IOETI E-Tourism and E-Marketing Conference Cairo - Michael Leander


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Michael Leander's presentation at the E-Tourism and E-marketing Conference in Cairo organized by IOETI 18-19 December 2011

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IOETI E-Tourism and E-Marketing Conference Cairo - Michael Leander

  1. 1. Key components in a winning digitalmarketing strategy in the changing worldof travel – Michael Leander, 18 December 11
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  3. 3. Click here to see the pictures from the E-Tourism and E- Marketing Conference
  4. 4. Tactical vs. the right plan! Where should you be and why?
  5. 5. Hashtag: #egyptokMention IOETI
  6. 6. Which reads the mostwords per minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute
  7. 7. Picture economy Photos goes viral if they are fun Include USP’s and URL’s if possible Stir an emotion
  8. 8. Which businessare you in?
  9. 9. Customer Experience• Digital is a huge part of the customer experience• Your core service must be flawless• Sharing is here to stay
  10. 10.  Don’t rely entirely on review sites – solicit reviews in your presence Incentivize reviews (hotels & agents especially) (article from Prague) Ask your audience to be creative (video, pics, stories)
  11. 11. Barriers• Google and other CPC/CPM advertising is expensive• Trust is critical• Competition is fierce• Building relationships is necessary• You are competing with the world, don’t forget that
  12. 12. Consumers are becoming moreand more cautiousTrust is critical
  13. 13. Your target prospect is exposed to6000 advertisingmessages every single day
  14. 14. Short attention span, loads of intrusion- how do you cut through the clutter? Do I know you? Do I need you? Brain Can I trust filter you?
  15. 15. The ruleof speed
  16. 16. Who is it cheaper to sell to? New customers Existing customers
  17. 17. Existing customers generate ”cheap”revenue and recommend new customers Recommendation Reviews og endorsements WOM & 1-on-1 sharing
  18. 18. Customer lifecycle marketing automationDifferentiated approach addresses different needs SMS/Email 6 Travel & experience Excursions Car rental 7 Comming 5 Arrival 1. Recommend home destination to friends Transactional 8 Evaluation Example 4 Departure Behavioral & Reliving Targeted Agency 3 Past Sale Insurance Pre Departure Car rental 1 2 Pre Sale Sale 9 Next Pre Sale Profiling and knowledge of where the customer is in the ”wheel” opens up for a coordinated and relevant dialogue before sale, during and after
  19. 19. Understand the journey• Map the customer journey• Learn what Zero Moment of Truth (ZMO) is• Lots of touchpoints• OTS / increases (Opportunity to See)
  20. 20. .... is everything• What is the missing word?• Watch the video – first 1 minute• ...• Join the mini workshop tomorrow tolearn more about this topic
  21. 21. Interaction is everything
  22. 22. Social media: 90-9-1 rule of thumb• 90% will only consume content• 9% will engage periodically, but only when the conversation strikes them as interesting• 1% is the engaged audience driving the conversation in your social community. They support and provide value for the community to read, hear, view
  23. 23. Localization• Localize to key languages for increased effect• Avoid spelling mistakes and poor language• Your unique value proposition may differ frommarket to market
  24. 24.  Detects country Easy to change language Good information- Room for improvement
  25. 25. Listen & React• Customers engage in social media• You need to listen to the conversation and react• All the time !
  26. 26. Listen to the conversation on Twitter(and other social networks)• I wrote: Free internet at London City Airport. More power to you - thats the way to do it. (and its a sponsored model too, smart :-)• They replied• LondonCityAir @michaelleander Thank you! Enjoy your trip. Wednesday, 25 November 2009, 9:57 am - Reply - View Tweet - Retweet - Direct Message(c) Michael Leander Nielsen, 34
  27. 27. Uniqueness• Add value by daring to be unique• Innovate your offering• Innovate campaigns• Use interaction and achieve WOM• But stay true to your brand values
  28. 28.  Unique idea Target audience alignment Storytelling Insane press coverage Huge increase in awareness and preference
  29. 29. Relevance• Communicate with relevance• Profile your audience• Understand preferences• What are their dreams?• What does it take to make her tick?
  30. 30. Relevance especially importantin push communication• Relevant newsletters• Don’t spam !
  31. 31. Meet your customers where they are• Look and feel like the markets you address• Your job is to avoid friction (trust)• Understand concerns of your market• Align your value proposition• Content is King, but data is Emperor
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Uniquepassionate emotional authentic focusedinteractivemeaningful …
  34. 34. Learn more about this topicMichael Leander is an internationalmarketing speaker. He has spoken in 35+countries and at countless webinars..Find him here http://www.michaelleander.meConsulting: http://www.michaelleander.comEmail: