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Digital Marketing Masterclass in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Brochure


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Masterclass on digital marketing taking place over 2 days in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum

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Digital Marketing Masterclass in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Brochure

  1. 1. SPEAKER’S PROFILE With over 20 years of digital marketing experience since 1995, Michael Leander has been hands-on involved in just about every part of direct and interactive marketing. Grounded in his 20 years of corporate experience from publishing, IT software, printing, IT distribution, e-services and marketing consulting, he is a concrete marketing expert. As an award winning international marketing speaker, Leander has delivered great experiences to audiences in nearly 40 countries earning him a reputation as a “great marketing speaker and marketing trainer”. with Michael Leander Two-Day Long Certified Digital Masterclass CEO, Michael Leander Company Founder & Chairman, Markedu 28th February 1st March, 2015& @King’s Hall Spectra Convention Centre For details: Call: 01755594960, 01755594961 E-mail: Web: Seats are Limited to the participants For course outline details, please visit @
  2. 2. A G E N D A DAY 1 (February 28, 2015) 09:00 AM - Welcome Address by Shariful Islam 09:15 AM - Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem for 2015: How to improve and how to fit in a winning mobility strategy - What does an effective digital marketing ecosystem look like in 2015; what are the challenges marketer’s faces and how to overcome them - What are the key components for successfully bringing your message to your audience through digital channels - How do you integrate your digital marketing presence with the rest of your marketing mix - What is the role you can expect mobility (mobile across all devices) to play in 2015 and 2016 10:30 AM - Tea Break 10:45 AM - The State of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh – Guest Speaker Learn about the current state of digital marketing in Bangladesh: Get the latest numbers and learn what the latest trends are. 11:15 AM - How to build a compelling online presence: Things you need to know to create a high performing website This session covers the key components to establishing a high performing website. A website that attracts visitors and converts them to customers. - Setting objectives for your website and how to measure your goals - Structuring your website and deciding content for your website - Best practices for designing your website with the funnel principle - Learn how to implement MWR’s Most Wanted Responses - 7 easy tips anyone can implement now for increased performance 12:30 PM - Lunch & Prayer Break 1:30 PM - Review of Your Company Website – Fun exercise In this session Michael Leander will review 5 websites and provide his input on what is good and bad. Attendees will learn a lot from this exercise. 2:00 PM - Make Google your friend !SEO for anyone: The 5 key components that can help you attract more traffic from search engines Best practices for getting more free traffic from Google and other search engines. 2:45 PM - Tea Break 3:15 PM - How to Attract and Retain an Audience with Content Marketing: Think content in context with or without personas In this super engaging session, you will get to do exercises and learn about all types of content. This session is guaranteed to leave you with at least 5 new, fresh ideas. - How to get started with content marketing - How to create your content concept and make it work - Quick tip: What is OPC and how do you apply it - How to increase shares and interactions through content rich marketing - How to approach content, repurposing of content in social media and other channels - Best practices for branded content This session includes engaging & fun practical exercises based on principles you can use in your own work. 5:00 PM - End of Day 1 DAY 2 (March 1, 2015) 09:30 AM - Introduction to the RACE Model The RACE model is a planning model for digital marketing. In this morning session you will be introduced to the model, which will help you better plan and manage your digital marketing activities and campaigns. 10:00 AM - Make Words and Language Your Friend: A simple guide to building effective texts that works in any digital channel: online, social, mobile - Understand how people read, scan and filter online and in mobile - The ABOA model and how to use it - Case studies using words to make a difference in social media channels - Building winning headlines for any digital marketing assets - Exercise that will show you how you can quickly hone your writing skills, even if you are not a copywriter 11:15 AM - Tea Break 11:30 AM - REACH: How to plan effective campaigns for branding, acquisition or just about anything else. - how to plan any type of marketing campaign - how to reach your audience online and on mobile devices - case studies that will wow you and inspire you 12:30 PM - Lunch & Prayer Break 1:30 PM - Social media best practices: The 10 Golden Rules for Successful Social Media Presence for branding, customer acquisition and customer care - planning your social media efforts - setting goals for your social media activities and how you measure - how to use social media for effective customer service: create service experiences that sell. - how to listen online and use sentiment analysis - world class examples and case studies for your inspiration 3:00 PM - Tea break 3:30 PM - Audience Decides: Video, email, mobile or something else Best practices that any marketing person or brand can use to get ahead The content of this session will be decided based on audience surveys. You will receive a survey one week before the event date. Michael Leander will plan this session based on what the majority of attendees would like to learn. 5:00 PM - Certificate Ceremony: Get your certificate and photo opportunity 5:45 PM - End of the Digital Marketing Masterclass.
  3. 3. Participation Fee: Participants Per Person Fee 1 to 2 25,000 + 15% VAT 3 to 5 20,000 + 15% VAT Company Details Company/Organization: --------------------------------------- Address: ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Contact Person: ------------------------------------------ Tel(office): ------------------------------------------ Mobile: ------------------------------------------ Email: --------------------------------------- Delegate Salutation Mr. Ms. Mrs. Dr. Prof. Last Name: --------------------------------------------- First Name: --------------------------------------------- Mobile: --------------------------------------------- Email: --------------------------------------------- Designation: --------------------------------------------- Please fill the form and send it along with account pay cheque to: Brandzeal, House 314 (2nd and 3rd floor), Road 21, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206 For More Information Please Contact: 01755594960, 01755594961 Email: Important notes:  Each Badge is valid for one person only  Badge must always be available for inspection  If sold; it is non-refundable  Brandzeal will not be liable for any compensation / refund/ replacement in event of the TICKET being stolen or being damaged after it is sold  The holder of the Badge agrees to comply with rules and regulation of Brandzeal and its commercial obligation towards valued Sponsors  Brandzeal, the organizer of the session, reserves the right to change the event date and program agenda without prior notice Date: 28th Feb - 1st Mar, 2015 Time: 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM Venue: King's Hall Spectra Convention Centre An initiative of the REGISTRATION FORM DIGITAL MASTERCLASS 2015