Social media redefining the PR industry by Editor PR


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Presentation by EditorPR's Dina Helal and Amira El Tohamy expert guest speakers at Michael Leander's Digital Marketing Seminar Amplexus in Cairo, Egypt

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Social media redefining the PR industry by Editor PR

  1. 1. Presented By:Dina Helal & Amira El Tohamy
  2. 2. ‫سمعت آخر خبر؟؟؟‬Have you heard the latest News???
  3. 3. I’m checking my new updates It’s on the go..And gets updated by the second
  4. 4. 2 press releases + 1 interview per month =your pr job is done
  5. 5. Facebook + Twitter+ Youtube channel & more to come
  6. 6. Appearance in the right talk show was theultimate goal
  7. 7. Appearing in a talk show is just a start and youhave to monitor social media to assess theimpact!
  8. 8. Our focus was to put our message in massmedia and reach enough people
  9. 9. Instead of reaching a lot of people it is a lotsmarter to target smaller passionate audiencewho will convert at a higher rate
  10. 10. The cost of acquiring a customer andmaintaining him loyal was extremely high
  11. 11. Once u make the customer interested, the willfollow you and make others follow you as wellCost is lowerAnd gives you scale
  12. 12. CRM
  13. 13. 1. Play on the long term 2. Build a friendly relation with your customers 3. Slowly growing your authentic fan baseIn brief, acting like a famer not a hunter
  14. 14. Prospect current customers investors EmployeesMedia PR Government Influencers NGOs
  15. 15. The viral nature of this platform
  16. 16. Other benefitsAnd yes, it is out of your control!!!
  17. 17. But now it is time to BELIEVE in social media And to do it right we have to…..
  18. 18. You become obsolete…
  19. 19.  People has always been saying good and bad things about your brand And now since that social media has risen in popularity, this means people have another platform to talk about your brands and company Good Bad When you are mentioned in social media, it is more likely for other people to notice and its momentum of spreading is more easier and faster
  20. 20.  These conversations have the potential to reach a much larger audience than ever before If the affected company is not participating in social media today, it is strongly missing the opportunity to spread its message and missing valuable and even damaging conversations that could tackle any of the company’s brands
  21. 21. Listening Networks
  22. 22. Social Media is the art and science of leveraging the internet to get your message across so that you can move people to take action and communicate back with youSocial media is Critical in any PR planning!
  23. 23. Nowadays, the web and social media are making it easier forbusinesses to communicate with their public audience andhowever the fact that there used to be a clear delineationbetween marketing and PR, the impact of the web has resulted ina blurred line between the two industries
  24. 24. - Utilize websites with active mobile browsing versions- Develop and consider more use of mobile and social mediaplatforms and applications
  25. 25.  Generating media coverage 1. Connect and Develop Relations with influencers in Social Media 2. Use creative, fun and interesting content as an outreach tool 3. Develop News Releases 4. Initiate a blog for your company 5. Create an effective social media newsroom 6. Use social media monitoring 7. Be prepared with social media crisis communications methodologies 8. Focus on your employees relations
  26. 26. • Launch product and services campaigns• Demonstrate your company’s unique personality• Take client’s comments seriously• Answer quickly• Don’t ignore• Be constructive in defending your company’s image• Include interactive elements in your social media platforms
  27. 27.  Pepsi campaign