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Innowave Summit Keynote Presentation Michael Leander


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Michael Leander keynote speaker presentation at Innowave Summit in Varna, Bulgaria.
Martech and innovation conference attended by around 3.000 attendees. #innowavesummit #michaelleander

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Innowave Summit Keynote Presentation Michael Leander

  1. 1. 7 critical marketing tactics for growth Data driven marketing that works Michael Leander
  2. 2. Understand Your Digital Ecosystem
  3. 3. @michaelleander / / Strong beginning Keep it interesting Build to last Worthy of share & recommendation
  4. 4. Bil vask, baby (c) Michael Leander 4
  5. 5. @michaelleander / / The purpose of marketing is to acquire, convert, retain and grow customers whom then in turn will attract other customers through referrals
  6. 6. Think about top, mid and end of funnel and focus ferociously on the end goal, short and long term Bottom of funnel is where the action takes place – engagement need to drive your audience towards the bottom of the funnel
  7. 7. From wasted to wanted Messaging Customer intelligence Mass Communication Demographic data Customer history Contact data Personalized Communication Segmented Communication Transactional Communication Customer transaction Intention/ behaviour Data source Integrated Web analytics Web salesMailing list/ database CRM system Mailing list/ database Customer value Potential benefit = Tailored promotions (sales) Loyalty Information Relevant offers Behavioral Communication Potential benefit = Up-sales/ promotions Triggers based on behavior Trigger on transaction Newsletters, surveys & one-size-fits-all promotions Lifecycle emails Targeted email campaigns/ offers 97% here
  8. 8. Be media agnostic – don’t become a channel evangelist! Remember! Audience media preferences differ depending on purpose
  9. 9. FROM DEADLINE DRIVEN TO OBJECTIVE DRIVEN - purpose - strategy - tactics - execution - measure 9
  10. 10. @michaelleander / / Marketing IQ Test
  11. 11. @michaelleander / / Does design matter?
  12. 12. @michaelleander / / Does size matter?
  13. 13. Think about this shift Touch is a big game changer Smaller screens is a monumental change
  14. 14. •Guilt •Trust •Value •Belonging •Leadership •Competition •Trend-setting •Instant gratification •Time (more free time) Emotion triggers
  15. 15. The New Above The Fold Primary above the fold First scroll, below the fold 2nd, 3rd. scroll Exploration below the fold Win the click or win attention Win the click or win attention MWR 1 max 2 MWR 2-4 MWR 5-7 + repeat MWR 1+2 Inspire, let audience explore. Reiterate MWR’s
  16. 16. Which picture post generated more likes on Michael Leander Facebook page? Achieved 5 times better engagement
  17. 17. Use insight (and commonsense) to increase your results
  18. 18. AID+ LIRA
  19. 19. Which is (usually) most effective? Headline on top or below picture?
  20. 20. LIVE IS ALIVE AND KICKING like a (#)¤#)
  21. 21. 5 trends for data-driven marketing Data driven marketing that works Merge ART & SCIENCE
  22. 22. THE CUSTOMER Experience OMNICHANNEL RELEVANCE EMPOWERMENT Innovation reflecting the times we are living in
  23. 23. The customer experience and technology enablement Sensors on shelves – augmented reality – offline browsing, online purchase
  24. 24. Bring in the developers (tech experts) from the start
  25. 25. The People Factor
  26. 26. No more sex on the first date ! On average buyers engage with more than 11 pieces of content before making a purchase decision How engaging and relevant is your content?
  27. 27. The old AIDA
  28. 28. Meet the new AIDEA A = Attention (Awareness) I = Interest D = Desire E = Engagement A = Action Engage me
  29. 29. Think about top, mid and end of funnel and focus ferociously on the end goal, short and long term 29 Bottom of funnel is where the action takes place – engagement need to drive your audience towards the bottom of the funnel
  30. 30. Use nudging to change behavior
  31. 31. Nudge to change people’s behavior and turn intentions into actions – add to the experience
  32. 32. Increase Opportunity to See (OTS)
  33. 33. Most Wanted Response - What do we want people to do? - What do we want people to think? - What do we want people to learn? - How do we want people to react? - What next step do we want them to take?
  34. 34. EXPERIMENT
  35. 35. @michaelleander / / Failure is a big part of your success. Build an objective driven culture of experimentation!
  36. 36. Which last step call to action (CTA) button is more effective? Get my thing Get your thing Wins 9 out of 10 times
  37. 37. Constant experimentation helps innovation evolve. Reserve 10-15% of budget & time for experimentation and testing Experiments can lead to unexpected positive results
  38. 38. Explore different ways
  40. 40. Be ROMI focused Work with Michael Leander to achieve great ROMI
  41. 41. @michaelleander / / Wallet Heart Influencers Transactional Relational
  42. 42. Action → reaction No reaction → new action Some action → new action 100% Start 90-98% left after 1st action 2-10 %
  43. 43. The Quest for marketers? > Anticipate customer needs > Provide timely service > Differentiate communication > Personalize communication > Understand preferences > Manage the permission
  44. 44. Questions?