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Motorsport Monday Africa Media Kit February 2016


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Motorsport Monday Africa Media Kit February 2016

  1. 1. Introducing the world’s fastest growing digital motorsport publication to Africa 2016 MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. 2 Media Kit 2015 www.motorsportmonday.comMOTORSPORT MONDAY USA2 Media Kit 2016 www.motorsportmonday.comMOTORSPORT MONDAY AFRICA
  3. 3. Media Kit 2016 3MOTORSPORT MONDAY Motorsport Monday is currently the most widely read weekly motorsport publication in the world, with more than 178,000 weekly readers [all editions, October 2015]. From the first issue in February 2013, our weekly readership has grown organically and continues to grow, week on week. Our magazine is truly unique in that it delivers all the weekend’s major racing action, news, and opinion to our readers first thing on a Monday morning, every Monday morning, free of charge, no matter which edition they are reading! Motorsport Monday has its own team of acclaimed journalists, who deliver unique, in-depth, trackside reports and interviews that allow readers to almost be there, whether it’s at the Brickyard, Daytona or Monaco, and now also at Kyalami and Swartkops! Our reports are backed by our photographers, who capture the best moments of the world’s leading motorsport events, including Formula One, the World Rally Championship, the World Endurance Championship, World RX, Formula E and more. Motorsport Monday’s all new African edition has added news, reports, opinions, and interviews from events across the continent. Plus we have David Ledbitter, the continent’s only full time rally reporter and photographer covering all rounds of the South African Rally Championship exclusively. A key differentiator between Motorsport Monday and traditional print publications is our ability to build fan engagement. Creating an interesting, entertaining, and engaging digital platform is the key to getting more fans to the tracks and giving advertisers value for money. The future of motorsport advertising is all about ensuring that brands and fans connect in a meaningful and measurable way. Our digital platform is perfect for driving fan engagement and we look forward to partnering with you! INTRODUCING MOTORSPORTMONDAY
  4. 4. 4 Media Kit 2016 MOTORSPORT MONDAY AFRICA OURREACH I am an avid consumer of your magazine! - Scott Atherton, President and COO IMSA Every Monday morning we deliver between 60-120 pages of high quality editorial content and images to our global audience of more than 178,000 readers. With the launch of Motorsport Monday in Africa, advertisers will be able to reach a new audience of more than 100,000 local readers, with content tailored for the South African and wider African markets. Over the course of 2016, we plan to expand our reader base via partnerships and organic growth so that our weekly audience reaches 250,000+ African readers. The fastest growing digital publication in motorsport today! AN ESTABLISHED MODEL THAT WORKS FOR ADVERTISERS: I look forward to my early morning cup of tea reading Motorsport Monday - it’s a great way to start the week. - David Richards, Aston Martin Racing
  5. 5. 5 Media Kit 2016 MOTORSPORT MONDAY World Endurance Championship Comprehensive coverage of all eight WEC events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans FORMULA 1 Every session and every race is covered by our team of photographers and writers, bringing unparalleled insight and imagery from the world of Formula 1.
  6. 6. 6 Media Kit 2016 www.motorsportmonday.comMOTORSPORT MONDAY AFRICA VERIZON INDYCAR SERIES All seveteen races of the Verizon IndyCar Series covered in-depth IMSAWeatherTech SportsCarChampionshship Endurance and sprint events all covered with twleve to sixteen pages pages of content
  7. 7. Media Kit 2016 7MOTORSPORT MONDAY Content from around the world and Africa too! Motorsport Monday continues to set the benchmark for up-to-the- minute news, reporting, analysis and insight into the world’s leading motorsport events. Besides the best of Formula One, the World Rally Championship, the World Endurance Championship, and IMSA’s WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, we also bring you the NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Xfinity Series which are broadcast on MNet’s SuperSport. Plus we will also have coverage of all the major racing events that take place closer to home, like the iconic Dakar Rally and the South African Rally Championship. EXCLUSIVE NEWCONTENT
  8. 8. 8 Media Kit 2016 www.motorsportmonday.comMOTORSPORT MONDAY AFRICA Demand for video content is at an all time high. Motorsport Monday offers advertisers the ability to engage with fans via embedded autoplay video inserts. EMBEDDED VIDEO Commercial autoplay video can be placed in static adverts to enhance reader engagement VIDEOINSERTS • 75% of South Africans share their mobile videos* • YouTube has 7.2 million active users in South Africa* • Facebook has 11.8 million active users in South Africa* [*World Wide Worx, Social Media Landscape Survey 2015] South Africa’s mobile video consumption increased 42% year-on- year, in 2015 and 42% of South Africans watch mobile video at work, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s 2015 Global Mobile Video Usage Report.
  9. 9. 9 Media Kit 2016 MOTORSPORT MONDAY CONTENT DOWNLOADSHARE Save or share images articles directly from the magazine. In addition to the current save and share capabilities in the magazine, during the latter part of 2016, the introduction of the “Click to Buy” camera icon on selected images will enable readers to buy and have their favourite images, printed and delivered to them on a variety of media.
  10. 10. 10 Media Kit 2016 www.motorsportmonday.comMOTORSPORT MONDAY AFRICA VALUEPROPOSITION WE PROVIDE REACH, ENGAGEMENT AND EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Motorsport Monday offers advertisers a highly effective, multi channel platform to reach and engage with motorsport fans: • Content - Quality content leads to higher levels of engagement • Reach - 100,000 plus readers in South Africa, in the first year • Engagement - Digital content dramatically increases fan engagement • Tracking - Detailed tracking of magazine delivery each week • Targeting - Reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right offer • Measurement – Get detailed reader statistics with our new App (iOS Andoid) • Interaction – Allow fans to directly access product information from the magazine • Surveys – Fans love surveys and we can tailor them to meet your requirements • Permanence – Content and advertising remain in the magazine archive forever
  11. 11. Media Kit 2016 11MOTORSPORT MONDAY VIDEO INSERTS All advert sizes and positions can include embedded video, with the exception of the Pre-Mag position. The rate for embedded video is R15,000 per insert, inclusive of an advert of any size (up to 1 page). COMPETITIVE RATES It is our policy to provide our advertising partners with the most competitive pricing possible. As with all opportunities we are available to discuss a tailored campaign to suit your exact needs. RATES 1 page 2 page spread 1/2 page Horizontal 1/2 page Vertical 1/3 page Horizontal 1/3 page Vertical 1/4 page Horizontal 1/4 page Vertical B2UB “Brought To You By” banner under article title Number of insertion weeks 1 - 5 6 - 11 12 - 17 18 - 25 26 - 51 Pages/Positions R R R R R 1/3 page 1/2 page 2 page (spread) 1/4 page B2UB 1 page Inside Front Cover (IFC) Pre-Mag (PRE) PRE IFC Bundle (p/p) KPP R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R The Key Position Premium varies between 5% and 20% throughout the magazine. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 12,000 11,400 10,800 10,200 9,600 19,200 18,240 17,280 16,320 15,360 8,000 7,600 7,200 6,800 6,400 6,400 6,080 5,760 5,440 5,120 4,800 4,560 4,320 4,080 3,840 1,500 1,425 1,350 1,275 1,200 15,600 14,820 14,040 13,260 12,480 14,500 13,775 13,050 12,325 11,600 13,000 12,350 11,700 11,050 10,400
  12. 12. For additional information, please contact: Motorsport Monday - Africa Edition Le Val, North Block, South Wing 45 Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff Johannesburg, 2193 Michael Levinsohn Mobile: +27 79 077 0007 E-mail: 121 Mobile Solutions Inc. is the exclusive licensee for Motorsport Monday, in Africa, under license from JAG Media House Ltd, 352 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9UH, United Kingdom. Motorsport Monday is owned and published by JAG Media House Ltd and is free-to-view either on an individual per issue basis or by regular subscription. Registered at the British Library under ISSN 2052-3459. The opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. No liability is assumed by 121 Mobile Solutions Inc. or JAG Media House Ltd for any errors or omissions.