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2017 Personal Productivity Survey Results


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How productive are we really? conducted an online survey among 548 US adults asking about their attitudes, behaviors and advice regarding personal productivity.

These are the results.

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2017 Personal Productivity Survey Results

  1. 1. Learn more at adults were asked about their attitudes, behaviors and advice regarding personal productivity. These are the results. 548
  2. 2. Learn more at We’re struggling to keep up particularly during middle age when children and career pile on the pressure. #1
  3. 3. Learn more at We’re wasting our time on social media when we’d rather be learning a new language. #2
  4. 4. Learn more at Morning productivity rituals pay off. Handsomely. #3
  5. 5. Learn more at The To-Do List is still king of productivity tools (but tech is making an impact). #4
  6. 6. Learn more at Personal productivity skills may have a place in the school curriculum. #5
  7. 7. Learn more at Crowdsourced wisdom: The world is yours if you focus, prioritize and plan ahead. #6
  8. 8. Learn more at In Depth Results
  9. 9. of people are dissatisfied with their level of personal productivity rising to 18% among 35-44 year olds and 21% amongst 45-54 year olds. 16% Learn more at
  10. 10. of those unsatisfied with their level of productivity feel totally overwhelmed at least some of the time peaking amongst 35-54 year olds. 89% Learn more at
  11. 11. of 35-44 year olds not satisfied with their level of personal productivity quote their output at work as the main challenge. 82% Learn more at
  12. 12. Learn more at Wasting time browsing the web or using social media, commuting, and interruptions at work were the most frequently quoted reasons for diminished productivity. Productivity Killers 37% 16% 13% Social Media Commuting Interruptions
  13. 13. Learn more at of respondents expressed a desire to limit their browsing or social media activity. 7% have deleted one or more apps in order to help achieve this. 32%
  14. 14. Learn more at Given no work, time or financial constraints the top three things people would like to do is travel, go back to school, or learn a new language. Time to escape? 25% 14% 11% Travel School Language
  15. 15. Learn more at of people regularly engage in some kind of morning ritual designed to support their personal productivity. 28%
  16. 16. Learn more at Exercise, meditation, and planning the day ahead were the most frequently mentioned morning ritual activities. Get ritualistic 45% 17% 8% Exercise Meditation Planning
  17. 17. Learn more at of respondents who always engage in a morning ritual were satisfied with their levels of personal productivity versus just 76% of all respondents. 93%
  18. 18. Learn more at of those who always engage in a morning ritual suffer from feelings of overwhelm versus 14% or all respondents. 7%
  19. 19. Learn more at Participation in morning rituals increases with seniority, peaking at 91% amongst business owners. Morning rituals pay
  20. 20. Learn more at College graduates and postgraduates are most likely to engage in a morning ritual (38% and 46% respectively). Morning rituals pay
  21. 21. Learn more at of respondents still rely on the humble to-do list in order to organize their day. 15%
  22. 22. Learn more at Notable productivity apps mentioned by respondents included Trello, Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote, and Wunderlist. Tools of the trade
  23. 23. Learn more at of people would like to better be able to prioritize their tasks. This peaks at 30% for 35-44 year olds. 21%
  24. 24. Learn more at of those with a college degree feel like they should prioritize better. This doubles to 36% of those with just “some college” education. 18%
  25. 25. Learn more at of full time workers would like to be able to prioritize better. This rises to 38% amongst part-time workers and 27% for the unemployed. 17%
  26. 26. Learn more at When asked for their #1 piece of productivity advice respondents consistently quoted focus, prioritizing, and planning ahead as their top advice. Take some advice 33% 26% 18% Focus Prioritize Plan Ahead
  27. 27. Learn more at Focus. Eliminate distractions. Leave Facebook and Twitter. Focus only on what you are trying to achieve. Write clear goals listing the benefits of attaining these. Then make sure to work on those for 2-3 hours daily, uninterrupted, whether you feel like it or not. - Survey Respondent “ ”
  28. 28. Learn more at Prioritize. “ ” Avoid at all costs getting bogged down in trivia. First thing in the day do the most important tasks which have the highest impact on achieving your goals. - Survey Respondent
  29. 29. Learn more at Plan Ahead. “ ” I typically start planning for my week on Sunday evening. I then plan each day as soon as I wake up. I pick 2 or 3 things that I absolutely must achieve that day and, as a rule, these are the first things I do. Plan, plan, plan. - Survey Respondent
  30. 30. Learn more at Contact us at Questions?
  31. 31. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit