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Speaker Michael Leander's presentation aimed at conference, workshop and seminar organizers, organizers of corporate (internal/external) workshops and meetings.

Michael Leander speaks about a variety of marketing and CRM related topics including; email marketing, permission marketing, loyalty marketing, customer management, customer lifecycle marketing management, marketing automation, social media, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing for B2B, direct marketing and any topic related to customer acquisition and customer retention as well as customer win-back strategies.

Michael Leander speaks about a number of relevant and current marketing topics to audiences whom expects to be educated and entertained all at the same time

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Michael Leander Speaker Presentation

  1. 1. Speaking Michael Leander Nielsen Conferences | Seminars | Workshops | Master classes | Online events
  2. 2. What Drayton Bird said about Michael Leander “It always amazes me how few Drayton Bird, author of marketing experts really understand what it takes to get customers. Commonsense Direct Michael is one of the very rare Marketing exceptions. And, just as important, he is entertaining, and makes things clear.” What David Ogilvy said about Drayton: quot;Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world. His book about it is pure gold. His speeches are not only informative, but hilariously funny.quot;
  3. 3. One of Drayton Bird’s books got me hooked on direct marketing in the 80’es. Now I teach at his academy Why not check it out www.eadim.com
  4. 4. Marketing and membership manager Jørgen Andreassen at FEDMA volunteered this statement Mr. Andreassen has seen more speakers and presentations than most marketing managers
  5. 5. Michael Leander speaks and teaches at Conferences Seminars Workshops, Webinars master classes (online events) and courses
  6. 6. About these general topics … and numerous specific topics Marketing Dialogue Online through marketing customer CRM and social readiness acquisition LRM – media Permission planning Marketing Marketing email to in 2015 automation marketing KEYNOTE: practical Stories level from the marketing trenches Sales & Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  7. 7. To audiences consisting of • Top management • Marketing management • Marketing teams B2B • Sales management • Marketing agencies B2C • Marketing students • Entrepreneurs
  8. 8. Anywhere in the world* * Special fees apply to North America, South America and AsiaPacific
  9. 9. He has spoken in front of more than 50 different nationalities
  10. 10. In these countries Norway Faroe Islands Switzerland Your flag here? Singapore United States Romania Ukraine
  11. 11. Every presentation is tailor-made – and very current Why? – Because no two audiences are alike • Countries, markets, industries and people are different. Very different. So is their knowledge of subjects. – I try to avoid wasting people’s time – I try to include last minute impressions and impulses to increase relevancy to your event
  12. 12. Juris Ozols from Latvia said ““Michael Leander is an inspirational direct marketing speaker. His ability to present difficult topics in an easy and Drayton Bird, author of humorous way, was attractive to our Latvian audience of marketing Commonsense Direct professionals and myself. Michael Leander’s positive personality Marketing opened people’s minds to direct and interactive marketing in a highly positive way.”.” 100% 80% Sum of Very good 60% Sum of Good 40% Sum of Average 20% Sum of Poor 0% Juris Ozols, Sum of Very poor Overall value Prasme atbildēt Speaking skills Subject knowledge Board member Latvian DMA & CEO of Marketinghouse in Latvia Evaluation at Latvian Direct Marketing Conference, November 2008
  13. 13. Getting a relevant and entertaining message across to audiences in different cultures …
  14. 14. Can generate valuable PR for your event “Finance” in Slovenia’s coverage of Michael Leander’s presentation – nearly 2 tabloid pages
  15. 15. Working closely with organizers to deliver value for money is key. ”Real See information. examples And – oh – funny too.” slide 23-26 Reasonable Value for Relevant Entertaining Passionate fee structure money ”….Exalting and enriching…” ”Very helpful. Thank you, Michael Leander”
  16. 16. Get in touch Contact Michael Leander mln@fokusintegrated.com or read more testimonials
  17. 17. 5 Random Testimonials * request 100 more if you like
  18. 18. Michael Leander was recommended for our Bostjan Zrimsek Slovenian Direct Marketing conference – CEO, Dimacenter Board member, Slovenian Direct Promarket. It was my first time to see Marketing Association Michael Leander present. He definitely did not disappoint me. He is a powerful and energetic speaker who entertains, educates and inspires audiences all at the same time. I have invited Michael Leander back to Slovenia. I think that says it all.
  19. 19. “Michael Leander's presentation was a class by itself. An excellent, passionate presenter who brings all his experience into the webinar. Top notch speaking and presentation skills. Has the capability to make a webinar an interactive experience.” Participant from India
  20. 20. “There is nothing more exalting and enriching than a person who masters what he says and who passes on knowledge in optimal conditions. All my congratulations and thanks to Michael Leander“ Participant from Germany
  21. 21. “…the contents and Michael Leander were very helpful about his topic, but he also demonstrated excellent speaking skills…” João Ribeiro, Marketing manager Verlag Dashöfer, Portugal
  22. 22. ”…Michael Leander is a professional marketing person with a clear focus on the customer experience and how to best utilize marketing budgets . He is an engaged and realistic thinker…” Flemming Poulsen, CEO, Viviro.com
  23. 23. Fee examples Call +45 27 28 29 53 to discuss your special need
  24. 24. Keynote type speeches up to 90 minutes In Europe & Middle East Elsewhere • € 2.500 - € 6.000 • $ 5.000 - $ 8.000 • Excl. transport door-to- • Excl. economy class door, accomodations transport door-to-door, accomodations
  25. 25. Workshops and master classes in Europe and the Middle East Conferences Corporate* • 4 hour workshop € 8.000 • 5 hour workshop € 10.000 • 2 hour workshop € 6.000 • 3 hour workshop € 8.000 • Excl. travel/accomodation • Excl. travel/accomodation * Corporate workshops are tailor-made and include an additional 15 hours of work for preparation, research and the Delivery of an actionable report
  26. 26. Consulting and sparring Phone consulting Physical meetings € 300 pr. hour billed in € 350 pr. hour billed in increments of 30 increments of 60 minutes, minutes, minimum 2 minimum 5 hours + travel hours costs covered
  27. 27. ”Marketers are too busy deciding the color of the Ferrari – when they should be busy checking the motor” quote by Michael Leander