist Mr Moorland Michael McCauleyBoyfriend Zak Michael McCauleyVictim Kate (also double Fatima as a prisoner) Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  2. 2. Cell Block 33 2Cell Block 33Pre Show – JOE patrols up and down the balcony whilst BORIS walks up and downthe centre of the stage. A few prisoners hang around in various places on the stagegiving evil looks.Scene 1– MarieWelcome SongYou get 10 to 20 or life here, for murder in the first degree you will never get freefrom cell block 33.Guards:We are guards here and we are disgustedBut we work here by forceAnd we get paid a lotSo we areSaving you lifeWelcome to our fine institution! Discipline works here, rewards make us all stay in line.Welcome to the great justice system! We all behave now but watch out because wellget out in time.Guards:We are guards here and we are disgustedBut we work here by forceAnd we get paid a lotSo we areSaving your lifeWelcome to our fine institution! Discipline works here, rewards make us all stay in line.Welcome to the great justice system! We all behave now but watch out We all behavenow but watch out We all behave now but watch out Cause well get out in time!WATSON and CHANRA enter with the 3 newbie’s.Watson :(to the prisoners) Oi Ladies, fresh meat!WATSON starts to walk out butCHANDRA is day dreaming.Watson:Chandey… Chandey… Chandey!!Chandra: Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening.Watson:(Points and shout)Pay more attention Chandey!Chandra: It’s Chandra sir.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  3. 3. Cell Block 33 3Watson: It’s all the same isn’t it! Come on let’s leave them to it!Chandra: Bye ladies enjoy your day and may I just say how wonderful you alllook in your outfits and-Watson:-CHANDREY!Chandra: Coming Sir…CHANDRA runs after WATSON and exits.CARLA and her gang start to surround the NEWBIES in a rotating circle. CARLAsteps forward so she’s face to face with the 3 girls and circles them.YASMINE hides behind other NEWBIES and isn’t noticed by CARLA.Carla:Oi you(To newbie 1) what you in for?Tasha: She said what you in for?Newbie 1:(Confidently) MurderCarla:Not Bad. (Looking pleased)Sasha: Not bad at all!Carla:what about you?(looks at newbie 2)Newbie 2:(Embarrassed) Drink drivingCarla and her gang start to laugh. When Carla stops laughing her gang stoplaughing too, except one who Carla looks at and she stops.Carla: Listen yeh, this is MY territory, I rule this place no one else!All the newbie’s look scaredCarla: Do you understand me?!No one reply’sSasha: Do you understand her?Carla:(Gets in one of the newbie’sfaces, angry voice) I said do you understand me?!(All the newbie’s):YES, YES DEFINITELY!Carla:(Aggressive)I’m Carla yeah. This is (Points to other 3 girls)Sasha, Tashaand (Pause) Basha.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  4. 4. Cell Block 33 4Tasha moves forward to hit Newbie 1 but Carla grabs her.Carla: What the hell you doing?Tasha: You said bash her!Carla: Na! That’s her name (Pointing to Basha.Tasha: Oh yeah, soz I forgot.Carla: You Twit!Newbie 1 laughsSasha: What the hell you laughing at?Newbie 1:(Scared) Nothing Sorry.Carla: Whatever! Just a few rules so you don’t get in my way…When I arrive formeals, you move out the way ,if I ask you for something you give it to me and if isay something funny, you BLOODY laugh. And if you don’t do any of these, yourdead meat! GOT IT?Tasha: Got it have you!All newbie’s shake their heads up and down.Carla:Good, enjoy your stay losers! And watch it!(smirking)Sasha: Yeah, Just watch it!CARLA and Gang leave followed by the other prisoners. Only the 3 Newbie’s remainon stage.Newbie1:(sarcastically) well they seem nice.Newbie2: Shut the hell up would you. God how we gonna survive in this place?Newbie1: Yea, (Looking at Yasmine)and how come she missed you out?Yasmine:(Scared) just lucky I guess.Newbie1: What you in here for anyway?Yasmine:(quietly) murderNewbie2:(looking her up and down) you don’t seem the type.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  5. 5. Cell Block 33 5Yasmine:I’m innocent… It wasn’t me, I’m not meant to be in here. I didn’tmurder anyone!Newbie 1:(sarcastically) yea, sure you didn’tYasmine: But I didn’t… I wouldn’t… I couldn’t.Newbie2: So what happened then?-Newbie1:-Yea, how can you get nicked for something you didn’t do?Yasmine stand silently, fumbling with her handsNewbie2: Oh come on…(getting annoyed)Yasmine: I was just walking home and I heard this scream-so I ran over andfoundthis person lying on the floor…She was still alive you see, so I knelt downand held her and she died in my arms (puts her hand to head, and turns awaymomentarily from the newbies) The next thing I know there’s Police all aroundme and they arrested me. (Crying) They put me in here(points to the floor) and Ididn’t do it… I honestly didn’t do it …and I’m going to be stuck in here for life.Yasmine breaks down into tearsNewbie2: Look (goes over to Yasmine, and puts hand on her shoulder to comforther) maybe someone will find something-Newbie1:You just have to keep your head down. That Carla really does lookvicious.Watson, Joe and Boris walk into the room.Watson: Right you two, (To Newbie’s) go with Joe and Boris. You(looks atYasmine), what’s your name?Yasmine:Yasmine sir.Watson: You come with me. The Governor wants a word.They all exit in opposite directions.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  6. 6. Cell Block 33 6Scene 2 – LoganGovernor’s office;Ms SULLIVAN (the Governor) sitsat her desk looking very boredand wants something exciting to happen. BORISenters the room.Boris: You wanted to see me Governor?Sullivan:Yes I did McKenzie, please take a seat and please, call me Ms.Sullivan.Boris: Oh! Ok you can call me Boris if you like?Sullivan:(Sniggers to herself) I’d rather not thank you. (Gesturing to chair)Pleasetake a seat.Boris:Thank you Ms. Sullivan (Sits down)There is an awkward silence, which makes BORIS uncomfortable.Ms SULLIVANfinally starts to speak.Sullivan: Ok I’m going to get to the point and tell you why I’ve sent for you.She stands up from her desk and starts to walk around the room.Sullivan:You have been working for us for a while and according to Mr. Watson-As soon as she says Mr. WATSON, BORIS jumps out of his seat and becomes excitedlike a puppyBoris: - MR. WATSON!!! What did he say about me? Did he say he was impressedwith my skills? Did he say I gave him sharp answers in best training? Or did hesay how much I remind him of himself in his younger days?Sullivan:(sarcastically)Let me think ummmm… NO (gets serious) He actually saidyou’re a show off and that you are nothing but a useless pathetic swine who doesnothing but follow him around all day.Boris:(shocked) Mr. Watson said that?BORIS is shocked and then bursts into tears. Ms. SULLIVAN comforts him by puttinghis head on her chest and holds him.Sullivan: There, there; it will be all right, Ms. Sullivan will make everythingbetter. (She starts stroking his hair.)Boris:(Boris starts sobbing like a pathetic child) I just wanted him to like me Ms.Sullivan, is that too much to ask?Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  7. 7. Cell Block 33 7Sullivan: Of course not McKenzie; I tell you what, if you do something for me Iwill put in a good word with Mr. Watson.Howdoes that sound?Boris:What do I need to do?Sullivan:(Ms. Sullivan is still stroking his hair) Oh nothing much.Just keep an eyeout for anything the other guards are up to that isn’t f the other guards are up tothat isn’t quite in the rule book. Especially Joe!Boris: but, but …. That’s like spying! They don’t tell us to do that in ‘besttraining’. What if Mr. Watson finds out, what if……Ms. SULLIVAN smoothly puts her finger on BORIS mouth so he knows she wantshim to be quietSullivan:(Sexy tone of voice) you do want to make me happy don’t you McKenzieBoris:(Boris hesitates) but…. but…. Mr. Watson? What if he-Ms. SULLIVAN feels Boris’s handSullivan:-Oh my goodness!! You poor dear, you’re shaking like a leaf, let me helpyou relax…Boris:Ms. Sullivan I am sorry but, but,SULLIVAN interrupts BORISSullivan:(flirtatiously) you know young man; I alwaysget what I want!Boris: Oh I bet you do Ms Sullivan!!! (Boris is enjoying the massage)Sullivan: You do want to make me happy and make me tell Mr. Watson what agood boy you are? Right…Boris:Ohhhhhhhhh YES Ms Sullivan!!! (Boris is REALLY enjoying the massage)Sullivan:Get out of here and keep your eyes open!Boris:Ohhhhhhhmyyyy god yes, yes, yes! (He pulls out his note book with a penand runs off)Exit BORISWATSON and YASMINE enter the office. Ms SULLIVAN goes back to her desk andsits down.Sullivan: Oh, I see and what’s her name?Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  8. 8. Cell Block 33 8Yasmine: My name is Yasmine!Watson:(Shouting at Yasmine.) Only speak if the Governor asks you to speak youstupid piece of-WATSON was about to hit her but SULLIVAN interrupts him so he stops himself, hesmiles at the GovernorSullivan: -It’s okayMr Watson; I’ll let it slide this time.Watson:(nervously) as you wishMs Sullivan (Watson smiles at Ms Sullivan)Sullivan: Well Yasmine,now you’re in my prison, all I ask of you is to behave andkeep your nose clean and keep away from Carla, She is the worstone to getinvolved with. Now any questions?Yasmine:No Miss.Sullivan: Mr. Watsonpleases would you show our new guest to her cell...Watson: My pleasure Ms Sullivan, okay you, get a move on now. I don’t have allday!WATSON pushes YASMINE out the door. SULLIVAN puts her hand on his shoulderand he turns round. She straitens out his collar.Sullivan: There, we don’t want you looking untidy do we Mr. Watson.They stand face to face about to kiss. YASMINEsays something before they do.Yasmine: Are we going then?Watson: Yes, yes off we go.He hurries YASMINE out the door and both exit. Mr. SULLIVAN smiles to herself andexits in opposite direction.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  9. 9. Cell Block 33 9Scene 3 -SathmaGirls sit around the therapist’s room waiting for Mr MOORLAND to arrive.MOORLAND walks in the room and sits down. He takes a deep breath and begins tospeak.Moorland:Hello ladies, who wants to start us off today? Is there anything anyonewants to share?Andi:I had toast for breakfast, with jam on top, yummy....Moorland:Thank you Andi but thats not quite what I meant. Last session wewere talking about respect.Andi:(Towards Audience) so it’s about Respect this week!Whitney:Yes I loved that session!Andi:Oh Whitney, can you stop flirting with Mr. Moorland and stop talking aboutrespect. (Sarcastically)We can always see it when we’re in our cells, (ToAudience)especially between Carla and Nicole.Nicole:Oi, if you gotta say something just say it out loud,init!Carla:I’m getting bored, can we just carry on-Moorland:-Yes thank you! So we were talking about respect. How to get it, whatit means and how we feel about it. Has anyone had any thoughts?Nicole:(Aggressive tone) Yeah. We dont have it and it’s never going to happen-Carla:(towards audience) I swear I just said I’m getting bored so why is hecarrying on this respect thing?Sasha: (To audience) you don’t want to see her when she gets mad.Moorland:-And why is that?Carla:Cause were nothing but criminals now.-(Looking at nail tips not actuallyinterested)Whitney:I’m not a criminal!Nicole:Oh just shut up!Moorland:-That’s not true; you’ve all got a second chance!Carla:Oh Really? You think anyone is going to give me,(Pointing at herself) me achance when I get out of here? Youre dreaming man!Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  10. 10. Cell Block 33 10Andi:(looking confused)(To audience)Now it’s about dreaming?Moorland:You have to earn a second chance. Start by learning respect, you knowwhat they say;respect is the key to success.Cash: Yeah well somebody stole the key.Whitney:Considering your history, are you sure it wasnt you?Cash:Are you accusing me of nicking stuff?Nicole:(Laugh out loud) I swear that’s why youre in here?Cash:Mistaken identity. dahhWhitney:Tell it to the judge.Cash:I did!Nicole:Yea, after you bloody nicked his wallet.Carla: Shut up you idiot.Nichole:How about you shut up first.Carla: Do you want a punch in the face.Sasha: (To Nicole) Back off or well get you!Tasha: Just watch!Nicole can’t be bothered to start and sits down kissing her teeth.Moorland:Ladies, LADIES! Keep it together. Look, I know youre angry butfighting each other is not going to help! Respect is the key... (To audience) No let’snot start all that again.Carla:Why the heck am I even in here?Nicole:Shut up you knows why you’re in here!Sasha:You can’t talk to her like that!Nicole:I am, do you have a problem with that?Carla:I do init!Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  11. 11. Cell Block 33 11Moorland:Alright ladies cut it out, God I need to get a vacation. Look, thats theend of the session today but maybe next week we can talk about writing a letterto the Governor about conditions? We can try to make a positive change.Carla:WhateverNicole:Get lost Carla!NICOLE and CARLA storm out in opposite different directions. Others follow. MrMOORLAND holds his head in his hand.Moorland: Oh GOD!Lights black out.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  12. 12. Cell Block 33 12Scene 4 –NavinaYASMINE has been dismissed from Ms SULLIVAN’S office and is now being taken byWATSON to her new cell. YASMINEwalks slowly through the corridor lookingaround.WATSON turns around and looks at YASMINE with an aggressive face.Watson:(Angrily) come on there! Walk a bit faster, don’t dilly dally.YASMINE gets scared on hearing WATSON’S angry voice and quickly stops lookingaround; instead she looks down and starts to walk faster to catch up withWATSON.WATSON angrily holds YASMINE’S arm and pulls her to walk at the samespeed as him. Once they reach the cell, Watson lets go of YASMINE’S arm and*kicks open the cell door.Watson: Right, come on in thenWATSON goes inside the dark cell and tries to find the light switch.EnterYASMINE, as the lights are being switched on. She hears a noise.Yasmine: What’s this weird noise?Watson: What noise?(Looks around)Yasmine: Can’t you hear it? It’s like someone’s breathing heavily and it’s comingfrom this direction.YASMINE points and moves towards the direction, from where she could hear thenoise. The noise gradually gets louder.All the lights are fully on now. YASMINEstops walking towards the direction and gazes at the person who is sleeping andsnoring in front of her.Yasmine: Who is she?(Shocked)Watson:(points at Nicole and smugly)that’s who you’re sharing this cell withYasmine: What…but…Watson: Shut it and no moaning. At the moment all the cells are taken, so you’llstay here till we find you another cell… which will take us a while. (Pause) Rightthen! (To Nicole) Come on, wake up you lazy git.After yawning and stretching, NICOLE opens her eyes fully and stares at YASMINE,who is standing just a few steps away from her.Nicole: Who’s she? (Looks Yasmine up and down)And what do you want? (Kissesher teeth and gives evil looks to both Yasmine and Watson.)Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  13. 13. Cell Block 33 13Watson: Say hello to your new cell mate – Yasmine!Nicole: Ugh, what, that’s not fair, why’s she in here, put her in with Gracieorsomeone?Watson:Now you know why we don’t put anyone in with Gracie…I don’t wantany fuss in here.Watson:Now settle in and I better see you two for the drill at 11 sharp!WATSON leaves the cell. YASMINEwalks over and sits on the bottom bunk.There isa moments silence after WATSON leaves.Nicole: Why you in ‘ere then ‘ey?Yasmine: I don’t know why I’m in here. It just wasn’t my fault okay(Soft voice)YASMINE just sits for a few moments and looks around the room. Inmate 2 and 4walk intothe cell.Inmate 2: Alright Nicole?Nicole: Yea, been worse.Inmate 4: You know there’s gonna be a fight?Nicole:Aint been one of them for a while.Inmate 4: You comin?Nicole:Na, can’t be asked!Inmate 2 stares at YasmineInmate 2: New cell mate?Nicole:(passively) yea she just arrivedInmate 2: You better watch yourself in here!Inmate 4: Yeah, we aint had a really good punch up for a while now.Inmate 2: She’s got one of those faces that could do with a bit of alteration.Nicole jumps down from the bunk bedNicole:Oi, don’t you lay a finger on her, alright? She’s in my cell now so you don’ttouch her, you know the rules!Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  14. 14. Cell Block 33 14Inmate 2: Yea what ever. Catch you later Nic!Nicole grabs Inmate 2 by the throat.Nicole: It’s Nicole to you yea, say Nic again and I’ll break it!She lets go and they run away.Yasmine:(sheepishly) Thanks.Nicole:Don’t get too happy, it’s just the rules; youHAVE to look after your cellmate.Yasmine begins to read. Nicole goes to pour some water from a jug.Nicole:What you reading?Yasmine:Beatrix Potter.Nicole: I used to read loads before I came in here. Mine got taken away.Yasmine: Why?Nicole: I kept throwing them at Watson.Yasmine laughs and Nicole laughs too.Nicole:(Sighs)Anyway I aint got any more books with me.Yasmine:Well if you ever want to borrow mine you can. Just whenever you feellike reading, ask me if I’m around or just take it.But DON’T throw the at anyone(smiles)Nicole:Really? Thanks!Freeze Frames,mimeshowing developing friendship between YasmineSong:Nicole:I see the old me in youMaking a change was the bad thing to doFeeling broken and so bruisedI wish I could go back and become someone newI was Just like you, just had to tell youYasminEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  15. 15. Cell Block 33 15I thought I would never get a friendBecause I was so afraidDidn’t know what to doBut now I feel safeJust make a changeAnd you might hit fameNever put yourself downOr call yourself lameWe are just the sameWe are just the sameThe buzzer for the inspection rings.Nicole: Hey, Yasmine …Yasminecuts through Nicole’s dialogue.Yasmine: Just call me Yas! (Smiles at Nicole)Nicole:(Smiles back at Yasmine.)Yas, that was the buzzer for the inspection.Comelet’s go.They walk around the stage and walk down to the court yard.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  16. 16. Cell Block 33 16Scene 5 –NazishAll the girls stand around the stage, where WATSON and CHANDRA are standing.Whilst, WATSON and CHANDRA are talking amongst themselves, NICOLE sneaksYASMINEaway with her, as she’s not keen on the inspection, and they get away.Watson: Alright Ladies shut your gobs! (All the girls stop talking)I don’t haveenough time to waste on this inspection, so that’s why you’re going to beinspected by Mr Chandra (Chandra waves at the girls and they start laughing,which makes Watson angry) SHUT IT! I have more important things to do as Ihave a very important meeting with Ms Sullivan (He starts smiling)Carla:(shouts out from crowd) I bet it is VERY important.Girls whistle and laugh CHANDRA joins in.Watson:(Looks at Chandra) Think that’s funny, do you?Chandra: I’m so sorry, I didn’t-WATSON doesn’t let CHANDRA finish what he’s saying and storms offChandra:(smiles at the girls) let’s carry on. (Looks really confused)What were wesupposed to do again? Oh yes, the inspection thing followed by some PE. Listenup ladies, would you mind awfully, standing in nice three neat rows, quick as youcan now…Carla:(sarcastically) Okay, watch us make the prettiest lines ever Mr Kanda!Chandra: Oh my gosh, Carla, do you still not know how to say my name? IT’SCHANDRA!Inmate 1: It’s a difficult name to say ChangreyChandra:Let’s just try to get it right shall we. On the count of three would you allmind just shouting ‘Chandra’ as loud as you possibly can, then we can all get itright. Ok? One, two, three!All girls:(Shouting)CHANDRA!Chandra:Now, enough of this nonsense, let’s get this check over and done withbefore Watson comes back, otherwise all of us will be in an awful lot of trouble.Carla:(sarcastically laughs) did you not hear where he said he’s going,MsSullivan’s office! (Pause) He wont be coming back for a while.All the girls start laughingChandra:(daydreams) Ahhh…he’s such a lucky guy. (Stops daydreaming) NowEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  17. 17. Cell Block 33 17come on, didnt I tell you girls to get in a nice line? Come on then…Routine in mime to music showing inspection and exercise.Girls get into 3 linesLighting begins to dim on CHANDRA and the girls.Exit CHANDRA and INMATES.The spotlight changes to the rear of the stage, Enter NICOLE and YASMINE. NICOLEsits on her bed and YASMINE walks up and down their cell room.Nicole:(looks at Yasmine) what’s up with you?Yasmine: I don’t get it, why are you so relaxed about sneaking out of theinspection I mean-Nicole: - Oh shut up! Nothing will happen. You know Mr Chandra, he’s a nice guybut he lives in a fantasy world. He doesn’t know about anything that goes on inhere.Yasmine: (interferes) – yeah but-Nicole: -Just stop worrying, and seriously stop walking up and down, its makingme feel giddy. Just sit down.NICOLE takes out beers from under her bed.Yasmine:(Worryingly)What’s that?Nicole: Ah, here we go again. Relax already. (Opens up a beer can) You know, Joe?-he brings us these(holds up beer can) So it’s okay. You’re such a worrier (shakesher head from side to side)Yasmine:(does a sarcastic laugh) just pass one here.Nicole:Oooh, good girl gone bad eh?Laughs and throws a beer can to YASMINE, and takes a sip of beer herself.Nicole:Ahh, this reminds me so much of the good times. Being out, being free,and doing what you wanted and when you wanted.(Pause)Yasmine:(starts thinking) I hope you don’t mind me asking but how did you getin here?YASMINE gets up, goes and sits beside NICOLE on her bed, after seeing her eyeswater, NICOLEmoves towards her.Yasmine: Come on, you can trust me. I won’t tell anyone- and even if I wantedEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  18. 18. Cell Block 33 18to,who would I tell?Nicole:(sniffs and pretends to laugh)Hmm, well, around 4 years ago, me and Carla(pauses)Yasmine:You and Carla ….I swear you guys hate each other, dont you?Nicole: Just listen will you? (Getting a little angry)Yasmine: But I dont get it-Nicole: (angry tone) -WHATS UP WITH YOU? I SAY ONE THING; YOU ASK AMILLION QUESTIONS AND THEN YOU-Yasmine:-Sorry. Calm down.Nicole calms downNicole:Me and her were such good friends, we used to do everything together.Suddenly she just completely changed. And it all started on that day, that day…..Lights begin to dim to the sound of music, Blackout. Exit YASMINE and NICOLE.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  19. 19. Cell Block 33 19Scene 6 – MichaelFlashbackEnter on stage NICOLE, walks towards sofa, and sits down.NICOLE is sitting at home when CARLA bursts through the door.Carla: That stupid girl, cheated behind my back…with my boyfriend, he cheatedon me, me and it’s all that idiots fault, that Kate. (Paces up and down quickly)Carla’s Boyfriend, ZAK runs in the roomZak: Carls listen!Carla: Just go away would you!Zak: Listen...Michael RapI used to love you but I’ve moved on nowI’m with someone elseIn a relationshipWe got something new don’t get me wrong I love you toJust as a friend I hope that’s coolYou must be over me I’m just a foolCarla: I just want you to go and I don’t want you to come back.Zak: I’m really sorry Carls.ZAK holds her hand.Carla: JUST GO!ZAK walks out.Nicole: What are you going to do then? I told you he was a no good for nothingliar.Carla: I know Nicole; I should have listened to you.Nicole: Told ya so.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  20. 20. Cell Block 33 20Long pause, CARLA realises something and turns round to NICOLE.Carla:Kate’s going to get it, she’ll get it back hard - and I mean hard.Backstabbing me, how dare she. Ohhh just wait till I get my hands on her.Nicole: Carla you’re not going to kill her are you?Carla:Don’t worry I just want to scare her off. (getting frustrated Carla turnsaway from Nicole)She ruined my relationship and (sadly)broke my heart(aggressively and turns towards Nicole) Do you understand?Nicole: Yeah, I do… but violence isn’t the way. (Mumbles and looks scared)Promise me you won’t seriously hurt her. Promise me you won’t kill her.Carla:Alright, we’ll just shake her up? Help me please?Both CARLA and NICOLEleave the houseNicole:(Checks phone)Julie just texted me (Shows Carla her phone) she’s at thepark.Carla:Right, let’s pay her a visit.(begins to walk)NICOLE and CARLAarrive at the park and see KATE who’s sitting on the benchCarla:Oi you.Kate: Are you talking to me love, I’m waiting for someone.Carla: Yeah,MY Boyfriend.Nicole: You filthy little brat we know about(prods Kate) you.Carla: Do you have any last words to say?(Carla clinches her knuckles)Kate: Leave me alone, I didn’t even do any….CARLA interrupts and swings a punch at her face.Carla: That’s right shut your mouthFight scene. CARLA pulls out knife and stab’s KATE. KATE falls to the ground stillmoving. NICOLE is so shocked she just stares at KATE and can’t move.Carla:(looks at Nicole)Come on, let’s get out of here (grabs onto her hand to runaway)Nicole:(gets free of Carla’s hand)I’m going home.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  21. 21. Cell Block 33 21Carla:She got what she deserved.Nicole: You stabbed her. We said scare not stab, you psycho!CARLA grabs NICOLE by the handCarla: We need to get out of here! Come on!Police Sirensring and a load of armed, police officers approach the girls. NICOLEgives up but CARLA makes a run for it but is police tackled to the floor.Court RoomCARLA is sentenced to seven years and NICOLE is sentenced to five years as KATEsurvived.Judge voice over: I sentence you Carla Louise Hughes to seven years in prisonfor the stabbing of an innocent girl. I sentence you Nicole Harper to five years injail for GBH and assisting a stabbing.Both girls are being taken to different police vans and look each otherLights begin to dim. Exit CARLA, NICOLE, and POLICE OFFICERS.Back out of flash backEnter NICOLE and YASMINE, both are sitting in their cell.Nicole: So that’s why I’m in here…Yasmine: But why is everybody scared of Carla.Nicole: She made up all sorts of lies to make her seem worse than she really is.Yasmine: So why not tell the others?Nicole: Coz I made a promise a long time ago that I would never go against her.I’m going to get some fresh air.(Pointing to beer can and walks out)YASMINE sits for a moment trying to take in what NICOLE just saidLights Black OutEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  22. 22. Cell Block 33 22Scene 7 –ParnyanSeveral of the guards sit around in the officers mess room whilst JOE, CHANDRAand BORIS are standing over by the sink.Joe:Cup of tea for you all (said suspiciously) and something interesting to go withit.Chandra: oh really? (Wide smile)I’m really excited what is it?Joe:You’ll know once you taste itMckenzie: No, I’m not up for anything like that, Mr Watson wouldn’t like it.Joe: You guys need to know how to have REAL FUN! Changra, here have some.Chandra: Its Chandra not Changra and thanks(takes a cup of tea from JOE)BORIS, JOE and CHANDRA drink the tea with a mixture of something else and it hasan effect on them. The three guards laugh and get out of control.MOORLAND enters the roomMoorland: Alright guys?Boris: Tea?Moorland: No thanks, where do you lot see yourself in fiveyear’s time?Joe:Random question but I’ll be long gone, in a job where people don’t hate you.Boris: Better not become a banker though!Moorland: What about you Chandra, here in five years?Chandra:Oh no, I see myself with a perfect wife, with seven perfect children anda perfect job (not this one) NOT THIS ONE!Joe: Oh really, but you missed out on the bit where your wife’s blind and doesn’tknow who on earth she’s married to(smirks)Chandra: (Punch Joe)(JOE gives and awkward look to CHANDRA)Moorland: I need to get away for a vacation. I can’t stand being here anymore.Chandra: Why not move to India?Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  23. 23. Cell Block 33 23Moorland: I couldn’t stand the heat.Joe:Boris why are you so quiet? (Confused)Boris: Well I want to have the same status as Mr Watson and dothings verydifferently to impress him, but he’s not willing to give me a chanceCHANDRA and JOEsee Mr WATSON coming and deliberately make BORIS insult MRWATSONJoe: That’s really shocking to hear, tell us more!Boris:He is the worst creature God has ever created; I mean he looks likemedusa, with the snakes hissing at everyone they see.Chandra: He is a wonderful boss to us, I don’t understand why you’re sayingthis?Joe: Mr Watson always has control over everythingBoris: Are you all feeling alright, he treats us all with no respect, so the next timeI see him, I will say no to whatever he demands for and stand up formyself(stands up and points at guards) you all just watch!Watson: Very interesting Boris, I was about to give you a certificate on howsupportive you are of me. May be not now!Mr WATSON tears up the certificate in front of BORIS and throws it up in the airWatson: Now you all pay attention.I’m going to start the Best Training class rightnow.Boris: But sir...Watson:Shut up Boris! Now my lecture today will start with how to deal withfight situations. I hope you’re all making notes on this (waves a pen at them)Chandra: Oh I don’t like fighting Mr Watson. Somebody might get hurt (looksaround sheepishly)Watson: No you idiot not how to get into a fight, how to stop it!All Guards: Ahhh!Watson: God give me strength. Now I would like a volunteer (looks at the guards,but stops at Boris)Hmm, Boris you’ll do. Chandra you stand behind me. I wantyou to do this. Stand with your back to me(Chandra stands with his back toWatson) Yes that’s right. Now I need you to fall back and I’ll catch you. (ToEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  24. 24. Cell Block 33 24Chandra) I’ll do it first then you can have a go. Just lean back on the count ofthree; one-two three...Just before BORIS leans back SULLIVAN enters the room. WATSON moves quicklytowards her and BORIS falls. CHANDRA manages to catch him but they both fall.Sullivan:(Seductively) Hello Watson, I just wondered if I could have a word.(Looks back at CHANDRA and BORIS who have fallen on the floor)Oh my god,what’s going on here?Watson: Well, I was just teaching them to trust each other. I just wanted them tohave faith in each other.Sullivan: Wow, I’ve never seen such a wonderful man who worries about hiscolleagues so much. What a lovely man you are Mr Watson!WATSON smiles and bowsWatson:(flirty tone) Please call me Mitchell or Michy for shortMoorland: Do you need me sir because I just need to go and buy a gun and alength of rope.Watson:Oh, I’m sorry I completely forgot about you all (looks towards Sullivanand smiles, and then looks back at guards)you can all go.All the GUARDSexitSullivan: how sweet, Michy. You’re such a sweetheart.Ms Stella Sullivan’s papers fall to the floor and they both kneel to get it, Ms Sullivanand Mr Watson makes close eye contact.Watson: Allow me to pick up your papers, my ladySullivan:You’re such a gentleman!Mr Watson on one knee gives the papers to Ms SullivanSullivan: What are your plans for today?Watson: Well nothing much, but I was thinking we could go somewhere fordinner.Sullivan: That’s really nice, so your paying for it cherry-pie, right?Watson: Anything you wantEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  25. 25. Cell Block 33 25Song:Verse (Guard)Every day I look at youI wonder if you look back.Do you feel the way I feel for you?In my heart I wonder that.Verse (Governor)Never new I’ll find love hereI wonder if he knows thatIn my heart there are some feelingsI’m falling that’s a factCorus (Both) I know I feel something strangeI don’t know if you feel the sameBut honestly if I agreeIt will be plain to see,That I’m falling for you.Both lean in for kiss and lights black out.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  26. 26. Cell Block 33 26Scene 8 -SaraThe bell rings for dinner and all the inmates come marching in a sequence. At oneend of the concert hall 3 dinner ladies are standing waiting to serve the inmateswith WATSON on one side and BORIS on the other.Watson: COME ON LADIES!Chop, chop now get in line and get your slop!Boris: YEA! You heard him, don’t waste our time!Inmate 3: How’s about you just shut it, we don’t take orders from a(looks Borisup and down) little man like you.Watson: Alright then, listen to a big man like me! So as he said, get a move on!Inmates:WhateverBoris: Um, Mr Watson. You’ve got some Lipstick on your mouth.Watson:(touches his lips) Just-um- trying on some disguises.Tannoy announcement.Sullivan’s Voice:Could all guards report my office immediately please?Watson:Come on Boris.The guards leave unnoticed.As all the inmates sit down in lines to eat their food .YASMINE walks to the canteenafter everyone’s sat down then CARLA walks in and over to the canteen followed byNICOLE a few minutes later. YASMINE looks around the dining hall to see whereshe can sit, after other inmates showing her that she is not welcome to sit anywhereshe slips and falls into CARLA.Carla:(stands up) whatthe...CARLA takes a deep breath and looks down at herself, while all of the inmates lookat them in the middle of the dining hall in shock whispering to each other andmoving away from them, YASMINE is stuck on the spot, really scared and speakingwith a stutter.Yasmine:Oh my god I’m, I’m so, so, so sorry!Sasha: What have you done you idiot?Carla:Yea you will besorrywhen I’m finished with you, you lil brat...Yasmine: I didn’t mmm…Mean it!Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  27. 27. Cell Block 33 27Carla:(closes fists) Well I’ll mean every single bruise and cut I leave on yourbody!Sash:Basha. BASH HER.Tasha:(To audience)Now you know why she’s called Basha!SASHAgrabs YASMINE by the hair and CARLA starts to speak to the other inmatesas they gather around.Carla:(Trying to mimic her sweet voice)new girl wants to know what it’s reallylike in here, don’t you.Sasha: She wants to be taught a lesson.Tasha: We’ll show her one she’ll never forget!NICOLE walks over and pushes people out the way and shouts outNicole:Oiiii, why don’t you mess with someone your own size!All inmates move right back now even more shocked and completely silent to whathas just happened. CARLA lets go and pushes YASMINE, who falls to the floor hurt,and looks up slowly at NICOLE who are now facing each other at a distance in themiddle of the hall.Carla:Excuse me?Nicole:You heard me, why are you acting like your something big, you worthless,bag of filth!Tasha:(points at Nicole) watch your mouth!Carla:Oh …so big man decides to speak up now yea? Just get out of here before Ido some real harm!CARLA looks at the other inmates smiling and shaking her head left and right.NICOLE starts walking in circles around CARLA.Nicole:Well we all know what you can do, don’t we! We all know how messed upthat mind of yours is! How many gruesome murders you’ve committed!NICOLE’S tone in voice changes to a much softer and hurtful toneCarla: Shut up Nicole, just stop right there.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  28. 28. Cell Block 33 28Nicole:Why what are you afraid of, that I’ll tell everyone what a big lie it is, howyou betrayed your best friend, how you’ve never really killed a single person.How all of this is just for show.Tasha: Shut up that aint true.Nicole: Don’t you want to know how she sent me down, by lying to me all for onepathetic guy.Carla:You knew how much he meant to me! How can some random nobodycome along and decide to try it with my man, I thought you would understand.Nicole: I guess I thought our friendship meant more to you. Well you knowwhat,I’m doing much better without you.NICOLE turns around to walk away when CARLA mutters a comment about her.Carla:You are nothing and never will be.NICOLE forgets about everything that just happens and thinks about the last wordsCARLA just said and turns around, leaping onto CARLA from behind. Here bothCARLA and NICOLE are fighting and ripping, scratching and punching each otheron the floor.Inmates are now gathered around shouting and cheering at both girls on thefloor.WATSON, BORIS and JOE now re-enter the hall, realising what is happeningand running in at the same time calling for back up.WATSON grabs CARLA and BORIS grabs NICOLEThe prisoners are still too shocked to moveSong:(Nicole)Before I got to prison, I lived a good life,It was Carla who then pulled out the knife.It’s her fault I’m here, yet she doesn’t care,Why all the betrayal, it’s just not fair.(Chorus)I’m living my life; I’m living in hell,I’m living in prison and I’m here to tell.It’s bad in here I’m in so much pain,It’s such a shame, no one knows my name.(Carla)Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  29. 29. Cell Block 33 29I don’t care about her; I am who I am,It’s not my fault; it’s just the way I am.I know it was a mistake, yet there’s no turning back,And from my mistakes, I’m learning that,(Chorus)I’m living my life; I’m living in hell,I’m living in prison and I’m here to tell.It’s bad in here I’m in so much pain,It’s such a shame, no one knows my name.(Yasmin)Forget about the past, it’s all about now,The hard bit is figuring a way out.You were both good friends, what went wrong.It’s about time, you both get along.(Chorus)I’m living my life; I’m living in hell,I’m living in prison and I’m here to tell.It’s bad in here I’m in so much pain,It’s such a shame, no one knows my name.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  30. 30. Cell Block 33 30Scene 9 –ZahraCarla: (Stands Up)WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?Inmate 1:(Viciously sits Carla down.) You best shut your mouth.Inmate 4:(To Carla) what was it again you’re in here for?Carla: I’ve told you all before already…Murder.Everyone starts laughing and then suddenly stop.Inmate 3: (Holding Carla’s neck from the back.) Wrong answer, try again.CARLA gets more and more nervous.Carla:Okay, Okay… I only stabbed the damn girl now get the hell off me.Inmate 4: Uh, not so fast. Now you see; you’ve been a right cow around here.Things are about to change!Inmate 2: A girl with only one record of stabbing someone has been messingwith the wrong bunch of girls.Inmate 1: Girls! Let’s say we show little miss bad girl, what it really means to bebad.Freeze the scene with INMATE 2 holding the back of CARLA’S head whilst INMATE1 is about to violently punch her, meanwhile everyone else is gathered roundcheering and yelling abuse at CARLA.Scene cuts to Yasmine and NicoleYasmine: Nicole, look at this, is this really what you want to happen to your bestfriend?Nicole:She’s not my best friend and never will be; no friend of mine would do thethingsshe did.Yasmine:I know your upset at her and I know you have no intensions ofbecoming friends again. But there’s no harm in trying.Nicole:You would never understand how it felt; to see your own friend lie andset you up. It’s all her fault I’m stuck in here!Yasmine:You’re right. I won’t ever understand, but I do know deep inside, youwant to go and help her right now. It’s never too late to change things betweenyou two andholding a grudge against her won’t ever change what’s happened.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  31. 31. Cell Block 33 31NICOLE sighs and realises the right thing to do. Girls unfreeze, yelling abuse andcheering on INMATE 1, who is about to punch CARLA.Newbie 1: PUNCH HER! WHAT YOU WAITING FOR!Inmate 3:Carla you’re a liar!All inmates are now getting very aggressive.All Inmates: PUNCH HER! PUNCH HER! PUNCH HER!Nicole: (Stands Up)STOP!Everyone stops suddenly and turns around.Inmate 1:SHUT UP!Nicole:Oi just listen to me for two minutes.Cash:Go on then, this better be worth it.Nicole: (Takes a deep breath)How is beating up Carla, going to solve anything.Don’t you realise by acting this way you’re becoming everything that you hatedabout Carla and the way she treated you. Carla was only as petrified as you allwere when you first came here. We all made stupid mistakes and tried coveringup how scared we were by putting on this fake shield that truly doesn’t need tobe there. If you lot feel that the onlyway left is to stoop to Carla’s level, then we’reall only as bad as her. Just take a second to think about who you all werebeforeyou came here, I know that I for one have become so different from the person Iused to be. I barley recognise myself. Maybe we all need to look hard to find ourtrue selves.There’s a silence within the group, everyone is left speechless. WATSON andCHANDRA enter.Watson:Okay you lot; now get to your cells.Everyone goes without a single word; NICOLE and CARLA exit last, each looking ateach other in disbelief.CARLA is now shown in her cell thinking about what’s justhappened.Then lights begin to dim.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  32. 32. Cell Block 33 32Scene 10 – RajanChandra walks past inmates who are standing around and talking.Newbie 1: You know Watsons dating Sullivan don’t you?Andi: Really?Newbie 2: Yea! She’s all over him.Inmate 3:Oh, do you think Chandra knows about it. The poor guys besotted.Whitney: Don’t know; let’s find out, it’ll be fun!They all look at ChandraAndi: Hey, Mr Chandra, I heard Ms Sullivan likes you.Chandra: Don’t be silly, why would she like me.Whitney: She does, she told me.Chandra: Well it would be nice for someone to care for me, other than mymother (shakes head in shame)Cash:Why not try and ask her out?Chandra: Oh no, I couldn’t possibly! She’d think I was being silly.Andi:You should go for it, she REALLY likes you!Chandra:(With excitement)does she really?All Girls: YES!Chandra:Maybe I should try then!Inmate 4:Yea you should.Andi: Go,for itChandra: But I really don’t know what to say!Andi starts to write on Chandra’s hand.Andi: Just say that and you’ll be fine.Chandra: Wish me luck girls and try not to do anything too naughty whilst I’mgone.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  33. 33. Cell Block 33 33CHANDRA walks quickly and nervously toward the governor’s office. He arrives atthe office and knocks on the door. There’s no answer so he just opens the door andwalks in. He glances at SULLIVAN and starts to read the words of his hand notlooking up.Chandra:(rushing)Ms Sullivan I need to tell you something…no don’t stop me,Ilove you and I always have and I think you feel the same way actually I know youdo and I love you and I want to spend long evenings by the fire with you and...CHANDRA looks and sees SULLIVAN with WATSON who she has just been kissing.Chandra: Oh, I’m terribly sorry I didn’t know you had someone with you.Sullivan: Oh dear, this is a bit sticky isn’t it. You see Chaudry...Chandra: Chandra!Sullivan: Chandra, I’m with Watson. I’m very sorry.Chandra:(Sad) No, I understand. I’m sorry, sorryCHANDRA walks towards the door, he opens it, looks over his shoulder atSULLIVAN, pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket, wipes his eyes and leaves.SULLIVAN and WATSON freeze for a few moments; look at each other and start tokiss again.Lights Black outEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  34. 34. Cell Block 33 34Scene 11–GeorgeJOE is sitting in the officers mess room singing along to ‘Singing in the Rain’ on hisportable radio. He mimics the dance from the film and WATSON walks in followedby NICOLE.WATSON and NICOLE stand in the door way for a few moments until Watsonspeaks.Watson:(Trying not to laugh) what the hell are you doing?Joe:(Stunned and embarrassed) Oh, sorry sir, I was just… just practicing myroutine for the PE session tomorrow.Watson: But you don’t take the PE class tomorrow!Joe: No…well… I was working on it for Friday.Watson: (Sarcastically) Yes. (Gets serious)Anyway,Nicole wants a word with youJoe, I said you weren’t busy.Joe: Nono,I’m free.Watson:(To Nicole). Well I’ll leave you in Joe’s capable hands.Nicole:(Realising what’s she’s done),Thanks MR. Watson.WATSON gives NICOLE and JOE a disapproving look and leaves.Nicole: Joe I need to speak to you...Joe: Now listen, (Very defensive)I can explain about the beer, see my friendshipped...Nicole: No it’s not about the beer!Joe: Fags?Nicole: Just listen for crying out loud! Right…JOE gets upand pours himself a glass of water and begins to drinkNicole: I’d like to go on one of the Education courses...As she says education Joe spits out his water in shock! He turns round and stares atNICOLE.Joe:(SHOCKED) you what?Nicole: Well I didn’t pass my A levels!Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  35. 35. Cell Block 33 35Joe:Right, well that’s a huge change what were you thinking you’d you like to do,A level Maths, English, Drama...Nicole: English! I want to write a book.Joe: Oh really, what kind of book?Nicole: A book about my life!Joe: Right, well, that should be an interesting read! I tell you what; I’ll have aword with Ms Sullivan and get you on it as soon as I can… Ok?Nicole: Cheers Joe, I owe you one.-Joe:-Two in fact.Nicole: What?Joe: You still haven’t paid for those beers!BORIS walks in.Boris: What’s this then, ay Joe? Smuggling to the prisoners?(Getting excited)I’vegot you this time; I’ve waited ages for this and now it’s finally here! I’m going totake this to the top. All illegal I bet?Joe: Yep, yep they are!Boris: Brilliant, I’ll probably get a promotion out of this!Joe: Boris?Boris: No Joe…don’t try and wheedle out of it because you won’t change mymind.Joe: Where did you get the bottle of Whiskey?Boris:(Not realising) off (Realises) you! Oh my GOD!Joe: Yes! So unless you want Sullivan or Watson to find out about this, I’d keepyour mouth shut. Ok?Boris:(Annoyed)You, you, you. I’ll get you one day you, you! Ahhhrrrr!BORIS storms outJoe: That’s the way to handle that little,(He looks at Nicole)man. (Pause) Right,get on your way now.Nicole: Cheers Joe! See ya!Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  36. 36. Cell Block 33 36Scene 12– Sara and ZahraAll the INMATES are in the recreation room during their free time. Scene beginswith CARLA’S and a few inmates arm wrestling, CARLA has just won the game.Carla: Thrashed you all…AGAIN!Sasha: She beat you, she beat you!Inmate 3: What, you cheated!Tasha: She didn’t cheat!She gets up and starts to boastCarla:Better luck next time!Inmate 3: Whatever.Carla: Who’s next?Basha: I’ll play with you.Carla: No thanks Bash! How about you go play hopscotch or something. So whowant a go then?NICOLE at this point is observing what is happening and smiling at how CARLA isshowing off , and walks up to the group, and sits in front of CARLA.Nicole: Round 4(smirks)Carla: bring it on(Smirks back)Game carries on, all inmates gather round eager to see the outcome of this game.NICOLE winsCarla:(disappointed)what?Nicole: Game over!NICOLE gets up with a smirk on her face while everyone’s turns silent.Carla: That doesn’t change the past, remember how I used thrash you(Almostlaughing)NICOLE turns around with a soft smileNicole: Yeah how we used to argue about it, then 10 seconds later laugh about it?Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  37. 37. Cell Block 33 37CARLA’S face dropsCarla: (To other prisoners) go do something somewhere else (TURNS BACK TONICOLE)I hear your getting out soon?Nicole: Yea, 3 weeks?Carla: You told Yasmine?Nicole: Not yet.Carla: She’s done a lot for you, you know. And for me.Nicole:You’ll look after her won’t you?Carla: Yeah, sure!Spot light on CARLACarla: I’m starting to realise that being together with everyone even Nicole is notso bad, I actually miss my times with Nicole and I guess I’ve been too big headedto actually admit that I was wrong all along and Nicole wouldn’t be here if itwasn’t for me, but there is no going back so I guess I should make the most ofthese moments.Spotlight now turns onto NICOLENicole: Why wasn’t it like this from the beginning, even though so much hashappened, I can’t go back and change things and I really do miss my best friend?,I’m gonna make sure before I go it’s never too late…Carla: What do you think you’ll do when you get out?Nicole: Thinking of writing a book.Carla: What you going to call it?Nicole: The Promise …I’ll send you a copy when it’s done.Carla:(Smiling)you better. I’m so sorry I let you down.Nicole: Hey, the past is forgotten, so don’t worry bout it.Carla: Friends again?Nicole: Of course we are!NICOLE and CARLA hugLights fade out.Edited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  38. 38. Cell Block 33 38Scene 13–ParnyanYasmine: Are you alright? You don’t look too good.Nicole: look Yasmine, I just want you to know that I will always be your friendand no matter what I will always remember you as a sister.Yasmine: something is wrong isn’t it, just tell me, please, is it me, are youplanning on…Nicole:Yasmine listen!NICOLE and YASMINE look at each other for a few seconds and they both look veryupsetNicole: I’m leaving, I’ve done my time and now it’s time for me to go and makesomething out of myself.Yasmine: Nicole I’m so proud of you.Nicole:I couldn’t have done it without you. Yas you’re a brilliant mate and you’llbe fine. You taught me a lot of things I will always remember, no matter where orwho I’m with.Song BetweenYasmine and NicoleFirst verseI started of confused, not knowing what to do,Giving up on hope realising I couldn’t copeI was betrayed and I try to move onBut that wasn’t the case, I’m far from goneSecond verseYou changed me for the best, didn’t care about the rest,Now I’m standing here, thinking you’re so blessed,My time has come, were near to an end,But don’t believe I’m not here till the endChorusGoodbye my Friend, good bye my angelYou made me be who I am todayEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  39. 39. Cell Block 33 39Goodbye my inmate, Goodbye my miracleForever I’ll remember you in my prayersThird VerseI’ve waited so long to find a friendI guess we got to part Cuss it’s our final bend,I don’t want you to go and I’ll miss you soWe made it for a reason only time will showChorusGoodbye my Friend, good bye my angelYou made me be who I am todayGoodbye my inmate, Goodbye my miracleForever I’ll remember you in my prayersFourth verseYou got to make the most of the freedom that will comeSo make sure you say Hi to my mum,Jokes now aside, should have never liedBaby you know you’re one of a kindChorusGoodbye my Friend, good bye my angelYou made me be who I am todayGoodbye my inmate, Goodbye my miracleForever I’ll remember you in my prayersChorus (Acapella)Goodbye my Friend, good bye my angelYou made me be who I am todayGoodbye my inmate, Goodbye my miracleForever I’ll remember you in my prayersEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)
  40. 40. Cell Block 33 40Song finishes and NICOLE turns away then runs to hug YASMINELight black out.Mime scene with music to show Nicole saying final goodbye’s and leaving.All the prisoners sing the final song!We know we can be strongWe know we were here so longGiving up isn’t our gameWe are bursting like flamesAt first we were not copingBut we kept on HopingNow we have come to an EndNow we can no longer blendFreedom we screamFreedom we YellFreedom is what we have achievedWe Know we were here so longwe know we can be strongwe are bursting like a flamegiving up isn’t our gameAt first we were hopingbut now we are copingWe are no longer blendingwe have come to an End, End, and EndTHE ENDEdited By George Streather (Director) and Nazish Hussain (Assistant Director)