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Improve your email marketing results


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Boost your email marketing and marketing automation results by over 17%. Work with Michael Leander one-on-one. He is one of the earliest email marketing pioneers

His email marketing experience started in 1996. He has been using marketing automation back before the term became popular.
With his extensive background in anything to do with direct marketing and digital marketing, he can assist your organization on many levels. From strategy over creation to execution and measurement.

Find his contact details in the slides.

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Improve your email marketing results

  2. 2. With over 20 years of email marketing, CRM and marketing automation experience, I can help you increase the impact of your email marketing and marketing automation. A recognized global influencer and author on anything email marketing, I have assisted countless global, regional and national organisations get better and more consistent results. It is this deep experience you can get access to when you work with me. Read on or contact me today for a talk about how we can work together to improve your results. Michael Leander P.S. Residing in Denmark, I work with organisations all over the world. SPECIAL OFFER FROM MICHAEL LEANDER - CALL +45 27 28 29 53 (ALSO WHATSAPP) LET'S TAKE YOUR EMAIL MARKETING IMPACT TO THE NEXT LEVEL
  3. 3. FLEXIBLE AND CUSTOMIZED SERVICES INCLUDING THESE: 17% increase in results guaranteed (call to learn more) Email marketing audit Marketing automation audit Create new winning strategy (revamp approach) Coach / mentor on an ongoing basis (sounding board) In-house or virtual training of your team SERVICES OVERVIEW
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS First email marketing campaign in 1996 (IT software) Worked with hundreds of organisations on 6 continents CEO of two CRM software companies Owner of Email Marketing Service Provider Jury Head - EMEA Email & Marketing Automation Award Jury member multiple direct and digital marketing awards Author or co-author of multiple books, guides and framework EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS A few of the organisations I've worked with >>>
  5. 5. DEEP EXPERTISE IN ALL THESE AREAS COMMUNICATION, TECHNOLOGY & DATA "Michael Leander's knowledge in this space is encyclopedic"
  6. 6. Based on my experience, there are no standard solutions that will get you the results you aim for. That's why I always customize my services to be the best possible fit for each unique situation. If you believe I could be the right fit for your organisation, let's start with a 30 minute chat. Once I understand your situation, your challenges and pain-points, I will be able to offer you a solid solution. Call me on +45 27 28 29 53 or email There are no standard solutions that will get you to where you want to go LET'S GET STARTED M I C H A E L L E A N D E R . M E Increase CTR Decrease opt-out-rate Increase conversions Improve content Improve data quality Add smart profiling Improve skills
  7. 7. OFFER EXPERIES FEBRUARY 1, 2019 P.S. SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW CLIENTS: 3 HOURS FOR $ 450* * Prepaid vtual consulting based on a maximum of 3 sessions of 60 minutes each
  8. 8. LET'S TALK Skype: micleander Call me +45 27 28 29 53 Email address I reside in Denmark with my wife and kids, but work all over the globe Location