Evaluation Email Marketing Profiling 21 Nov2008


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Email marketing profiling webseminar by Michael Leander

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Evaluation Email Marketing Profiling 21 Nov2008

  1. 1. EVALUATION Email marketing profiling web- seminar on November 21st. 2008 Featured speaker: Michael Leander, Fokus Integrated http://meemoo2.com/michael-leander-nielsen
  2. 2. Summary email markting profiling web-seminar 21th. November 2008 • 29 people from 11 countries joined this FEDMA and Fokus Integrated web-seminar • 19 people showed-up • 18 received an evaluation email • 16 people filled out the evaluation • Here are the results
  3. 3. ”Evaluate the speakers” 1 is bad – 7 is best Overall score was exceptional at 6,0 Relevance and Michael Leander’s speaker rating was at a Overall stunning 6,31 Michael Leander Speech Jørgen Andreassen Contents 1,00 2,00 3,00 4,00 5,00 6,00 7,00
  4. 4. The marketing of the event was received quite well – as were the technical quality More than 56% thought that the marketing process was outstanding
  5. 5. 81,25% are likely to recommend the email marketing profiling web-seminar to others
  6. 6. The web-seminar met peoples expectations 87,5% felt the web- seminar met their expectations
  7. 7. Selected constructive feedback and recommendations Very helpful this seminar about the profiling. Let us know if any other seminars in the same topic. Thank you. This was an excellent introduction/refresher on e- mail/permission based marketing. I learned a lot a lot of useful insights, both on the topic and how to make web based presentations effective, interactive and fun. And all really interesting, of that from my home office. Congratulations. worth recommending! Isabelle Nowadays it is difficult to find free time to go to seminars, therefore I consider web-seminars very useful
  8. 8. Moving forward • Great feedback, thank you. We will use it to improve the next web- seminars • In 2009 members of the Marketingboss group on Xing can look forward to more interesting web-seminars • We will particularly work on; – Training of speakers to prepare speakers for the ”odd” experience it is speaking on a web-seminar for the first time (really, it is much like speaking to the wall – it takes getting used to) – The length of web-seminars – Sound and technical issues – but we won’t be able to fix all of them as there are too many prerequisites involved in order for every single participant to enjoy the exact same flawless experience
  9. 9. Marketing learnings by Michael Leander • Conversion from signup to attendance is a real issue with web- seminars as it is with regular seminars. We only converted 65,5% . We can do better. – More reminders? – Communicate 1to1 with people outside the time zone? – Create bigger expectations with a risk that expectations won’t be fulfilled? – Incentivize show-up? Certificate of Attendance? • Communicating the time of event to people in many countries is a challenge. • Teasers? • Stay tuned: http://www.fokusintegrated.com/meemoo2/