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New Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course


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This Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course is offered at different locations in the Middle East and Africa.

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New Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course

  1. 1. 14TH - 16TH DECEMBER 2016 - NAIROBI, KENYA 15TH - 17TH FEBRUARY 2017 - NAIROBI, KENYA 20TH - 22ND FEBRUARY 2017 - DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA 19TH - 21ST APRIL 2017 - MARINA, DUBAI Certified by: The global American Academy of Project Management - AAPM under the International Board of Standards & Global Academy of Finance Management IBS GAFM ® which is A TUV Accredited Body on ISO Certified 9001 & ISO 29990 for Certification Standards and Training - Going Global Every Day ©. Recognized in over 150+ countries via Training providers, Universities, Colleges and Business Schools Globally in America, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa Course Overview The Chartered Digital Marketing Certification course is taught by award winning marketing guru Michael Leander. The 3 day course will provide attendees with the insight, tools and tips needed to succeed in digital marketing and mobile marketing. Increase your marketing efficiency to create better results> and higher ROI Learn new skills that will help you succeed in digital and> mobile marketing Ensure you are on top of the latest digital and mobile> marketing developments Get world class inspiration from a highly experienced,> award winning marketing professional Take an active part in the digital and mobile revolution> in Africa Attend this highly rated Chartered Digital Marketing Course to: Who should attend? This program will add tremendous value to anyone aiming to further their marketing career including: CEO's, CMO's, marketing managers, marketing assistants and marketing coordinators, internet marketing experts, branding experts, brand managers, market assistants, market analysts, Sales and Promotions Manager responsible for services marketing and others working or aiming to work in roles that require knowledge about marketing and markets. Membership opportunities with: Michael Leander He has trained professionals in over 40 countries on 6 continents. He has been endorsed by over 400 attendees. Delivered in a fast paced, highly engaging way, the course will open your eyes to the possibilities offered by digital marketing and mobile marketing. You will see world class marketing examples, learn proven techniques and better understand how to create a compelling digital and mobile presence that gets results. Taught By Award Winning Marketing Guru: All attendees will be required to pass the test to receive The Chartered Digital Marketer Certificate issued jointly by international training institute Markedu and ABMC ACCREDITED BY THE NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRAINING AUTHORITY NITA/TRN/870 Contact us: Access Business Management Conferencing (ABMC) International, Head Office: Nairobi, Kenya, Reliance Center, 3rd floor, Woodvale groove Tel No.: +254 20 51 40 700, +254 772 22 2004 / 2005 /2007 Email:, Web: CHARTERED DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATION COURSE THE FIRST 5 DELEGATES TO BOOK WILL GET A FREE TABLE PC BOOK & PAY NOW !
  2. 2. Taught By Award Winning Marketing Guru: Michael Leander CHARTERED DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATION COURSE He has trained professionals in over 40 countries on 6 continents. He has been endorsed by over 400 attendees. The Most Promising Marketer Award One attendee from each course cohort will be recognized with the Most Promising Marketer Award. To be eligible for the award, attendees must deliver a short essay of no more than 1.000 words answering the question:“This is how my approach to marketing will change in the next 3 years” In addition attendees will be evaluated based on the ability to demonstrate “good-to-great marketing thinking and approach” and above average, but considerate, participation throughout the course. “Michael Leander gave us clear and practical tips at the University of New York MBA Course in International Marketing” Sales manager Martin Vitek, Czech Republic. “The digital marketing master class changed my life Marketing Manager, Nancy Rizkallah, Soliman Travel, Egypt “So many people think they've got social media cracked, but Michael really does have the secret of how to do it right. Cleantech Entreprenur Denis Thornton, United Kingdom “Very entertaining, one of the best with excellent content and delivery” Head of Brand, Aimee Prendergast, Betway Group, Ireland “I recommend his seminar to all who need a strategic approach to digital and content marketing” Professor Zozeta Miliopoulou, American College of Greece
  3. 3. 08:00 – 09:00 Registration, tea/coffee and snacks 09:00 Welcome and practical details 09:15 Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem: How to improve it and how to fit it in a winning mobility strategy - What does an effective digital marketing ecosystem look like; what are the challenges marketer's faces and how to overcome them. - What are the key components for successfully bringing your message to your audience through digital channels. - How do you integrate your digital marketing presence with the rest of your marketing mix. - What is the role you can expect mobility (mobile across all devices) to play in the coming years. 11:15- Mobile marketing crash-course; from location based marketing to sticky apps Mobile marketing offers a plethora of opportunities for the savvy marketer. In this session, you will hear about; > the 6 senses you need to know in order to successfully engage a mobile centric audience. > how to create a strategy for effectively engaging the mobile audience. > what is location based marketing and how can you leverage these opportunities. > how to create apps that attracts a large audience and makes your audience engage with the app frequently. > winning case studies from around the world. 12:15 Group exercise – creating mobility engagement for the mobile native Groups will work on an exciting and challenging project which aims to engage a mobile native audience. CHARTERED DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATION COURSE ProgrammeDay 1 10:45- Break with refreshments 13:00 Lunch 14:30 How to build a compelling online presence: What you need to know to create a top performing website This session covers the key components to establishing a high performing website. A website that attracts visitors and converts them to customers. - Setting objectives for your website and how to measure your goals - Structuring your website and deciding content for your website - Best practices for designing your website with the funnel principle - Learn how to implement MWR's Most Wanted Responses - 7 easy tips anyone can implement now for increased performance 16:00 End of day 1 14:00 Group presentations Groups will present the results of the group exercise. Optional: 18:30 – 21:00 Consumer behavior insight talk – This informal conversation about the change in consumer behavior takes place over dinner at a nice Nairobian restaurant. Add this option to your booking for USD 50 Day 2: 08:00 – 09:00 Registration, tea/coffee and snacks 09:15 Review of your company website – fun exercise In this session Michael Leander will review 5 websites and provide his input on what is good and bad. Attendees will learn a lot from this exercise. 10:00 Make Google your friend ! SEO for anyone: The 5 key components that can help you attract more traffic from search engines Best practices for getting more free traffic from Google and other search engines. 10:30 Break 11:00 How to attract and retain an audience with content marketing In this super engaging session, you will get to do exercises and learn about all types of content. This session is guaranteed to leave you with at least 5 new, fresh ideas. - How to get started with content marketing - How to create your content concept and make it work - Quick tip: What is OPC and how do you apply it - How to increase shares and interactions through content rich marketing - How to approach content, repurposing of content in social media and other channels - Best practices for branded content 12:15 Group exercise – content marketing. 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Group exercise presentations 14:30 Email marketing promotions and email marketing newsletters – a proven methodology for success You will learn how to make email marketing and simple marketing automation work for you. - how to design an email value proposition - how to acquire email subscribers effectively - how to use your content strategy in relation to your email marketing and marketing automation efforts - the top 15 best tips for success with email marketing and email newsletters 16:00 End of day 2
  4. 4. CHARTERED DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATION COURSE Day 3 08:45 – 09:30 Registration, tea/coffee and snacks 09:30 Introduction to the RACE model The RACE model is a planning model for digital and mobile marketing. In this morning session you will be introduced to the model, which will help you better plan and manage your digital marketing activities and campaigns. 09:45 Words and landing pages: Make words and language your friend - A simple guide to building effective texts for any digital channel: online, social, mobile - Understand how people read, scan and filter online and in mobile - The ABOA (Attribute, Benefit, Objective, Answer) model and how to use it - Case studies using words to make a difference in social media channels - Building winning headlines for any digital marketing assets - Exercise that will show you how you can quickly hone your writing skills, even if you are not a copywriter 11:15 Break 11:30 REACH: How to plan effective campaigns for branding, acquisition and just about anything else. - how to plan any type of marketing campaign - how to reach your audience online and on mobile devices - case studies that will wow you and inspire you 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Social media marketing best practices: The 10 Golden Rules for Successful Social Media Presence for branding, customer acquisition and customer care - planning your social media efforts - setting goals for your social media activities and how you measure - how to use social media for effective customer service: create service experiences that sell. - how to listen online and use sentiment analysis - world class examples and case studies for your inspiration 15:00 Tea/coffee break 15:30 Social media best practices, continued 16:15 Certificate Ceremony: Get your certificate and photo opportunity 17:00 End of course About Michael Leander A digital marketing pioneer, Michael Leander is an award winning marketer and speaker. Hailing from Denmark, Mr. Leander has been actively involved in all aspects of digital marketing since 1996. Prior to his involvement in internet marketing, he was considered a leader in the CRM and direct marketing space. He has worked with many global brands, trained tens of thousands and shared his knowledge with audiences in over 40 countries on 6 continents. Michael Leander has also judged marketing award shows in over 15 countries. or Google “Michael Leander” More about Michael Leander here Contact us: Access Business Management Conferencing (ABMC) International, Head Office: Nairobi, Kenya, Reliance Center, 3rd floor, Woodvale groove Tel No.: +254 20 51 40 700, +254 772 22 2004 / 2005 /2007 Email:, Web: