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MIN Sample - Dreamforce 2014


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MIN Sample - Dreamforce 2014

  1. 1. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. The following was published to my Market Insights News subscribers on October 19, 2014: Quote of the Week “For many, many years we’ve thought about these MDM systems, these centralized systems, and we’ve had this idea that if only we could go around the enterprise and collect all these little nuggets of information we could assemble this amazing picture of who are customers are. And the reality is a lot of the data in our internal systems isn’t that good. It’s just not. I can find better insights very often on the first page of search results than customers who’ve spent millions and millions of dollars trying to compile their own internal profiles. So the reality is you need to continue to have a strategy around your internal data. This is what we focused on: product orders, purchase histories, support cases. That’s unique to you and you need to manage that internally. You need to understand when you meet with a customer that they have an open case. I need to understand what their purchase order is. But you have to think outside your four walls to get a complete picture. You have to know not just what you’ve put in the CRM yourself; not just your view of what’s happening with that customer, but what’s really happening with that customer. So while you’re in the office using the CRM to think about selling strategies, your customers are in their markets. They have their own things going on. You need to think about this external data. What’s happening? Is the company growing? How are they doing on their key performance indicators? What’s going on in the news? What’s really happening with your customers? We want you to think about bringing that whole picture. My team likes to say that the 360 degree view of the customer has to include what’s actually going on at the customer.”  Andy Macmillan, SVP and GM of Overview As with every Dreamforce, there are a set of Salesforce product enhancements pre-announced. Some are close to implementation and some are a year out. At this year’s show, Salesforce launched a new analytics platform, codenamed Wave; mobile enabled SalesCloud1 and ServiceCloud1; and a mobile developers platform called Lightning. Slipping under the radar is an expanded vision for which has been a backwater service for the past few years. Although it has increased its customer base, much of this growth was simply due to the first mover advantage SFDC reps had in bundling SFDC Prospector and Clean services. The basic configuration of Jigsaw contacts + D&B companies has been in place for 3 ½ years. Core functionality was limited to prospecting, I-frame viewing, “stare and compare updates” and batch cleanse (Clean premium service). The new vision includes an app market, broader D&B content, Wave integration, a data exchange for third party datasets, and a focus on “Insights”. They also announced a partnership with Thomson Reuters to deliver their broad news and financial markets data as a new service in H1 2015. Of course, Dreamforce included a set of AppExchange partner announcements. These included new or enhanced connectors from DiscoverOrg, Avention, GageIn, Radius, and Demandbase. There were some non-Salesforce announcements this week, but I’ve pushed them to next week’s issue – so expect that issue to also run long.
  2. 2. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. Analytics Cloud (Wave) It has been an open secret for weeks that Salesforce would be announcing their new analytics cloud at Dreamforce. The new analytics service, codenamed Wave, is a visualization package for viewing connections between the data. It is intended to be easier to use than traditional analytics tools with a game inspired interface and seats split between “Builders” and “Explorers”. CEO Marc Benioff calls Wave, “analytics for the rest of us.” “The company was looking for ‘addictive and intuitive experiences.’” commented Director of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Anna Rosenman. “It can’t be about rows and columns. We wanted everyone to feel good using [the] product and interact with it.” “It’s not to be sitting on the shelf, static, siloed, and away from individuals,” Rosenman said. “It’s here to inform us, so we can make the right decisions going forward.” Wave is built from Edgespring, a data analytics company acquired in 2013. Like other software developed for Salesforce1, Wave is mobile first. It rolled out with an Apple iOS app with other mobile operating systems in development. IDC forecasts a 9.4% annual growth rate for analytics through 2018. The analytics market was sized at $37.7B in 2013, nearly double the size of the CRM space. SFDC is positioning the service as easier to use than traditional business intelligence services. "The data revolution is creating new opportunities for companies to create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers," said Alex Dayon, president of Products at Salesforce. "The Wave Analytics Cloud eliminates the painfully slow, complex and unintuitive legacy approaches that have long separated business users from their data -- finally, there are analytics for the rest of us." “We need a new vision, not a new version,” blogged Benioff. “something to really break through when it comes to data … that reflects the power of mobile, social and the cloud and can fill this data gap.”
  3. 3. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. Analysts have long noted that analytics was a key gap in the SFDC offering with customers reliant upon partner solutions. "The demand for self-service analytics is sweeping across every business function, as end-users demand relevant business insights delivered at the right time to increase their competitiveness and make decisions that positively impact revenues," said Dan Vesset, program vice president of business analytics research at IDC. "This swings open the door for a cloud-based analytics solution, such as Wave, which enables companies to circumvent bottlenecks inherent in the traditional analytics model to give users a more mobile, collaborative and simple approach to exploring any volume and variety of data sources." Wave is schema free, so datasets do not need to be pre-sorted or structured prior to being analyzed. Salesforce compares this to consumer travel apps that provide broad searching and filtering on the web. Wave also imports data from external applications and supports Chatter dashboard deployment. Ben Kepes of Forbes observed that “Many existing Salesforce customer frankly don’t need a true analytics offering but rather a more in-depth visualization tool than they currently have from Salesforce. With Wave data can be sliced and diced to create different views and connections between data. Wave appears to use standard database language and labels and hence might need a degree of technical know-how to begin using it.” Platform partners include integration vendors Informatica, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, and Mulesoft; consultancies Accenture and Deloitte: predictive analytics firms Lattice Engines, 6Sense, Fliptop, and Gainsight; and content vendors D&B and FirstRain. "Our vision is to make it easy for companies of all sizes to use advanced data science to grow revenue across the entire customer lifecycle," said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice. "We are excited to be part of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem, bringing the power of predictive analytics to customers around the world." Lattice commented that they have over 100 joint customers who will immediately benefit from bringing their business signals and predictive scores into Wave. Shared customers include Citrix, DocuSign, Inc., EMC, HireVue, Pure Storage, Staples and SunTrust Bank. “By allowing customers to consume data and insights within the Salesforce Analytics Cloud solution, businesses will benefit in a number of ways, including: greater productivity, enhanced decision-making and more powerful sales and marketing campaign ROIs,” says D&B EVP of Global Alliances and Partnerships Mike Sabin. “As the exclusive provider of company information for more than 240 million businesses worldwide for, we look forward to continuing to develop powerful applications that fuse Salesforce’s best-in-class technology with Dun & Bradstreet’s global content and analytics.” “The online analytics environment will create a self-serve destination for non-technical people to analyze information,” said D&B VP of Alliances Jay Glick. “It will offer easy access on a variety of devices, including mobile, which makes it convenient for sales people and others who want remote access. Best of all, it will provide a place for technical and business folks to meet, sharing ideas and insights, and align around what types of intelligence they need to impact their business. So it’s an avenue for the meeting of the minds – without the tools and applications getting in the way of the ideas.” FirstRain provides the following partnership example: “Salesforce customers will transform their business by deploying Wave on structured customer and market data and then easily combine it with FirstRain insights and analytics. This will allow users to explore risks and
  4. 4. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. opportunities, find reasons to engage with their customer and decide what to do next; for example, sales management can explore which deals are being delayed in a current quarter, use FirstRain to show the reasons why and then predict which future deals are being impacted by the same risks. The combined solution takes the daily hours spent doing research and analysis down to minutes.” Salesforce will be charging $250 per month for “Builders” looking to “create, deploy and manage data sets, data connections, and access”, and $125 for “Explorers” who will “view, discover, personalize and share data insights and dashboards.” Firms must also license the Wave platform, although pricing has not been posted. There is no charge for the mobile app. Pricing for D&B and other data services was not provided. When purchased through, D&B company data runs at $125 or $165 per seat. SalesCloud1 and ServiceCloud1 The Sales and Service clouds are also moving to new mobile enabled platforms dubbed SalesCloud1 and ServiceCloud1. Linda Crawford, EVP and GM of the Sales Cloud, called the mobile phone the “dashboard of our lives” and said the new SalesCloud1 service would help reps "sell smarter and faster from the palm of their hand." The new mobile sales app provides a quick view of meetings, opportunities, and recent activities at an account. It will also assist with task management, notes, and events. SalesCloud1 includes three optional apps coming in 2015:  Sales Path – A drag-and-drop sales process tool which includes tips and tricks for each step. The tool is intended to assist junior sales reps and new hires. (H1 delivery)  Sales Reach – A micro campaign tool for sales reps that supports campaign tracking and real-time notifications. (H1 delivery)  Sales Data – A partnership with Thomson Reuters to deliver news and alerts. The service will be in conjunction with and will launch in the second half of 2015. Content includes company news, financial summaries, transcripts of announcements, credit scores, regulatory filings, M&A transactions, analyst reports, and industry KPIs (e.g. comparative ratios). New service tools include an SOS feature for apps that will allow service agents to follow actions on a mobile device. SOS, which is intended to be similar to Kindle’s Mayday support service, does not have a release date. "We live in the age of the connected customer, and it's every company's responsibility to provide customer service where, when and how the customer prefers to engage," said Tim Rondeau, Senior Director of Customer Care. Lightning Lightning is’s new mobile app development platform with over 400 pre-configured objects. It resides within Salesforce1 and supports And Heroku. As Salesforce1 already supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices, developers do not need to code for each operating system. "Developers and LOB (line-of-business) users can now create purpose-built apps for devices with screens of every shape and size—desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets, smartphones and wearables," said Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris. "Lightning's UI (user interface) delivers a consistent user experience across every Salesforce app and is optimized for any device." Lightning has access to customer, sales, service, marketing, and analytics data. According to Harris, developers can write code or use a visual development module which allows developers to build apps “like Lego bricks”.
  5. 5. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. “We are opening up the very fabric of Salesforce and our platform in a way that we have never done before in a SaaS app and platform. What makes this really unique is that we aren’t just limiting this to developers. We are also shipping the Lightning App Builder that will allow non-developers to compose applications from all the components built by Salesforce, our partners, and all of the developers in our ecosystem,” blogged Platform EVP Mike Rosenbaum. “We are going to let developers build components and distribute them to our customers via the AppExchange, let our customers author their own components, and then bring it all together with the components we ship inside of the App Builder.” Elements of Lightning are available today, but the mobile development tools will not be fully available in beta until February 2015. There were a series of announcements packed into SVP Andy MacMillan’s Keynote. announced several new tools and services including dupe checking, a Data Exchange, and a new app market. is immediately adding duplicate contact prevention to the Clean service. Contacts will be checked for duplicates at the time of order entry. Duplicate prevention is available in Professional and above editions. From mobile devices, an icon next to the email allows the user to quickly check for duplicates based upon name and email. The dupe check then suggests potential matches, thereby preventing duplicates and reducing mobile entry. is also performing lead matching of new leads and enriching the lead with D&B account and contact details. The new lead design also includes a related tab with account news, a financial performance graph, and a family tree overview. Likewise, Company Insights provides richer profiles less focused on fielded data and more upon quick discovery:
  6. 6. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. The family tree flags current opportunities while indicating the number of potential additional locations. Other content includes additional prospective contacts, top three competitors, and First Research industry overviews including conversations starters and industry insights. Another new feature is context aware news that presents news articles on mobile devices based upon calendared meetings (this is similar to InsideView’s recently launched Knobile app). The new app showcase launched with six apps: 1. Get Contacts – Order contacts from within SFDC or mobile apps. 2. Account Hierarchy – Build and view hierarchies using D&B linkage. Users must license Premium. 3. Insights – Customer and prospect insights on your mobile or wearable. They show three examples – a renewal warning, an earnings report from Thomson Reuters, and a contact Tweet (see image on left) 4. Territories – Automatically, define, assign, and optimize territories using D&B account data. 5. Complete – New lead web enrichment for Clean licensees. Lead information is matched against first name, last name, email, company, city, and state and immediately added to the Lead record. Admins can set append logic (e.g. always append field). 6. Mobile Prospector – Simplified prospect list building for mobile devices. In looking at these six examples, five of the services are features that should be part of the core service, not apps bolted onto (Get Contacts, Account Hierarchy, Territories, Insights, and Complete). Get Contacts, Account Hierarchy, and Insights are key capabilities of the major sales intelligence services against which competes. Territories is really the only novel feature not generally supported by sales intelligence services. Likewise, offering disparate data sets without indicating a strategy for integrating, standardizing, and maintaining them is potentially problematic. Simple data issues such as company matching, industry codes (e.g. Bisnode offers NACE while offers SIC and NAICS), currency conversion, job function definitions, and phone standardization can potentially introduce issues into The integration of diverse datasets lies at the heart of the content loading and standardization processes at D&B, InsideView, and Avention. It is unclear whether is performing such tasks or simply providing a content market. There are also two examples of solutions that ignore form factor limitations. Insights make perfect sense for mobile devices but are cramped on a watch. Likewise, prospecting is not well suited to mobile devices due to data entry and size limitations. has also launched an Exchange with six vendors: 1. Acxiom Consumer Insight – Consumer enrichment (e.g. gender, income, interest, propensity data) 2. Bisnode – 26 million European companies and 22 million executives with NACE (industry) codes, executive function, sizing data, legal form, and registration date. Roughly ten percent of the executives have emails. The file will be available in early 2015.
  8. 8. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. 3. Harte-Hanks CiTDB – Harte-Hanks IT database covers 90% of IT spend in the US, Canada, and Europe. Over 70,000 verification calls are made each month to collect contacts, plans, platforms 4. Health Market Science – 8 million healthcare providers with contact, licensing, status, and specialty data. 5. S&P Capital IQ – Companies, executives, corporate events, and financials. 6. Wealth Engine -- Consumer prospecting based upon income, net worth, asset holdings, charitable donations, lifestyle data, interests, and political affiliations. Growth in Data and Insights is forecasting a 10x increase in mobile data by 2020 with a 19x increase in unstructured data and a 50X explosion in product data. Andy MacMillan, SVP, noted that the way we interact with data has changed. MacMillan discussed that meeting prep used to involve a review of the website. It now includes biographic and product research. Customers “expect you to know more about them. They expect you to arrive with insights about their business, about their customers. What are they trying to accomplish with their customers? What are their goals? How are things going in their business? The world of customer data is changing and its changing the expectation of how the customer success platform will help you connect with those customers. And it about knowing more than what we’ve traditionally thought about our customers.” IDC said that ”by 2020, 70% of F500 companies will make decisions from a mash-up of more than 5 third party data sources.” Macmillan argued IDC was being conservative. Such a mash up will encompass all companies by 2020 due to the democratization of information brought about by the cloud. Furthermore, it will span many more than five sources and will “empower your entire enterprise to have smart applications that can go get that data.” Macmillan lists four strategies to a next generation data strategy. It has to be cloud based with easy access, mobile aware, app centric, and populated with “smart data” which tells you what you need to know. By app-centric, Macmillan meant that “the data and your data strategy serve the outcomes of the applications that you roll out to your employees and to your customers.” Finally, claims that their service improves data quality by 30%, data completeness by 44%, sales productivity by 37%, and CRM adoption by 43%. All of these internal benefits feed into a claimed 29% increase in sales opportunities. DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.3 DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.3 provides mobile access to DiscoverOrg’s IT profiles inside of accounts, contacts, and leads. Content now includes SFDC1 mobile access to DiscoverOrg’s editorially maintained org charts. Other newly integrated features include their “Paste-and-Go” (Batch list matching for emails, URLs, and company names) service, Real Time Triggers (IT alerts), and Red Alerts (new contacts) functionality. A set of ROI reports has also been added to the new offering.
  9. 9. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. CEO Henry Schuck said “enhancing our native Salesforce app to enable mobile use of our data was a logical next step. Customers can now use their Salesforce1 Mobile App with the powerful DiscoverOrg data wherever they need it. The seamless refresh of contact data ensures maximum effectiveness for sales people at their desks or on the go.” Avention Critical Mention API Avention will be releasing a Critical Mention API to a Salesforce pilot in January. Critical Mention provides near real-time alerts on companies and contacts. The feed will support transcripts, video, and audio with users able to play, edit and share content with internal workgroups, customers or prospects. “Critical Mention enriches Avention’s global view of business by delivering high quality broadcast news reporting,” said Avention Group Product Manager Phil McWade. “Our clients will uplevel their sales engagement and marketing stories with audio and video content co-mingled with Avention’s search results.” Gagein G4S4 Gagein announced availability of version 2.0 of their G4S4 sales intelligence connector. Along with an updated UI and new reporting, company grouping, and administrative tools, Gagein has added predictive lead scoring to both their Salesforce and browser based services. Salesforce users may build prospect lists, synch companies, and view company and contact profiles within I-Frames. Gagein’s universe now spans 2 million companies and 10 million contacts. "Salesforce1 has enabled a whole new generation of powerful, informed and mobile selling," said Luosheng Peng, co-founder and CEO of Gagein. "Now Salesforce1 users can get even further ahead of the pack by arming themselves with predictive scoring aimed specifically at the top of the sales funnel. As all salespeople know, when you get to the right contact first with the right message, the opportunities are limitless. And that's exactly what Gagein helps salespeople do -- weed through high value prospects to find the absolutely highest value first and fast." From within the G4S4 prospecting module, users may choose to follow any company or select it for export. G4S4 users may upload up to 300 companies or contacts per month. G4S4 Company profiles include news, executives, family trees, competitors, and About pages containing social media links, business descriptions, sizing details, contact information, and recent YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations.
  10. 10. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. Gagein for Salesforce is priced aggressively with the first few seats priced at $33 / month with pricing dropping to $15 / month for seats above 100. Thus, five seats are priced at $1,979 while 250 seats are priced at $57,750.
  11. 11. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. Additional details on Gagein’s lead scoring will be discussed next week’s Market Insights. Radius Insights Radius rolled out the Radius Insights signaling service at Dreamforce. Signals include social media presence, online reviews, and web presence. data is enriched with details from the Radius Index of 20 million US companies. A persistent connection provides real-time updates to SFDC. By matching and analyzing sales history against Radius, marketing is shown an “actionable summary of characteristics which are shared by your best customers.” “We’re excited to roll out Radius Insights to all our customers because this is a feature that CRM analytics can’t offer,” said Product Marketing Manager John Hurley. “Where Salesforce, for instance, can present detailed reports on performance in segments already in your CRM, Insights offers detailed analysis on segments you haven’t explored.” According to CEO Darian Shirazi, “Our vision is to combine innovative software with big data to help companies more effectively and efficiently market and sell. Radius Insights reflect a massive investment in productizing
  12. 12. ©2014 GZ Consulting (Michael R. Levy). All Rights Reserved. scientific approaches that provide significantly greater value for our customers in a simple software experience.” Demandbase Sales Accelerator Demandbase’s new Sales Accelerator connector displays advertising and web site traffic response data within The Accelerator sends reps mobile notifications on accounts with increased activity. The goal is to identify emerging opportunities before the prospect contacts the rep. The connector also allows reps to order targeted advertising to their key accounts in order to pump up “awareness and engagement during the sales cycle.” “Our full-scale B2B marketing cloud solution, including our own programmatic advertising platform, has been transformational for B2B marketers,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “It has also significantly improved sales and marketing alignment at our customers’ organizations. But the convergence of ad tech and marketing tech becomes more meaningful when integrated with the sales data in CRM systems.”