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Increase email marketing results Rodirect 11


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Part 5 of the email marketing and social media marketing masterclass at RODIRECT in Bucharest, Romania

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Increase email marketing results Rodirect 11

  1. 1. Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Masterclass - part 5 - Michael Leander 01-11-11More information here |
  2. 2. Email Marketing Audit Components1. Email Marketing Purpose & Objectives2. Email Marketing Content Concept3. Email Marketing Value Proposition4. Permission Marketing and Privacy5. Frequency and channels Webcast + video free to you6. Profiling, segmentation and subscription center tactics7. Subscriber acquisition conversion ecosystem8. Messaging tactics including welcome flow9. Design in templates and design consistencies10. Response tactics / inbound marketing11. Data management including bounce management procedures12. Use of behavioral data Webcast + video free to you13. Email Marketing Service Provider alignment with objectives14. Triggers & events + transactional emails.15. Deliverability and ISP issues
  3. 3. The purpose of email marketing is to acquire,convert, sustain and growcustomers whom then in turn will attract other customers’ through referrals
  4. 4. What are you trying to acquire permissionfor? Are you going to be smart about this? L H Send offers and promotions1 Volume Recipient indicator Send newsletters engagement Send Alerts and updates H L 5
  5. 5. 3 different frequencies – each delivers different types of newsletters 6
  6. 6. The Mother of All Tips TEST. TEST. TEST.
  7. 7. Test subject linesA. Get two brand new articles about brandingB. News in a flash – articles about brandingA -> 32% Open rateB -> 42% Open rate
  8. 8. Measure the appropriate metric
  9. 9. Content interestrevealed throughtracking
  10. 10. 15 things you can do to improve your email marketing results More at follow-up webinar
  11. 11. Creating your email value propositionYour email value proposition is your sales pitch to get subscribers to register/opt-in 12
  12. 12. As a minimum you must addressthese questions - relentlessly 1. What are you offering? 2. ”What’s in it for me?” 3. Frequency – how often?
  13. 13. …but it is ”good taste” to include4. Privacy policy / link5. Opt-out instructions You can unsubscribe anytime you want by following the link included in each email we send you6. What happens next? You will receive an email confirming your subscription. Your first newsletter/message will reach your inbox within the next 5 days 7. Reference sample emails/preview 14
  14. 14. Structure of your USP / EmailValue Proposition • Benefit driven – precise – ask Headline a question if possibleBenefits/value • What’s in it for me?Call to action • What do you want me to do? • We don’t spam, sell /rent Security addresses etc 15
  15. 15. Structure - suggestion Free web seminar alertsHeadline, USP, frequency Get your alerts about free marketing events once a week. What is wrong here? First name:___________________ Last name:___________________ Email:_______________________ You can unsubscribe anytime you want. Read Security our privacy policy here. We do not spam. 16
  16. 16. Landing pageUnique Free giftEmail marketing multipliesProposition conversion rates Benefits + content concept Customize -> show care about relevancy Re-confirm Value proposition and USPs
  17. 17. The First 30 Days and Welcome Flow In email marketing The experience at the beginning of the relationship impacts the LENGTH (how long the average subscriber will stay with you) and the VALUE of the relationship
  18. 18. The First 30 Days – What’s your flow? Sign-up First Push Contact referral First Newsletter Second newsletter Acquisition Sign-up First newsletter Second newsletter 3,4,5.....
  19. 19. 80% click on oneor more of those links!
  20. 20. Educate your new subscriber –sequential auto responder welcomingprogram Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 22
  21. 21. Don’t forget the From Name CONTROL TEST From : PriceMinister Advice From : Sophie at PriceMinister Click-Through rate: Index100 Click-Through rate : Index 156
  22. 22. Where people look● Eye path ● Inverted L ● First two lines ● First two words● Eye guiding toolkit ● Size ● Shape ● Colour ● Contrast ● Position
  23. 23. TOP TIPCheck your database/list frequently ! Never active 40-60% Seldom active Active frequently Always 2-5% active
  24. 24. Three C’s layout C1 = Capture C2 = Convince C3 =
  25. 25. Three C’s examples C1 C1 C1 C2 C2 C2 C3 C3
  26. 26. Design and content tips• Write so that recipient will know that you are familiar with her – You have previously shown an interest in...• Use emotional links effectively – ”Learn how to improve your ....” instead of ”Read more”• Link to stories from text, images, buttons• Include functional links in your template – Opt-out, online version, Forward-to-a-friend etc
  27. 27. Design and content tips• Test different size and color of headlines• Test different size and color of copy and long/short copy• When using link to video show playbutton• Include ”what’s next” to keep reader from opt-out
  28. 28. Intro links / Pre-header Functional linksIntro story (Credibility) Survey or result Can be differentiated ”Products and offers” based on profile Activate profiling call to action ”Article” Sender branding ”more articles” Functional links 30
  29. 29. TOP TIPZoom of preheader 
  30. 30. Be quick off the blocks –
  31. 31. Measure pre-header activity
  32. 32. Prime real estateSubject line:Rest In Peace in Zanzibar Below the fold area
  33. 33. Give several response options – andput emotions into your link texts
  34. 34. Re-use content and increase the”I’ll stick around for more” factor
  35. 35. Box it Up! What’s in your boxes? - Content A -> SA - Content B -> SB 12 sections of - Offer A personalized content - News B - Regional - Division - Service Increased revenue by 25% per email sending
  36. 36. TOP TIPCheck your database/list frequently ! Never active 40-60% Seldom active Active frequently Always 2-5% active
  37. 37. How to share-to-social?Include yoursocial mediaproperties to increaseengagement Increase CTR by 30% Share button @ each article direct links to the article on your website from social media platform
  38. 38. Learn more about this topicMichael Leander is an internationalmarketing speaker. He has spoken in 35+countries and at countless webinars..Find him here http://www.michaelleander.meConsulting: http://www.michaelleander.comEmail: