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                                     (the place where conventional approaches don't work : deep...
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Igniter: Venturing On The Frontiers


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A simple guide to venturing on the frontiers.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Igniter: Venturing On The Frontiers

  1. 1. VENTURING ON THE FRONTIERS (the place where conventional approaches don't work : deep change and early stages) Venture Venturing (People agreeing to do stuff to make something happen) (the process of creating or evolving a venture) Realm of Relevance (the space the venture The process of connecting operates in) with others. Enquiries Magic Box evolve the spaces and (the venture: the space asks help get things done. g tin The process of where stuff gets done.) ec nn defining spaces Co (realm of Framing relevance, magic The process of planning box, founding actions that get done. agreement) and Working within the Magic Planni developing Box, there are no ng models of the distractions to make the venture people, most of what there is and (relationship and people, go get what is needed. quantitative) everywhere... Founding Agreement (the DNA of the venture) Principles for the Frontiers Create spaces for Make it simple Tend to connections Keep things to happen. and accessible. and connecting. venturing. The greater the uncertainty the A space isn't any good if If a venture is essentially a Head down? Heads-up! Venturing more important it is to have nobody knows it's there or if bundle of relationships, well it is a process so keep running the space for things to emerge in they can't get in. This means makes good sense to tend to process. ways that could not otherwise keep things simple and those relationships and create have been planned. Some accessible. new ones. They are also one of Keeping things running is also people call it 'luck'. the best indicators for where about anticipating when things are For example, framing there's opportunity and where going to run amok before it Creating the space means to documents should be no more things are going wonky. happens. That requires paying focus the attention (framing) than a page each (simple) and attention to changes in and introduce action in the have a mix of text and images Doing this with purpose and relationships and changes in direction you want to go. That or other ways of communicating within simple and accessible trends. If you've got a tire with a action, as simple as a (accessible). Oh, and use spaces is the best way to tiny wobble, you don't need to conversation, can be the spark simple language. animate any venture. panic every time you notice the for luck. wobble. If the wobble starts chattering your teeth it's time to get v3c - 080207 if fixed.