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Kevan Bilton Exact Target Email Marketing 2.0


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Kevan Bilton speaking about email marketing 2.0 in Copenhagen on September 15th. 2008

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Kevan Bilton Exact Target Email Marketing 2.0

  1. 1. ” World Class digital communication”
  2. 2. <ul><li>ExactTarget est. in USA 2000 </li></ul><ul><li>Integrationspartners: </li></ul><ul><li>Nominated within the top 3 ESP:s in the world by Jupiter Research och Forrester Wave the last 3 years. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Customers
  4. 4. The Application
  5. 5. Built for Scale – System Activity Metrics <ul><li>800 million e-mails per month </li></ul><ul><li>1 million API calls per day </li></ul><ul><li>1 billion subscribers segmented per day </li></ul><ul><li>10 billion plus system transactions per day </li></ul><ul><li>Data growth at 2 TB per month </li></ul>
  6. 6. Toolset <ul><li>>> Create .  ExactTarget offers a range of content creation tools so you’re guaranteed to find the toolset that meets your creative demands. </li></ul><ul><li>>> Target.   Delivering one-to-one messages is easy with ExactTarget’s exclusive Dynamic Content feature and powerful personalization, segmentation and viral marketing tools. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Trageted communcations - increased respons
  8. 8. Toolset <ul><li>>>Deliver.   ExactTarget’s powerful underlying technology and deliverability tools ensure your messages get delivered to the inbox. </li></ul><ul><li>>>Integrate.   ExactTarget API lets you seamlessly transfer content and data between our application and other business systems and automate one-to-one marketing through tight integration. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Toolset <ul><li>>>Track.   With ExactTarget’s robust, real-time tracking and graphical reporting you can analyze your results and drive improvements in the future. </li></ul><ul><li>>>Manage. ExactTarget’s management tools provide a granular level of control, customization, and configuration for account administrators. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Nestl é Individual automated dialogue to parents with babies in different ages Results:
  11. 11. KappAhl 4 countries, targeted, viral (list growth), drive to web, drive to shop Results: - 40 000 new subscribers in 1 year with customized tip a friend loop - Lots of traffic from NL to web - Conversion rate on cupons, 4-6 % /DM normaly 1-2 % and 15-20 times more expencive
  12. 12. KappAhl - online survey Create dialogue and increase relevance Results: - Response - 25-35 % - 1-2 min survey to 10-15 000 targeted customers/subscribers
  13. 13. Multi channel solution: Purchase in store - triggers “thank you message” Upsale and cross sale!
  14. 14. Relevant offer, to the right person at the right time with the right permission Attract visitors to your website Visitors surf and do online purchase/download Capture and analyze click behavour ... Send data (API) to ET Automated updates/refresh and triggered emails Dynamic content, rule based, (content syndication) Extremly targeted and relevant e-mails to customers
  15. 15. Transactional messages (Relationship message) = Confirmation from webevent (purchase, download, sign-up etc)
  16. 18. Pick the fruits! Building brand Clear TM Designed and easy to read Relevant offer build with dynamic rules Designed and easy to read Building loyalty