Mobile marketing session at Digit12 in Karachi, Pakistan


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Michael Leander's mobile marketing session at the DIGIT12 Conference in Karachi, Pakistan organized by Pakistan's Advertisers Society

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Mobile marketing session at Digit12 in Karachi, Pakistan

  1. 1. Mobilemarketinginspirationto get youthinking Michael Leander • •@michaelleander < TwitterDIGIT 12 • Facebook/Linkedin “Michael Leander”
  2. 2. See the pictures from the session herePictures from the session here
  3. 3. … and other new opportunities tointeract and get a response from your audience using QR codes (or not)
  4. 4. Me too, me too, me too,me too, me too, me too !
  5. 5. Drink and scan – if you can !
  6. 6. The future is already here— its just not veryevenly distributed.William Gibson, 1993
  7. 7. 104.000.000 SIM Cards issued in Pakistan … and growing7 out of 10Pakistanis
  8. 8. 5-6 million smartphone users in PakistanExpected to grow to 50 millionby 2016 (Ericsson Pakistan) Mian Muhammad Mansh
  9. 9. Mobile internet users: 1 in 4 Facebook penetration: 1 in 4 of online population (total 8 million)Sources: Telenor Pakistan and
  10. 10. 18-26 year olds:high data consumption onfeature phones
  11. 11. Models designed for featurephone users
  12. 12. In closingBlackberry & Feature• phones Remember there are two kinds of people
  13. 13. And so should you
  14. 14. Get 11 mobile marketing casestudies – with your business card
  15. 15. Which reads the most wordspr minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute The eye reads 20 times faster than the ear @michaelleander
  16. 16. We are in the picture economy
  17. 17. Challenge: from eyeballsto reel interaction? Make sure you include USP’s and/or branding when appropriate Call to action: Links and Stir an descriptive text needed emotion
  19. 19. Meet Good ‘ol AIDAA = Attention (Awareness)I = InterestD = DesireA = Action
  20. 20. Attention Spend: € 22 InterestRevenue: € 4.950 Desire > learn more about this masterclass Action and see how attending can help you increase your email marketing ROI
  21. 21. Community engagement – pictureeconomy • The secret lives of luxury shoes • Photos are submitted through Instagram using the hashtag #BGShoes • Image is placed on map near Bergdorf’s of Manhattan
  22. 22. A day in the life of a mobile user
  23. 23. Mobile is a case of push and pull
  24. 24. The biggest change is what? Touch is the biggest change
  25. 25. Touch will change the gamecompletely
  26. 26. • Make sure your websites are mobile native – or mobile friendly• Learn about HTML 5
  27. 27. Beware of permission and make suremobile users understand what they getthemselves into
  28. 28. Mobile or mobility?
  29. 29. Key trends changing buying behavior
  30. 30. Key trends changing buying behavior
  31. 31. Mobile marketing ismultichannel multiply ROMI by 5, 10, 25
  32. 32. What your audience expects
  33. 33. What your audience experience
  34. 34. It is a [multi-channelgame of manydevices, manyplatforms andumpteenthdelivery formats
  35. 35. Integrate touchpoints for maximum engagementMaximize eachtouchpoint whilemeasuring ROMI
  36. 36. Lifecycle thinking applied in mobility
  37. 37. Pushing your mobileadvertisements• Click through rates very high on mobile banner adds• Click through rates for in-app adds up to 12 times higher
  38. 38. Mobility How to engage the moving audience
  39. 39. Thin Which real problem are you solving?
  40. 40. Which problems does the tablet bank solve?
  41. 41. keeps track of trips- Notifications- Track loyalty programs- Integrates with social networks
  42. 42. Foursquare –mobile & relevanttime and placeoffers
  43. 43. Consumers are becoming moreand more cautiousTrust is critical Remember your trust emblems (positive associations, testimonials etc.)
  44. 44. Short attention span, loads of intrusion- how do you cut through the clutter? Do I know you? Do I need you? Brain Can I trust filter you?
  45. 45. How to get into the Mind Box? Uniquepassionate emotional authentic focusedinteractivemeaningful …
  46. 46. 7 senses to consider for any mobilemarketing campaign• Lust; the anticipation of pleasure, (which we crave)• Mystique; an unanswered question that intrigues us and makes us want to solve the puzzle• Alarm: the threat of negative consequences, which demands immediate response• Prestige: symbols of rank and respect, which earn us status and admiration• Vice: rebellion against rules, which tempts us toward “forbidden fruit”• Trust: certainty and reliability, to which we give our loyalty• Commonsense; use your commonsense
  47. 47. See examples of these sensesapplied – get the case studies
  48. 48. Which senses do this Westinmobile add play on?
  49. 49. Axe girl wake me up• Sign-up via qualification• IVR• Different Axe girl calls every dayThink: Solves a real problem in a fun way(service) and generates continous awarenesss
  50. 50. Questions, comments:send an email to michael@michaelleander.meMichael Leander is an internationalmarketing speaker.He has spoken in Pakistanand 40 other countriesFind him here http://www.michaelleander.meConsulting:
  51. 51. Bonus slides …
  52. 52. Mobile Email Design Best Practices• A narrow email width• Single column layout• Compelling subject line• Large headlines & Call to Actions (CTA’s)• Bullet proof buttons• Graceful Degradation
  53. 53. McDonald’s CampaignPush Notifications with CircleTie Egypt
  54. 54. Trigger Based Push NotificationsNotifications sent from nearest McDonald’swhenever any of the following happens:• User passes within 2 km of a McDonald’s venue• User discovers nearby fast food• User searches for venue that is categorized as fast foodAll to people whom have given consent(permission) to receive notifications
  55. 55. Get Feedback, Attach vouchers or URLs
  56. 56. McDonald’s Egypt usedthe attachment featureto drive people to theirFacebook page
  57. 57. On BlackBerry too
  58. 58. Other words of importance• Mobile search is significant• Mobile content• Create your own mobile universe and distribute that content to all channels