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Direct marketing keynote at RODIRECT by Michael Leander


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Michael Leander's closing keynote at the Direct Marketing Conference RODIRECT organized by ARMAD in Bucharest, Romania.

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Direct marketing keynote at RODIRECT by Michael Leander

  1. 1. Direct marketing conference RODIRECT 13 in Bucharest      Engagement Interaction Response Sales Retention Keynote speaker Michael Leander Why 2 steps back will get you 5 steps ahead
  2. 2. Use your mouse here to see the pictures from RODIRECT day 1
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  5. 5. Why taking 2 steps back can bring you better results in the near future
  6. 6. The Danger of Band Wagon & The Urgency of New
  7. 7. New opportunities to interact and get a response from your audience using QR codes (or not)
  8. 8. Drink and scan – if you can !
  9. 9. 4 easy questions a.k.a. THE ACID TEST
  10. 10. Assuming that you understand… 1. Flawless execution is always a prerequisite for successful marketing activities 2. Limiting friction is essential to enable higher conversion rates 3. Timing is paramount for achieving any marketing objective 4. Tonality of message depends on your target audience insights and proper tone of voice is important 5. Measuring efficiency and continuously testing for better results is always the need of the hour
  11. 11. Which of these three elements do you consider to be the most important? Investment distribution in most businesses A) Creativity 55% B) Proposition (message) 30% C) Target audience 15%
  12. 12. Matching your message with the right target audience is very important 10% Creativity 30% Proposition (message) 60% Target audience Invest more in improving access to your target audience and knowledge about your target audience for improving results immediately
  13. 13. Don’t count the customers you reach – Reach those who count
  14. 14. Big Data or Small Data? If you can’t handle small data – you can forget about big data !
  15. 15. Your market is both men and women. You can only use one picture. Which do you choose? Man also known as male Woman also known as female
  16. 16. How do most people make buying decisions? With logic With emotions
  17. 17. Visuals stir emotions in a heart beat
  18. 18. World class “phototorial” used across all channels
  19. 19. Hero shots telling stories
  20. 20. Consistency with a superb content concept
  21. 21. Can you ignite some EMOTION when people look at your picture from RODIRECT?
  22. 22. But wow’ing is not enough. You must know how to attract monetary value from your activities wherever they take place
  23. 23. Likes Clicks Shares Actions
  24. 24. Understand what is relevant to measure and why it matters to your success
  25. 25. What is the new reality?
  27. 27. Consumers are moving targets – but how, when, where and with what to engage them?
  28. 28. Scan and download
  29. 29. Prioritise video for mobility – great for engagement and conversion Video content highly effective for engagement & conversion
  30. 30. Think about how your audience interacts depending on which device they are on
  31. 31. Managing multiple channels is a challenge Integration is key And leveraging the nature of new popular media is an opportunity
  32. 32. New models and new ways of engaging your audience is an opportunity • Global retailer from Japan • Twitter driven campaign • Dynamic pricing linked to volume of Tweets • Objectives – Exposure – Sales
  33. 33. Budweiser – warmer is cheaper
  34. 34. All digital is direct Not all direct is digital Paper won’t go out of style anytime soon
  35. 35. Digital cannot fix all problems To connect on Linkedin use
  36. 36. In digitally mature markets, 25% of all consumers prefer paper over digital across all demographics. Think about matching channel with stage in the buying process
  37. 37. Let’s refresh some of the forgotten basics for achieving awesome results in direct marketing
  38. 38. Know your product Know your competitors Know your target audiences needs inside out
  39. 39. Identify your market – be precise. Narrow segments are good. Increases relevancy and intimacy if you write well
  41. 41. Use humor and demonstrate the benefit of your product
  42. 42. Meet Good ‘ol AIDA R = Recommendation / Share A = Attention (Awareness) I = Interest D = Desire A = Action
  43. 43. THE OTS CHALLENGE Attention The it’s all over phase Action Increase Opportunity To See by multiple of 3, 5, 10 Message Message Pre launch phase Message Message Nurture & convince phase Message Action Hard selling phase
  44. 44. Meet the new AIDA A = Attention (Awareness) I = Interest D = Desire E = Engagement A = Action
  45. 45. New AIDEA Example • Oreo • USA / Global • 100 days of trending stories • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, microsite etc.
  46. 46. Oreo Daily Twist – see video here Tweet: @michaelleander invent, integrate, interact is key #rodirect
  47. 47. Perception of an experience works
  48. 48. Give people a challenge they can’t resist – but make sure your call to action is clear
  49. 49. Let customers knit their own response device and reap the reward
  50. 50. Activate your audience while proving your point, but make sure the call to action is clear
  51. 51. Show the problem – give the solution
  52. 52. Insight – competitive strategy & super targeting
  53. 53. Words matter, but only if you know which, why, when and for how long
  54. 54. Which last step call to action button is more effective? Get my thing Get your thing Wins 9 out of 10 times
  55. 55. When writing copy for emails (hugely important) ABOA Attribute Benefit Objection Answer 60
  56. 56. The Power of Words
  57. 57. Revisiting the basics means framing your … • • • • • purpose, strategies, desired position, points of differentiation, tactical execution based on the new reality of the markets you are in. This will help you achieve and exceed your expectations
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  59. 59. CALL ME +45 27 28 29 53 EMAIL ME TWEET ME @michaelleander
  60. 60. Why 2 steps back will put you in a better forward motion Talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words. Filtering the fancy talk will make it evident that hand-to-mouth actions isn’t the way. Getting your direct marketing house in order is. In this 45 minute talk Michael Leander will tell you about 5 areas you should deal with before the end of 2013. The talk aims to prove how we must all step a couple of steps back if we want to move forward successfully.