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Ljubljana: Michael Leander at Lisac & Lisac Tom Schreiter event


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Michael Leander's email marketing presentation from the Tom Big Al Schreiter event in Ljubljana, Slovenia - organized by Lisac & Lisac on 14 April 2011.

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Ljubljana: Michael Leander at Lisac & Lisac Tom Schreiter event

  1. 1. How to find more customers throughemail marketing (and social media) Michael Leander • •
  2. 2. For more like this – get newsletter, click on link:
  3. 3. The goal for any marketer in 1997, 2012? Relevant offer A B C D Target Effective channel Right timing April 14 3
  4. 4. Invest 1 US$ get 43 US$ back
  5. 5. This is what is happening70%60%50%40% OpenRate30% CTR20%10% 0% 2000 2004 2007 2010
  6. 6. TIP: check your database frequently Never active 50-90% are never active ! Seldom active Active frequently Always active
  7. 7. Targeting
  8. 8. A B C CTR: 26,22% CTR: 5% CTR: 10,32 A B CWhich one performed best in terms of CTR?
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. Who is Michael Leander?My background related to email marketing- First email campaign in 1995- Consulting internationally since 2002- Acquired ESP & build to market leader, now sold- Judge at Direct Marketing Awards in Europe & Africa- Chairman of FIMAC (FEDMA’s Email Marketing Benchmark) 11
  11. 11. Email Marketing Basics
  12. 12. The purpose of email marketing is to acquire,convert, sustain and grow customers whom then in turn will attract other customers’ through referrals
  13. 13. Where in the customer lifecycle can you use email marketing? Acquisition Convert Retention Win-BackHigh Loyalty Customer value programs Sell Profiling Newsletters / OTS (stimulate & educate) Win-Back Opt-inLow Lifecycle of a customer
  14. 14. Overcomingtypicalbarriers
  15. 15. Consumers are exposed to 3.000 6.000 marketing messages every day mobile marketing user generated content email marketing Enterprise 2.0 customer experience RSS feeds marketing web 2.0 permission marketing communities conversations TVCOMMUNICATION OVERLOAD The Moment of truth push/pull web 3.0 Word of Mouth RELEVANCE FREQUENCY RECENCY SOCIAL NETWORKING 16
  16. 16. Short attention span, loads of intrusion- how do you cut through the clutter?
  17. 17. Email marketing can hurt yourreputation Reputation is “the result of what you do, what you say, and what other people say about you”
  18. 18. Manage Expectations
  19. 19. Change of mindset:From inbox to mindbox focus
  20. 20. Getting critical mass in subscribers25 GROWTH IN SUBSCRIBERS20151050 Time Time Time Year 1 Time Time Time Year 2 Time Time Time Time Time Time
  21. 21. How would you spend 100%? Content of Target group messages/offer 40% 40% 100% 10% 10% Creative Deliverability
  22. 22. Get more• Get the slides and a 5 step guide to get started with email marketing• Give me your business card or a note with your name and email address• Or write
  23. 23. 5 questions you mustanswer first PART 1 27
  24. 24. The war of the inbox/mindbox starts pre acquisition At the back of their mind, your audience thinks - too many emails in the inbox - not enough time to read info - concerns about how you treat their information - is it worth the time and effort? - can you be trusted? Are you telling the truth? - what’s the catch? Welcome to the war of the inbox / mindbox
  25. 25. What are you trying to acquire permissionfor? Are you going to be smart aboutthis? L H Send offers and promotions1 Volume Recipient indicator Send newsletters engagement Send Alerts and updates H L 29
  26. 26. Prioritize: Whom are your most importantpermissions?2 (c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 2009 32
  27. 27. Whom exactly are you intending to engage? B2B B2C Top CEO management Middle CTO CMO management2 Marketing Operational DB Admin Programmer asssistant How do you plan to differentiate your messaging to accommodate different recipients needs and to be RELEVANT to the recipient?a 33
  28. 28. How are you going to use emailmarketing to support your selling processaligned with customer buying process?2b 34
  29. 29. Customer lifecycle marketing automationDifferentiated approach addresses different needs SMS/Email 6 Travel & experience Excursions Car rental 7 Comming 5 Arrival 1. Recommend home destination to friends Transactional 8 Evaluation Example 4 Departure Behavioral & Reliving Targeted Travel 3 Past Sale Insurance Pre Departure Car rental 1 2 Pre Sale Sale 9 Next Pre Sale Profiling and knowledge of where the customer is in the ”wheel” opens up for a coordinated and relevant dialogue before sale, during and after
  30. 30. Your objectives for email permission marketing • Build relationship Success defined by • Sell more stuff (cross-sell/upsell) • Profile customers Repeat Customers Sales • Expand touch points with customers Business • Initiate and build relationship • Customer acquisition Success defined by3 • Profile prospects Convert to Prospects • Survey prospects customer CTR • Create referral mechanisms • Re-activate lost customers (win-back Success defined by Churners + activities) others # referrals Win-back 36
  31. 31. Effect & ROMI Emails sent Measuring effect/results  CTR - Click Through Rate (# unique clicks) Emails opened  MWR - Most Wanted Response, successrate Emails clicked  ERR - Effective Response Rate (# have purchased Pages visited- or reacted to offer) browsed  Referral effect (such as tip a friend) Call-to- action What was saved? YES What was earned? 37
  32. 32. Content interestrevealed throughtracking
  33. 33. How much are you willing to invest?The price of acquiring a permission depends on howmuch information you require B2C – level of profiling B2B – level of profiling Acquisition cost Email address only Email address only 0,25 to ? + First name, last name, + First name, last name, Add money gender position4 + Postal address + Postal address Add money + Telephone/mobile + Telephone/mobile Add money + Info about buying intend + info about buying intend Add money + Special interests / + Special interests / Add money qualifying information qualifying information 39
  34. 34. LandingpageUniqueEmail marketingProposition Free gift Benefits + content concept Customize -> show care about relevancy Re-confirm USP
  35. 35. Which page generated most registrations? 275 conversions 110 conversions Landing page #1 Landing page #2
  36. 36. What to consider for your landing pageand variations of sign-up form• Headline• Long Copy vs. Short Copy• Credibility Logos• Security Assurance• Banner Present vs. Not Present• Submit Button / Order Button Text• Audio / Video Message• Testimonials• Urgency• Price
  37. 37. Cheapest acquisition channel 95% of visitors leave quickly Fact: You have 8 seconds to engage(c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 43
  38. 38. Does Size Really Matter When It Comes toEmail Opt-In Form Overlays? Got + 8,8% increase A B 47
  39. 39. Integrate call to actions 15% 85%
  40. 40. First impressions last !• What is so special about the first hour after somebody signs up to your email communcation?• Where is your opportunity ?
  41. 41. You’ve got a new ”permission” –now treat her nice with a welcome programWelcomeemail with 5 days later First offer e-mail newsletter And so on 1 day later: 10 days Satisfaction Our most later email survey; popular how are we stories doing, how (offers, can we videos etc) improve, is this for you
  42. 42. Reaffirm the value you offerPush profileupdate – increaseknowledgeGive a reason torespond now
  43. 43. Your content concept and your emailvalue proposition Article Special Promotions content events Special Exclusive Subscriber interest offers only events5 Advice, guides First to get info Special coupons ? 52
  44. 44. Think like a publisher !
  45. 45. Bil vask, baby(c) Michael Leander 54
  46. 46. Intro links Functional linksIntro story Survey or result Can be differentiated”Products” based on profile Activate profiling ”Article” Sender branding”more articles” Functional links 55
  47. 47. Test formats
  48. 48. BALANCE STREAM 27 18 22 21 0 29 39 41 14 34
  49. 49. Test subject lines (A/B split)A. Get two brand new articles about brandingB. News in a flash – articles about brandingA -> 32%B -> 42%
  50. 50. Include share buttons and linksin your email communication – engage !“Email messages that include a social media sharing option generate a 30% higher click- through rate (CTR) than those without sharing options- and messages with three or more sharing options generate a 55% higher CTR. “ Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Report" (2010)
  51. 51. -> Link opens messagein social network-> Default text to share-> Track # of shares-> Track # of conversions
  52. 52. T: +45 27 28 29 53E: